Chapter 002 – The Stained Glass do not Answer the Questions of the People

I eventually spent the night and greeted the morning sun with nobody else in the inn.

Even though my heart is foggy, the sky itself appeared to be disgustingly sunny.

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I tried to recall what happened yesterday.

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[If you got hurt, just give it all up and just go back to the village.]

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…Seriously. I hate myself for the things I brought up on my own.

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It went exactly as what Vince just said.

Emmy only needed her non-dominant left hand to hold her shield and prepare herself from my strike. Without a weapon on the other, there were no counter attacks that can be done.

As Emmy kept that stance as I gave my all in that previous strike, she probably used some skill which caused me to be blown away.

And I fainted just like that. It must have been amazing how I got blown away and fainted with the white of my eyes on full display.

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Especially to Emmy. I just don’t know what face to make if we’ll meet again.

She’s a kind person. It must be hard for her choosing what words to say to comfort me.

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Well, things that were likely to happen actually happened. I have no words for that.

It eventually happened. Though I have anticipated it vaguely.

Coincidentally, it just had to happen today.

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After spending a bit more time in the inn, I left and walk into the city bustling with people.

I gripped my chest together with the white robe I am wearing with a sense of unfamiliarity.

Inside there should have been a silver tag which shows the identity of my adventuring party but it is now gone.

It should have been obvious but I’m not allowed to use it anymore so they can’t just leave it with me.

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As I make my way into the southern gate, I pass by in front of the church.

Now that I think about it, this is where I had my selection ceremony.

I can still remember it like it just happened yesterday.

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[This! This is such an incredible bestowal!]

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Even the priest in charge was surprised.

Up to that point, it was known that the classes bestowed to us are really special.

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[Even the child who will carry the church for this generation, the [Saint], has appeared! It really is such a day worthy of celebration!]

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The one in front of me was the [Saint] who was active from twenty years ago.

He is quite a famous person so when I heard that I myself can be like that in the future, I became proud… I was proud.

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Just as I finally thought of going in, I saw a stained glass magnificently standing in front of the door, and I decided to just leave the place quietly.

The Goddess.

The stained glass reflects the image of the Goddess.

Though it just seemed like cut-out pictures of different colors mixed together which made it a bit vague, a figure of a woman with long blonde hair wearing a chiton can be seen on it. When it is exposed under the sunlight, it manifests different colors of light inside the church.

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The Goddess… I wonder what she is all about.

Why would she give me the class [Saint] when I’ve been using a sword all that time?

I wonder… If I did not pick up the tree branch and just read books all along with Jannet instead, will mine and Emmy’s class would have changed?

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The church, along with the Goddess, remains and will always be the same.

It’s just that, inside of me, one thing has changed.

I started to hate the Goddess.

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After buying all the things I need to travel, I headed to the south gate to go back to our home village.

The last time I was on this road, I was full of hopes and dreams. But now, those days felt so far away.

After all, once I stepped out of the village, I have never thought of coming back there.

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As I keep on walking on the road for a while, I found a child crouching at the corner.

Isn’t that? If I’m not mistaken, she’s the daughter of the owner of the bean fields back in the village.

Isn’t she supposed to be just around four years old? It’s dangerous for her to be alone in this place.

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[Is something the matter?]


As I speak, the girl looked up to me with her eyes brimming with tears.

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[Uhhhh. Uuuu. Uhhh]

[Did something happen?]

[Mom is!! Mooom is!!!]

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After she said that, she started to cry loudly.

I don’t really get it but… Guess there’s no other choice. The number of people walking around is kind of little too so maybe I should listen even just for a bit.

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After waiting for her to stop crying, she started to calm down and bowed her head.

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[I’m… I’m so sorry for suddenly-]

[I don’t mind. Anyway, what happened?]

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The girl started slowly to explain what happened.

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It appears that the girl’s mother is sick.

She got all the way here alone while avoiding the eyes of the gatekeeper to ask for someone’s help.

Well, she’ll eventually be punished by the gatekeeper later on anyway.

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[What is your father doing?]

[I… don’t have a father…]

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An illness with an unknown cause and a home of mother and daughter who can’t afford to hire a priest to visit them.

I get it. So that’s why she decided to ask for anybody’s help alone without planning at all.

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[I am from Adoria village too. Look’s like you’re one as well. I am planning on getting back into the village from here. Why don’t we go back together and let me have a look with your mother?]

[Uhm… Uh… Will you heal her?]

[Don’t know. But I can use recovery magic. It’s better than having none don’t you think?]

[…We don’t have money…]

[Well, color me surprised. I don’t plan to ask anything that you don’t have. Also, brats like you shouldn’t worry about money.]

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It is pretty expensive to hire a priest for treatment.

That is why it is normally impossible for people to ask for healing for free.

I might have said it myself but remembering everything that had happened in the village, I have some mix feelings inside.

But… I just can’t let someone I grew up with in the same village die and let this child be an orphan.

Besides… Lately, I am not using the recovery magic of my [Saint] class at all. At this pace, it might just rot in my hands if I won’t use it even occasionally.

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And so, along with the girl, we head back to the village.

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  2. MC: But… I just can’t let someone I grew up with in the same village die and let this child be an orphan.

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