VF 139 – The Distance Between the Two

[Taking a closer look, hmmm~ it wouldn’t be so hard to guess they are your parents, Laurel-sama~ even I can see the semblance~~~.]

I had the impression that Akari has the tendency to do things at her own pace without a care, but what child can stare at someone and actually speak her mind right away after they got introduced to each other? This child sure acts so brazen like she’ll become someone big in the future! Not as big and dazzling of what will my daughter be though~ hehe.

E-eehem. You’re an adult, Calis. Let’s just keep such thoughts to heart, okay?

Besides, isn’t openly comparing others too tactless? Everyone’s different and that’s fine… As they say, isn’t every child special?

It’s just that there will always be idiotic parents who’d claim their child to be the number one in the whole wide world. Yeah, someone like me. 

But hey, for lack of better words, I do nag at Laurel from time to time Laurel as well, you know? Although I do want to raise them with positive reinforcement, those moments are also some form of way for me to show her my affection.

[Do you think we look alike?] (S)

[Truly~! Not just your looks though, but you also give the same warm and comfortable vibes~~.] (A)

[Fufufu, thank you. It’s all thanks to her father, I suppose.] (S)

Hoho, why so humble my dear? Not that I don’t like it but—

[If we’re talking about warmth, it must be from her mother, though.] (C)

[What are you saying? She got it from you, you know.] (S)

[No dear, you’re more caring and gentle than me, you know.] (C)

[No, it’s you.] (S)

[Uh, huh. No, no, no. You are.] (C)

[..Pfft. Hahahaha, oh, dear.] (S)

[….Hmph… Hahahahahaa!] (C)

Is this really something worth arguing for? Hahaha.

I don’t know but we weren’t able to help ourselves laughing from how absurd the content of that argument was. I guess we’re both thinking of just letting this go now. Perhaps Sasha and I share more similarities that I still don’t know about?

[The duke and duchess sure gets along well, don’t they, Laurel-sama~~. They’re both warm and caring people, aren’t they?~] (A)

[That’s true. I really feel blessed to have them as my father and mother.] (L)

[*E-eehem* *Blush*] (S)

O-oh. I almost went to lovey dovey mode but I heard Akari and got reminded that we’re in the presence of two children. Not just me though. Sasha looks so embarrassed she got a blush! Hoho!

How cute of you, my dear wife. But let’s put aside the couple goals for later, okay? Let me sort the children for now.

[Laurel, come–] *gently gives head pat* (C)

[Akari, there’s no need to feel pressured about work for now so feel free to take it easy. I’ll have your room arranged in a moment so please bear with me.] (C)

[Thank you for your grace, Duke Calis~] (A)

[Will you be alright just by yourself in a room?] (C)

[I find it hard to sleep with people nearby so being alone makes it more comfortable for me, Duke. Thank you~] (A)

Oho? I asked her just in case because she’s still young. Seems like there really is nothing for me to worry about. 

[If you ever feel lonely, feel free to visit the head maid’s chambers. I have a feeling you’ll get along.] (C)

[I’ll keep it in mind~. Thank you so much~] (A)

[Oh, oh, you can also come to my room, Akari-san! Let’s talk and chat until we fall asleep! *Giggles*] (L)

[*Giggles*, sure! I look forward to it, Laurel-sama~!] (A)

For Laurel to actually invite Akari into her room… She must really like her.

Well, I have this feeling that this child won’t pose any danger to Laurel so I guess it should be fine. I’ll let them be for now. But… daughter dear, I wonder if there will ever come a day where you’ll invite your father to your room as well? Haaa.

*Head Pats*


Translator’s Notes:
1. I just remembered, but aren’t we getting a little more female characters recently? Like, there’s also Laurel’s double! Hmmm, I wonder how will Akari and the double react when they meet each other. Who’ll ever get the privilege to be Laurel’s bestfriend? hohoho
2. Also, we all know that Akari’s the protagonist. And Seryu’s showing some interest to Laurel. Oh boy, perhaps the story will progress earlier that it should have been. But we gotta pray the author writes another chapter first! xd
3. I had a weird feeling translating the part where Calis wants Laurel to invite him to her room. Then I realize why. Its because I never thought of something like that. A parent, actually respecting their child’s room and space? loooool. My parents can come and go whenever wherever they want in their house. eh? My room? They don’t even knock. looooool

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