Chapter 001 – Those Who Lost Their Purpose shall be Expelled in this Party

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[Russell. Y’know, it’s just impossible for us anymore.]

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For an instant, I did not understand what did my childhood friend say in front of me.

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[As for why, y’know already right?]

[Uhmm.. Well.. No]

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Well~, I knew it all along.

That this day will eventually come.

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The four of us are good childhood friends and have been always together all along.

Back in the village, the adults tend to keep their distance away from me as they are freaked out by my black hair which is rather unusual.

However, there was this big boy who is way larger than me even we are of the same age and invited me to play.

With red hair which is similar to his hot and burning personality, Vince.

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I grew up using tree branches to hit and swing everyday tirelessly.

As I grew older and was allowed to use a wooden sword, along with the growth of my body, are my chances of picking up victories against Vince.

I think the fact that I became this strong might be because of him.

One day in the borders, in front of us appeared as if interested to join was Emmy holding a tree branch in her hand. With her strong blue eyes peeking behind her long blonde bangs, she came against us.

In these sword mock matches, we were surprised with Emmy’s sword talent which made the bouts better.

Observing us nearby, with listless eyes hiding under her blue hair, was Jannet. She always has a book to read but I never saw her bored even once.

She’s always been quiet but she is not a bad kid. In case we make mistakes, she gives us advice. And in cases we are injured, she helps on our treatment.

It was so natiral for the four of us to be always together.

That’s why before we were summoned in the ‘Goddess Selection Ceremony’, we have naturally promised with each other that we will be together in an adventurer’s party.

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Goddess Selection Ceremony

It is a ceremony where the Goddess bestows her blessing to give each and every 15-year-old their classes and abilities in the church.

The abilities given to everyone are high and has no demerits.

As one learns more skills from their own efforts, it seems like the Goddess increases the choices one can choose for their classes.

So, it is alright if you are blessed with the wrong class. You can just take another path that will make better use of your ability.

We are not exempted and had received classes and abilities from the Goddess as well.

[Hero] Vince

[Holy Knight] Emmy

[Sage] Jannet

And [Saint] Russell

There can only be few of high classes that can be bestowed and coincidentally four had been blessef to children of a rural village.


The saint class huh.. Well~ for the purpose that the Goddess has blessed upon me, I shall be the cornerstone of the party and support everyone.

It should have been the case.

I will say it once again.

The abilities given to everyone are high and has no demerits.

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As I am on the verge of giving up from talking to Vince, Emmy has pinched in.


[Hey, wait a minute, Vince! Forcing Russel out is just—-!]

[I didn’t think of forcing Russel out too]

[Then why!]

[Then, ah. I’ll just hear it from you then, Emmy. Is the [Saint] Russell have been actively participating recently? Can you tell me when was the last time you used his recovery magic?]


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Even Emmy who was trying so hard to defend me earlier had to stop from hearing those words.


My [Saint] class’ recovery magic has no purpose at all based on our dungeon crawls.

The reason is just too simple and cruel.

As adventurers dive further into the dungeons, their levels tend to go higher.

Even Jannet who was just reading and was just originally a judge in the three-way mock battle is more active than me and her reading had been the base of her sage abilities.

In short, everyone is so strong that nobody has been injured.

So obviously, I, who has no sword to use, can’t be compared with Vince and Emmy anymore.

Even so, as a [Saint] who holds a staff, I think I was able to be active equivalent to a role of an average warrior in the upper levels.


However, upon entering the middle levels of the dungeon, there were a lot of things that drastically changed my destiny.


[Hero], [Holy Knight], and [Sage] are very good classes, without a doubt.

They are versatile and can play their roles in any kind of situations.

For example, in times when someone is injured, or you yourself is injured.


Yes… [Hero], [Holy Knight], and [Sage]. Each and everyone had learned the recovery magic <Heal>.

Back when the elite magician [Sage] Jannet learned her first recovery magic, I can still remember how I felt like my feet has collapsed all of a sudden.


Also, in return, to a party that felt no danger nor suffering from injuries, I serve no purpose.

For a so-called ‘Offensive’ magic, there is no such thing for me at all.

Even so the level gap between us continue to go further and further.

The only thing I can do for this party is recovery magic and it had no purpose at all.

Despite of it, the meals we receive is divided equally as well as the purchases for our personal items.

Vince is continuing to persuade Emmy.

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[Emmy, you’re in danger yourself earlier for covering him. If he keeps this up, he will just go die somewhere]


[Well, y’know, even if Russel tries to have a go with you Emmy, y’won’t even get a scratch. He might even hurt himself]

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I’ve been listening quietly until now but I can’t just pretend not to hear what he said.

I, as someone who have won several times in our sword matches in our childhood, still have some pride to protect.

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[Oi. We’re not talking about adult against a kid. I can hurt her, you know.] (Russell)

[Eh~ Is that so? Then, why not give it a try? If you got injured, just give it all up and just go back to the village. You don’t belong] (Vince)

[You said it]

[Is this alright with you, Jannet?]

[…..Is it? I don’t think he’ll get hurt just by hitting tho. And if Russel is really so weak that he got hurt from just that, then I don’t think I’ll be fine with him stayung either] (Jannet)

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Vince asked Jannet who had been listening quietly until just now.

I see. Jannet thinks that expelling me is alright huh.

I wonder if I am on your way or you’re worried about me but I just can’t see it on your expressionless face.

I look at Emmy and tried to lean closer as I hold a wooden sword that she and Vince haven’t used recently.

Emmy is perplexed but she kept on holding her shield with her left hand and nothing on her dominant hand.

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[Then, Emmy. Prepare yourself. I will definitely not miss]

[Un. I don’t really mind it. But don’t push yourself, okay?]

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Those words…Might be from the bottom of her heart and she is really worried of me.

But for me

The meaning between the lines of those words are enough for me to feel cold.

Taking a big step forward, I held the wooden sword with my two hands above my head and slash it down.

This blow contains the weight and strength of my body and of the wooden sword. If it’s just a normal girl holding the shield with two hands, she will definitely be swept by the momentum.

Emmy’s face came closer and our eyes met.

As I recognize that the nearby shield is emitting a faint light, I have something else in my mind.

Its been a while since we got this close.

Well, well. It seems that that the little busybody, Emmy, has grown quite well.

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— Its already night time when I woke up.

As I look into the once familiar room enlightened by the moonlight coming from outside the windows, I immediately noticed that no one else is here aside from me.

Have I been sleeping until now? No, that can’t be.

Did I…faint?

As I remove the blanket covering my body, I found a baggage for one person and a bag of gold enough for someone’s living expenses nearby.

Everything else other than that is nowhere to be found.

The wooden swords, the spoils of our adventures, and my childhood friends.

I was… I realized then that I had been expelled in the party.

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  1. they are better people than other parties in novels where they end up throwing him off a cliff or trying to sell him into slavery. they even gave him expenses to get back home. I thought they would ask him to give everything he owned back to them like basically every novel.

  2. Did they just kick out the only support class they had on the team?..
    Watch this party get annihilated in a spectacular fashion the moment they get into a real fight…

  3. I mean, it makes sense. They don’t hate him, but they don’t want him to get hurt and drag the rest of them down with him. It’s a logical conclusion, albeit slightly cruel. A refreshing take on the “expelled from the Hero party” cliche because no one is a complete dick-wad (so far) and the reasoning is much more solid in comparison to the “ha you’re weak gtfo out luggage-carrier”.

    1. If the healer gets hurt then it’s the vanguards fault.

      Why would the other classes even use heal when they have someone fully dedicated to healing/support.

      I find the authors reasoning to be lackluster at best.

  4. Ynow I was beginning to understand Vince’s perspective, but sending him off like that without so much as a word was just too cruel. -50 points for team Vince!

  5. The novel doesn’t make it very clear how much time passed from the moment they received the class to the moment Russell was expelled, but you have to be pretty stupid to think that the healing provided by a Saint is expendable just because you manages to heal itself with something that is probably of a lower level.

    Healing a wound caused by a goblin and a wound caused by a dragon are completely different things. The fact that they segregated him into a support role, preventing him from leveling up and learning new skills is totally stupid. This hero definitely just saw it as an opportunity to kick out the friend who beat him when he was a kid and at the same time build his harem.

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