Chapter 003 – It Doesn’t Matter How Long I Don’t Use It, I Will Never Forget Recovery Magic.

It appears this kid’s name is Brenda.

We started talking so that we will not be weird in other people’s eyes.

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[Why is Russell heading to the village?]

[It’s been a while since I went back there. I’m thinking maybe it isn’t that bad to show my face even for a bit]

[Oh okay]

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End of conversation.

I offered to provide treatment myself but I don’t plan on using anything but a normal level recovery magic. So, if she can be cured, then that’s good. If not, well, then that’s that.

Even so… We’ve walked quite a lot already.

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[Were you supposed to be going into the city?]


[If you’ve made it, what were you planning to do?]

[…I’m thinking of asking people for help]

[Is that so]

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Really. Looks like she didn’t really think about it at all.

I think it is reckless but since she was able to meet me, it must have been a pretty good outcome for her.

…I had nothing else to so say since she was able to meet me, but such fateful meeting will not happen more often than not.

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Upon realizing that I’m not in the mood to talk any longer, Brenda shuts her mouth and kept on walking.

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The distance between the city and the village isn’t that close for me to go home whenever I want so it had been really a while since I got back.

There seems to be a commotion around the gate.

Looks like some people are arguing.

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[She wasn’t there!]

[We’re still not able to find her… It’s getting dark already.]

[I’d be damned before I stop searching… Wait, hey!]

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Someone from the people around the gate noticed me.

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[Aren’t you Russell? Hey, wait up! Brenda is here too! So it was Russell who found you!]

[Found, huh… To be exact we just coincidentally met around the city. Anyway]

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I hit the head of the gatekeeper as I got close.

I just need to make sure that the pain from my fist can be bearable as I hold him down.

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[The village is surrounded by high fences. The gate is even being closed at night. There’s even an alarm installed and… You are even staying in the hut next to the gate and yet you missed Brenda out? Just how careless can you be?]


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So that what the case.

During the change in shifts of the gatekeepers, the substitute just had to fool around before reporting on his duty.

Due to it, this commotion occurred. I can’t help but be amazed.

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[Anyway, I still have some business to attend so I need to go. Do your job properly next time.]

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It might not have been the best greeting to them considering I have been away for a while, but its not like they gave me a warm welcome either.

There’s something more important than this commotion. The medical condition of the patient can change each second passing by while we stay here.

And so, we hasten our steps as Brenda guides me towards her sick mother.

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As the color of the sky changes from dark red to dark blue, we have safely arrived to the house of the mother and daughter.

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[I’m back!]

[*cough*! Brenda… Where have *cough* you been!?]

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Based from what I heard, she is supposed to be really sick. But instead of resting on her bed, she is standing leaning on the door.

It might be hard for her to even just stand up. She must have been really worried.

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[Well, some things happened. But more importantly, I think your body is something we should be more worried about.]

[You are… If I am not mistaken, you’re one of the orphans, right? The child who was always with Vince…]

[…It’s Russell.]

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Even though this person knows that guy’s name.

As expected, I can just be called as one of his many friends.

Well, I don’t really reach out to other people in the first place.

More importantly, I am more concern about this person’s condition.

She looks like she will faint any moment right now.

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[Let’s get back to your room first. I’m not sure if it will work but I can use recovery magic]

[Wu-wu-Wait! Russell-kun, we…. The treatment cost… About the money…]

[I don’t really mind if you don’t have any. And if you are more than willing to pay in the future, I can wait. Besides, I am a low-level so it’s not certain if it will work or not in the first place.]

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I have to persuade her first before she lie down on the bed.

It must have been really hard for her as she started to sweat just as she lie down.

Her complexion started to change too and her breathing started to become shallow.

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[Your condition is really serious. Why did you push yourself that hard? It would be really useless if the priest came here just to find out you’re already dead.]

[Because! Because… I can’t find Brenda anywhere…]


[*sobs* Okaa-san… Sorry…]

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Brenda’s disappearance had caused a commotion that overturned the whole village.

Seems like she finally understands how reckless what she did was. Brenda bowed her head with a face full of remorse and regret.

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[Anyway, let’s try it out. <Cure>]

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It’s a basic magic to remove poison.

It’s a magic I’ve been using since I was level 1.

…And also, the second recovery magic the [Sage], Jannet, learned after <Heal>.

It’s been a while since I got this feeling of using magic. Looking back then when I was still in the party, I never had the chance to use it again after I just tried it out…

I can’t use a higher recovery magic than this. I wonder what will happen after she takes some rest.

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—-Unexpectedly, the results came faster than I expected.

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Brenda’s mother stands up shortly after I casted the magic.

She then started to check her body if there is anything out of place.

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[I feel better now…]

[Really. And here I though it’s some real serious illness. It looks like it’s just a simple poisoning that can be fixed with basic recovery magic.]

[That shouldn’t be–!]

[Uwaaaaaa! Okaa-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!]

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Brenda leaps to her mother’s embrace as she cries loudly.

As her mother receive her, they lie down once again on the bed.

Brenda continues to cry while apologizing repeatedly to her mother. She seems to have been overcome by her emotions too.

She must have realized that Brenda was really worried about her condition as well.

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[Brenda, your mother hasn’t fully recovered yet. Don’t let her push herself too much]

[ah, yes! I am sorry, okaa-san]

[mmm. Hm. It’s alright now. Uhm… Russell-kun, thank you for helping us. We hope we can return the favor]

[It was just a really basic magic. I don’t really mind it. But if you insist, well, a light meal would be nice.]

[If it’s just that, then let’s have it right away!]

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Her body hasn’t fully recovered yet but it is incomparable to her previous condition.

She walked firmly into the kitchen as she answered with a lively voice.

Back then when I was still active in the party, I wasn’t able to use recovery magic.

It’s not that I am at fault, and neither they are.

It’s just that our class composition is really bad. That’s just it.

As I look how it made Brenda smile, I can feel a bit at ease in my heart.

Maybe being a priest here in the village isn’t really a bad idea.

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The mother who has just recovered is cooking dried meat that had been brought by the neighbor next door. Did she not eat anything earlier even when she was sick?

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[That recovery magic was really impressive. Russell-kun, did you perhaps receive a special class?]

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It appears that the ceremony that had been the talk of the town in the center of the village back then was not able to reach until here.

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[I’m just your typical recovery mage. Not like that kid who I was holding sword matches with, Vince, who is the [Hero]. My class is more of a support one.]


[Well, its fine. Don’t mind it. If no one is hurt, then there’s no need for a priest. And if there is no need for me then that’s the best.]

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It’s not that I am trying to condemn myself.

It’s just that I am trying to state the obvious that my class is not that much compared to the [Hero].

Ah, yep. It’s like he’s always the protagonist.

That’s why even here at the ends of the village, even to the widowed and elderly, his name is well known.

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[Even so… I wonder how did I get that illness.]

[Don’t you have any idea?]

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I just casually replied and did not expect any answer.

But at the moment I heard her reply, it felt like time had stopped.

My heart that had just been put at ease earlier is starting to get wild again.

Is this included to the fate that the Goddess had decided as well?

If that’s the case… I really don’t like this Goddess person.

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[There’s a dungeon that appeared nearby the village all of a sudden. So, I went and tried to take a look but I got injured. The next day, it was then that I felt my body got sluggish.]

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As I was kicked out as I can’t participate to the dungeon activities and decided to go back home since a long while, who would have thought that what would have been waiting for me is another dungeon.

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