Chapter 004 – The Side of my Best friend that I did not See.

In the outskirts of the country faraway from the hustle and bustle of the royal capital. In such a remote place, a dungeon has appeared. What kind of joke is that?

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[…What happened to you, Russell-kun?]

[Ah, no. It’s nothing.]

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These people have no idea that I was expelled from our party as I was seen useless in dungeon crawling.

I don’t want to dwell in this subject anymore and decided to cut it from here.

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[I’m going now to take a look at the orphanage. I just decided to come here first from what Brenda and I have talked about.]

[Ah, of course! I’m so sorry this mother and daughter have bothered you.]

[Don’t mind. Thanks for the meal.]

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I got up from my seat after I gave my thanks and went to the door to leave.

The two of them went with me until the door to send me off.

Brenda pulled my robe with her fingers and lifted her head to look to me.

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[Will we meet again?]

[Well, maybe. I am thinking of living around here but I’m still not sure]

[You should!!!!!!]

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I patted Brenda’s head and gently removed her hands from my robe and smiled at her so she can be at ease as I speak.

Obviously, I can’t just look for another village to live in just because there’s a dungeon that appeared nearby. I don’t think I can live in another village outside anyway.

 More importantly, there is no way that I could go back into the city.

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As I go farther from the house of the mother and daughter, I move towards the orphanage that I haven’t seen from a long time.

The sky is getting darker and darker. But the children should still be playing around this time.

However, the sky is not really dark yet but it’s weird that I don’t see anyone else around.

Anyway… Seriously… A dungeon, huh.

Just as I decided to live far away from these kinds of things. What kind of karma is this.

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The sun was fully gone by the time I arrive at the orphanage.

The darkness of the night comes faster around this time.

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I opened the door of the orphanage after I knock without waiting for a reply.

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[Waait! You should obviously wait for a reply before opening the door!]

[Well, aren’t you too harsh]

[…Is that you, Russell!?]

[I’m back, Gemma-baa-san]

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Gemma, one of the two people who take care of the children in the orphanage, seems surprised upon seeing my face.

She’s still taking care of all the children in here despite her old age.

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[Why didn’t you at least notify us beforehand if you’re coming back home? Fredrica is still outside and there is nothing in here to eat. How about Vince and the others?]

[I’ve eaten already so that not necessary and it’s only me who went back.]

[…It looks like things have changed for you somehow.]

[You can say that.]


In any case, I want to redirect her question but I think Gemma-baa-san can at least tell something base from the change of my attitude.

…I can’t even say decent pleasantries nor can brighten up my face even for a bit.

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[More importantly, isn’t it too quiet in here? I haven’t seen a single kid playing. I didn’t see anyone even before the sun has fully set.]

[Ah, you see. There are monsters appearing here during the night.]

[…In this village?]

[Un. It sounds troublesome, isn’t it?]

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Base from the story, it appears that there were bat-like monsters seen on the skies of the village and some kids were attacked too.

We haven’t heard anything about this back in the city though…

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[When was that? Do you have an idea how they look like?]

[It was around half a month ago… Around the time the dungeon has appeared. When I got a closer look, it looks color red, it’s a bit big that if it spread its wings’ it becomes around my size]

[A ‘Dungeon Scarlet Bat’ huh…]

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It’s one of the monsters living inside the dungeon that is not really the type to go out.

It’s not really strong but without the experience of fighting one before, it isn’t an easy prey either.

Well, I think I could handle it somehow even if I’m alone.

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[…But more importantly… Why are you alone?]

[…Well… I guess it’s fine if its you, baa-san. This will be a bit long of a story.]

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I started telling baa-san everything that happened yesterday.

I included as well the events how we got up to that point.

Gemma-baa-san just kept quiet as she listens to my story.

As she didn’t ask anything in between, it had ended faster than I expected.


[…And I just came back today…]

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After I finished my story, Gemma-baa-san sighed deeply and just said [Haaaaa]

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[You see, who would have thought that the four prodigies of the village would end up like that… Fate is such an unpredictable thing.]

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And then, she puts her hand on to my shoulder.

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[I understand now why you have changed. But you see, let me tell you this. For you to be able to return here without falling into depression yourself, is something I am really happy about.]

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As she said that, she grips my shoulder a bit firmer.

…I haven’t noticed it immediately but baa-san has gotten thinner huh.

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[But seriously. For Vince to be this worried and do something like this happened]

[Vince… Was worried?]

[Ah. You’ve always been such an innocent child, Russell, so you don’t know.]

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There’s something more than about what she said.

Baa-san groans with her arms crossed as she looks vacantly as if recalling something.

It appears that Gemma-baa-san knows something about Vince that I don’t.

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[It appears to me that Vince is being blind by his thirst for women]


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The story suddenly went into an unexpected direction and I just couldn’t help but stupidly respond.


[It’s just what I had said. Vince looks on to Emmy as well as to Jannet obviously, and even to Fredrica with longing you know. Not on their faces, but on their bodies.]


[While Russell on the other hand, is the type who averts his gaze from such things. Something like that, girls obviously know it right away. That’s why Fredrica has always thought that Russell is cute and Vince is already a man in a child’s body. It’s a common knowledge for every woman here in the village, you know. I don’t know how men think of him but I believe it was easy to find out.]

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So that was the case.

I’ve always thought that I know Vince but I had no idea about this side of him.

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[But I don’t think that is much of a reason to expel me, right?]

[That would have been nice if that’s true. In this situation, men and women look at it differently so it would be better if you’d at least keep this in mind. Add to the fact the Emmy has rejected Vince once before.]

[…It’s the first time I heard it.]

[It was back then when you were kids. After the day he was rejected by Emmy, Vince started to say the same thing to Jannet you know. The walls of this place are really thin and I clearly heard them. Hihihihi]

[I don’t really want to know that much about this. Particularly the last thing you said…]

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Maybe baa-san heard some things that I said as well back then without me knowing.

When you take a look at it closely, I think that kind of reasoning is possible. I see, everything is starting to make sense.

But even so, making a move on to Jannet the day after he was rejected by Emmy. It wasn’t even on the same level of speed as ‘as quick as a flash’. I can’t imagine it at all.  

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Wait a second…

If that’s the case…

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[I was kicked out because…]

[The real reason, maybe you are getting on his way as he tries to get closer to Emmy and Jannet.]


Based from what baa-san has said, it might have been true as I was unnaturally left alone.

Back then I was greatly shocked and wasn’t able to think that something was weird… Now that I think about it, Jannet not being left out is strange as well.

There is just one obvious reason why did that happen… It was really a no brainer.

Yareyare. I can’t help but be amazed of how stupid I was.

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[Also, Russell, didn’t you have the most wins against the others back when you were kids? That might be the reason he somehow dislikes you. That child… He really is not satisfied if he isn’t the best.]

[I’ve never heard of that…]

[Well, I’m not saying this just for your sake. He might have exaggerated saying you are a weak for a man but he made things to happen so he did not need to hit you directly when you lost your recent match with Emmy. If he attacked you, Emmy and Jannet would have probably hated him.]

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So it was me being left out all this while, huh.

But I was always busy trying to raise my sword to notice his ill feelings.

I see. Vince. So you are that kind of person.

These stories are all new to me and I am having a hard time absorbing all of it but… It’s one thing for a person to lie but this is Gemma-baa-san we are talking about so it must be true…

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[I don’t really understand how Emmy and Jannet feels but the fact that they did not stay with you is saying that they have chosen to go with Vince.]

[Well, yep. Oh, that’s right. They did not leave me any words before they left and just went out without waiting for me to wake up making me all by myself in the inn.]

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I’m not really sure if I can say that I was betrayed or not but… As I recall how Emmy’s face is so full of guilt and had been apologetic all that time, I think it was cold of her to just leave without even saying anything to me.

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Really… I am starting to hate myself for how stupid I can be.

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[…Don’t think too much about it. You are a Saint. For me, Fredrica, and other sisters of the church like us, you are the greatest person and is more than qualified for us to kneel and be grateful for.]

[Hey, please give me a break… Hearing the grandma that had treated me like a slave back then saying this, I can’t help but get some chills!]


I know it was supposed to lighten up the mood, but it’s not something to joke about.

I’m not that rotten to let the person who took care of me kneel before me.

…However, it felt like a great part of me has been relieved.

That must be her way of comforting me. Even in such situation, she is still trying to look after me.

As expected of the grandmother who stood up to be my parent. She never changes.

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[–Waaait! Stop screwing around!]


There was a scream all of a sudden coming outside of the orphanage. It was immediately followed by a loud thud of something hitting the wall.

As I turn towards baa-san’s direction, she shouted [Get down!] and positioned herself around the door.

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[Russell! We have a weapon in there for times like these!]

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Looking towards the direction baa-san said, there’s a long sword hanging on to the wall just a little bit high for the children not to reach. A great weapon to drive away something from getting close.

I grabbed the sword without hesitation and started to examine its weight.

Not bad.

I finally got a sword after a long time. It’s the first time since we used to have wooden swords in our practices.

I just realized how weird it is that I am still using wooden swords just because I’m a recovery mage.

When I think about it, yep. It was Vince who insisted to me to switch from sword to staff and robes.

I see. So that was it.

After listening to Gemma-baa-san’s story, I think he decided to push me on a supporting role so I can’t be as active as him as a swordsman.

It’s not the right time to think about such things though.

I opened the door as I firmly hold the sword in my hands.

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[Shit! This guy! You are?]

Surprisingly, there was a woman outside.

It’s someone I haven’t seen before here in the village.

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[Let’s talk later. This is an orphanage! Get inside first!]

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I can’t help but provide just a short explanation to the woman as I slash the monster. As expected, it was a ‘Dungeon Scarlet Bat’.

But… There’s something weird about this bat’s appearance. The bat has many small scratches and looks weak already.

If it’s this woman who did it to the bat, then it’s better to not judge her just by her appearance.

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Along with that unpleasant scream is my slash to the bat’s arm and transition to a cut on its belly upon retracting the sword.

On the other hand, the bat swiped its claws. Fortunately, I only got a shallow scratch on my cheek.

I immediately close the door as I saw the bat fell to the ground.

Base from its wounds, it would start to weaken by its self as it continues to lose more blood.

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I look for the woman in the orphanage after taking a short break from the fight.

It’s a beautiful woman with short silver hair and red unyielding eyes. It’s a characteristic that can’t be found anywhere around here.

Well, unless you are Vince, I think it’s pretty normal to not see a person as this beautiful.

The woman looks at me and I can tell she’s quite shcoked based from her reaction.

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[Well, it won’t probably get up anymore. It’s alright now.]

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I explained to the woman briefly but she just kept staring at me with the same expression.

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[…Are you alright? Is there anything else?]


The woman approached me without speaking as I can see something really crazy inside her eyes.

Looking at her closely, she really is pretty.

Her scarlet eyes are so deep that can keep people enthralled.

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To me who has grown up with two beautiful childhood friends and was deceived by his best friend leaving me with nothing but feelings of betrayal and defeat.

To me who has somehow got a beautiful woman who I haven’t seen before in front of me.

Just when I started to lose my faith on to the Goddess, I somehow got a fateful encounter.

I wonder what will this fateful encounter bring to me.

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[…Do you believe in the Goddess?]

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Huh? Isn’t that the same line used by those who invite others to their cult?

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