VF 137 – A Glimpse of her Potential

[Anoo~, Duke-sama~]

[Is something the matter?]

[This might sound too sudden but~, will you be talking directly to the king~?]

Akari sits right in front of me as she asks. We’re currently in a carriage and Laurel’s sitting by my side.

Why would she asks something like this? I thought she’s just some pure and naïve kid.

[Indeed. But I don’t think it needs to be done right away. ]

Considering the current political balance of the kingdom, there’s no way I’d be able to receive a quick response even if I report what happened to his majesty.  As such, there should be no problem even if I report it at a later date.

Well, while it’s true that I’d need the country’s backing sooner or later, now isn’t the time.

This case in particular. I believe it would be faster if I took action myself so I’d rather take this matters into my own. I don’t want to drag this mess longer than necessary. 

At least that’s what I want to proceed. As for his majesty, I’ll leave it to Serena-sama on how to deal with him.

It’s not that I’m being irresponsible. It’s just that Serena-sama has her own network and connections. Furthermore, as the king’s daughter, it isn’t rare for her to give opinions to her father from time to time. Now that I think about it, isn’t her presence kind of convenient at times like this? Hehe

Or rather, what was that person doing before reincarnation… well, I wouldn’t want to dwell to much on it.

Let’s let sleeping dogs lie. Not that I’m particularly interested as well.

[Is that so~, if the Duke says so, then it must be fine~.] (A)

[Yeah, we just need to leave it to Father!] (L)

[Ofcourse~ Laurel-sama’s father such an amazing figure after all~] (A)

[That’s right! You know, Father is like—] (L)

Daughter, dear. You’re breaking your young lady persona in real time though?

Laurel’s been acting prim and proper recently as a result of her studies so seeing her this excited talking about me actually feels embarrassing yet happy. Hehe. You’re so cute, daughter dear!

But Akari… I’m more surprised by this child actually. I wonder what’s with her that she’s able to break down Laurel’s walls that easily?

I’m just listening to them but she has her own ways to direct the conversation and let the other person open up to her. I wonder if it’s a natural thing for her, or…?

[Sweets, you say~?] (A)

[Yeah. Father’s really good in making sweets!] (L)

[Ohh~ that sounds nice~~ I wonder if I’d be able to try them sometime~] (A)

[Let’s do bake when we get back home, then. Would you like to eat some sweets as well, dear?] (C)

[Yey!] (L)

Please don’t ask me if I have the luxury of the time to actually do some.
I’d just work overtime. That will make up for the time lost, right?
Sleep? Don’t need it.

No matter how urgent a matter is, nothing will be more important than my family. I will never make the mistake of not knowing who or what to put first in my list of priorities.

I didn’t know when exactly but Laurel’s now sitting on my lap.

And Akari is now sitting by my side.

Seems to me their chemistry is really great. Perhaps they’re fated to meet? That’s what I think but not like I’d actually say so.

I mean, there’s no need for me to say it anymore seeing the kids happily giggle.

What a relaxing way to go home.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. 1 More chapter to go for this night! 🙂
  2. The last time I opened up to someone is when I was still in high school LMAO. College and workplace really be destroying most happiness in life xD. At some point in life, we learn how to put boundaries. But once in a while, there’ll be people that’ll break them. I just wish what they brought were happiness thoughhhh
  3. You ever had times when you really wanna say something but you don’t know how to put them to words so you just give up? IDK. Then think about it all day. loooooollllll sorry for the rant.

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5 thoughts on “VF 137 – A Glimpse of her Potential

  1. I feel you, it’s been a long time since i opened up to people.
    Like yeah i have some friends and all that but it’s been such a long time since i last met someone i would feel comfortable showing a weakness to or truly opening up to, and I don’t know if such a person will ever exist. And it’s been such a long time that I’m not bothered by that anymore

      1. at the end of the day for people like us, there’s no better bliss than sitting in our own space and being unbothered by all the noise in the world

      2. That’s how it is, for people like us the best bliss in the world is being in our proper corners unbothered by the noise of the world

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