Chapter 006 – Maybe the First Step is to Find Your Real Self

I am in the village’s simple guild right now.

It doesn’t have much difference with the guild that can be found in the city because the information that can be found are the same since both are mutually linked from the royal capital.

As I look at my own name tagged as [Independent Solo] in its party affiliation, I caught a glimpse of a woman extending her hand towards the counter.


 As if thinking that I cannot refuse what she asked, Sybilla went out with me as if it’s all natural.

I’m not thinking of refusing her but… I don’t understand what gave her the idea of going out with me.

The best thing I think would be me saying that [I hate the Goddess]. But her question was not a cult invitation. Why would she ask something like that in the first place? I don’t really understand at all.

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[Level 5… Pretty low, isn’t it? Class, [Saint]? You’re not a priest but the Goddess’ saint?]


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Yesterday’s talks should have already implied my class. You don’t even have to ask that as it’s all self-explanatory.

I may have been too much yesterday after what saying I hate the Goddess considering I received the highest class there could ever be from the theology of Her doctrine.

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[Aren’t you interesting? I like it.]

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Sybilla, however, grins like a cat as she look at me.

I don’t know if she’s serious or not but I can’t really understand what this woman is thinking.

Don’t tell me… Is she an atheist?

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Back then in the village, there was a time as well I was thought of as an evil incarnate due to my black hair.

I may have gotten a high class and was celebrated by everyone back in the ceremony, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them can look at me on a friendly manner.

In addition to that, I have a beautiful girl together with me today. I can’t blame the guy from the counter being bitter as he clicked his tongue and appeared to be very displeased.

…. Iyaa~ If you’d only know that the person in front of you is someone who is ‘The Church’s Highest Class, Saint’, and the ‘The Saint who declared his hate to the Goddess’ at the same time, perhaps you’ll have a different reaction.

You might be thinking of the former part that’s why you seem bitter, but Sybilla is definitely interested on the latter part.

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[I will be working with Russell. Please take care of us.]

[A, aaah… Yes. Understood.]

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Looking at the receptionist who got flustered from being a called by a pretty girl, I sneak a peek at Sybilla’s status as well.

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…… [Mage], level 8…

So she’s a magic type, huh. Not bad.

She got levels too.

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[Let’s push deciding of the details for the meantime. Let’s work together first.]

[I don’t mind but one should take care of his own food and own business.]

[I’m not that poor, you know?]

[What should we do about the name of the party?]

[I have decided!]

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Hey, isn’t this our first time to go to the dungeon together and you’ve just pushed yourself to be included in the last minute? isn’t that a bit too fast.

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[It’s 『Dusk’s Oath』!]

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So she says as she put her hands on her waist with her chest up high and a smug face.

Considering how fast she replied, had she thought of this beforehand?

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[Is there any meaning behind the name?]

[Nothing. But it is still related to dark or black so isn’t it cool]

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Yeah, right, with that kind of declaration.

With that kind of smug face as you look on to me with that triumphant eyes. I can see your confidence overflowing.

I didn’t even had the chance to be amazed. It seems like it’s decided already just on her whims.

I don’t understand why she looks so confident and happy about it but I can’t help but get a bit suspicious.

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[Well, it isn’t that bad.]

[Isn’t it!]

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Then she crosses her arms in front of her chest and nodded repeatedly as if fully satisfied.

Dusk’s Oath, huh.

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[You’ll be the leader, Russell. I’ll leave it to you.]

[I’m the one who brought up this dungeon crawling in the first place, but are you really okay with it?]

[Regardless of how high our level gap could be, that is not enough to surpass the [Saint] class. Besides…]


[I forgot what to say.]

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The more I think about each and every word of this moody girl the more tired I get.

I was nervous earlier about her going into the dungeon as she is kind of a beauty but looking closer, I can see her clothes are easy to move in and she is proactive so I am relieved.

Mages aren’t that bound to the necessities of equipment after all.

It’s true. But still.

A level 8 mage with a sword hanging on her waist for aesthetics, huh.

I honestly think it is a great idea.

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[…I have decided where should we go next]

[Hm? Isn’t it supposed to be the dungeon?]

[Nah. Our next destination would be–]

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I have arrived to the area around the village gate.

If the dungeon has just appeared recently, then there would be no stores to buy and trade around there.

For the gatekeepers manning the gate, to guards-for-hire providing security against bandits for people going to the city and, or, back here to the village, a weapon shop was built here.

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[Yessir, Welco–. Er. Isn’t it you, Russell-kun. So, it was true that you returned yesterday.]

[Yeah, long time no see.]

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I entered the weapon shop after a light greeting to the owner. She’s an aunt and one of the few people who didn’t try to avoid me.

As I silently look for the stuff I would like to buy, the shop owner comes over to talk to me.

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[Who would have thought that the child who was with Vince and Emmy to buy here back then has grown up this well, not to mention becoming a Saint.]


[I thought that those kids will buy. It’s really a shame that there was one child who didn’t.]

[… Is that so? Well then.]

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I put the light sword I’ve been looking for in front of the shopkeeper.


[Let me buy this guy for the sake of that time.]

[Even though you’re a saint?]


This person was there as well when our selection ceremony was celebrated so she obviously knows my class, as well as the reason I lost my sword.

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[I’m a saint. But this person beside me… Sybilla. She’s a mage but she dresses up like she can use a sword so it’s fine.]

[Isn’t this a beautiful child?]

[Elder sister has indeed good eyes. It would be nice if you can praise me more.] (Sybilla)

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She’s not praising you. It’s just that she’s easy to go along with.

After we exchange two or three more words, the shop owner looks at me.

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[I see. A Saint with a sword. Isn’t that nice. I’m happy about it as a shop owner]

[Ah, well, I don’t have to restrain myself for anybody else anymore now.]

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From now on, I don’t have to compromise myself using a staff and to play an insignificant role from someone else’s directions and not be a high-level swordsman.

Like Sybilla. I don’t have to be stuck in the norm. I can take any weapon for myself as long as I am proficient with them.

Yes. Didn’t I say this to my self already?

The abilities given to everyone are high and has no demerits.

It just keeps your choices on increasing.

Ironically, my choices were narrowed down by nobody else but the hero’s party.

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[From now on, I’ll be fighting as a recovery magic user swordsman.]

[Un. That’s fine. Russell’s experience as a swordsman is longer than as a saint, right? We have to make use of that experience.]


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And so, I bought this sword using all the money that was given to me after I was kicked out of the party.

As if I will let my self to live just a submissive life as Vince has expected.

From now on, I’ll be a swordsman using the money you have given, and be a man who can fight when it’s time to attack.

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…But still, I wonder what they are doing right now.

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[What’s up, Russell?]

[Nah, never mind. Let’s head to the dungeon next.]


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I will stop thinking about them for now.

I also got a helper that can use long range attacks, Sybilla.

Today, I would take a new step forward. A new step for my real self.

Now then, let us take a look of what kind of a place is my fated dungeon that had recently appeared.

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