VF 140 – Time to Work

[It’s great that you’re back, Calis-sama. Please excuse my rudeness while you’re in the middle of a conversation but would you mind?]

As I was enjoying the warm atmosphere I’m having with Sasha and Laurel as I introduce Akari, my butler, Jake, joined the conversation so suddenly.

It’s probably about work. Jake, can’t you see that I’m busy admiring my beautiful wife and daughter here? Ughh… Would it be a luxury to enjoy this peace a little bit longer?


Don’t get me wrong. I do have a firm resolve to finish my work. I just feel like it’s a pity.

[Alright. I’ll leave Akari’s orientation in your hands.] (C)

[Understood.] (J)

[How does dinner sound, Sasha?] (C)

[Oh, that’s fine.] (S)

[Great. Then let’s have dinner as a family later. And after that… *Wink, wink*] (C)

[*Blushshshshhhh* O-okay…] (S)

Oho, why are you blushing like that, dear? It’s not like we can do ‘it’ cause you’re still pregnant. But did I raise your expectations? Hohoho, look forward to it.

No matter how much skinship we do, it seems like Sasha will never get used to it and will always remain innocent and pure… What else can I say? Ain’t that the best? Yaah

[Let me show Akari around, Father.] (L)

[You would? Arlight, thank you, dear.] (C)

This child should have been tired from the outing we just had but she seems raring to go. So I’ll allow it. But–

[….] (C)

[*Nods*] (J)

I made eye contact with Jake just in case and it seems like he understood what I wanted to say as he nodded his head.

Everyone in the estate must be aware of Akari’s circumstance as I informed them beforehand via messenger. Nevertheless, I want Jake to have them followed and looked after somehow.

Although I know everyone who lives here in the estate, and the chances of them being a spy from the Principality is minimal, one can never be too careful.

[Duke-sama~, Duchess-sama~, and Laurel-sama~, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused but I really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you~.] (A)

[Alright. Take good care of Laurel, okay?] (C)

[Ofcourse, I’ll give it my best shot~!] (A)

Seems like it isn’t just Laurel who’s raring to go. I’m glad. Although Akari speaks like that, I can feel her willingness and determination. Not bad.

That being the case, as Jake urges me to move right away and start working, Laurel assisted her mother and escorted her back to her room first before showing Akari around. Goodness, what more can I ask after having such a daughter? 

Ahhh, haaa… my healing session has just ended but I already miss their presence.

Translator’s Notes:
1. I consider myself as an open minded person. But, you see, like Calis, I find the purity and innocence a really beautiful thing. I don’t know if that’s normal or I’m just being conservative.
2. On that note, there’s some part in Lovers by Sumika (same artist behind Wotakoi’s opening, “Fiction”), that goes like this:
“Guys always wanted to be the first, while girls always want to be the last~”
Makes sense?
3. Thinking further, perhaps the people in the west who who are being called traditional women are actually close to Yamato Nadeshiko / Japanese feminine ideals~. It’s amazing how can people from literally opposite sides of the globe share the same ideals and standard. IDK. It’s 12 midnight and I’m overthinking. That ends my pep talk. loool

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