VF 138 – The Wife’s Interrogation

[Welcome home, dear.]

Oho? What are the chances that I’d be welcome by my wife around this time? 

When I got back, Sasha’s in front of the estate as she greets me with a smile. 

I’ve been asking her not to push herself too much though. She’s pregnant after all. I’m just glad that her health’s been showing some improvements recently. 

Perhaps being pregnant for the third time makes her get kind of used to it, but even so, the burden of carrying another life is something that will never be easy so I couldn’t help but just admire her more. As such, the least I can do is to be by her side and support her.

It’s strange, however… The image of my wife gently smiling as she greets me in front of our house still feels ticklish to my chest. What’s this? Aren’t we having our third child already? Sasha, dear. This reminds me of the early days of our marriage! Goodness, dear, just how deep are you going to make me fall for you!? 

[I’m home, Sasha. How are you feeling?] (C)

[I feel better now.] (S)

[That’s great.] (C)

Back in my previous life, I always dreamed of some kind of superpowers like what they call a chunibyo. And to be more detailed, my ideal power was like an all seeing eye. Who would have thought that I’d get them in this life? Although it’s just limited to two people (Laurel and Sasha). Based on the power that sleeps within these pupils of mine, it seems that Sasha is indeed physically fine. There’s nothing to worry about then, I guess.

[We’re back, mother!]




It’s just so precious I was speechless for second there.

If I could capture this moment forever, I would do so.

Sasha’s affection as a mother as she embraces Laurel gives off a different kind of warmth and her beauty along with Laurel is just too picturesque to see. 

[I’m glad you’re back, Laurel. Did you have fun?] (S)

[Mm! It was so much fun!] (L)

[I see. That’s all that matters then. *smiles*] (S)


…God, are you here? Is this perhaps heaven?

Haaaa, I can finally get some healing after this exhausting day.

You see, Laurel’s been pretty strict to herself most of the time lately. It’s only at these moments where she lets herself get vulnerable and let herself be lovingly spoiled by her mother when there’s not much people around. Isn’t my daughter growing too fast? I’m scared of not being able to see this scenery anymore in the future.

[Ara? I haven’t seen this child before.] (S)

Oh, yeah. It seems like family time’s over, huh…

Sasha tilts her head in wonder as she looks at Akari who’s standing behind me.

[Yeah. I would like to take her in starting today. I’m thinking of having her as one of Laurel’s maids.] (C)

Sasha’s gaze meets mine, and then—

*Shiverssssssszzzz* (C)

‘Dear, no, she isn’t an illegitimate child of mine, I swear!!!’

*Smiles* (S)

[I see… You’ve brought such a sweet and cute child.] (S)

Did my thoughts get across..? I want to believe that Sasha understood that I’d taken her in for various reasons but not because of cheating! Because that’s impossible! No way, never!

[It’s a pleasure to meet you, my lady who’s Laurel’s mother〜〜 Please call me Akari〜〜.]

[I’m Sasha. Please look after our Laurel.]

That moment when you can tell your feelings to someone else with just eye contact… isn’t that so sweet and special? It makes me feel like me and Sasha are deeply connected at the bottom of our hearts. What if she understands everything what I want to say with just eye contact? No way, I don’t want that. I want to shower her whispers of sweet nothings after all. 

But hey, why can’t I just do both? Hehe

Translator’s Notes:

  1. If Sasha ain’t pregnant, then she’ll be. Again. 😡 Boy, love is nice but you gotta calm down.
  2. This is the final chapter of the night! Goodnight, y’all!
  3. “And before we knew it, we’d feel a certain connection with someone.”
    “And then one day, you too, will fall in love with me”
    Gosh, I just want to quote a couple of lines from Mrs. Green Apple’s Love me, Love you. I love them! See you again this week!

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