VF 136 – Let’s Keep it Lay Low Until We Get Home

It didn’t take long for me to talk with the orphanage and get custody of Akari. Now that’s over with, I can now escort the prince and princess to their houses and could get myself free from this duty.

Though I need to report directly to the king immediately about what happened this afternoon, I’d rather make sure that his children make their way back home safely first and foremost. 

That being the case — I’m here right now in the royal castle, bidding farewell to the prince and princess.

[I had fun today, Duke Fall. I look forward to the next time we go out on a trip again, okay?] (Srn)


The princess smiles as she says such vague words but, yeah, it’s better not to think too much about it. Let’s just ignore it.

I mean, not that I could understand what’s running inside this woman’s head… I would like to keep on cooperating terms with her for now though as I might need her help sooner or later, but… Yeah, I’m not really that comfortable about it.

But if it’s really necessary, I’d suck it up and work with her as much as I need. If it’s for my family’s safety, then I’d be willing to do everything. But why am I feeling like this, though? Is it because she’s also a reincarnated? It’s really uncomfortable when you know someone else knows your deepest secret.

*Sigh* Regardless, she’s a friend of Laurel. So in the end, there’s no way I could avoid involving myself in this lady.

[It would be my pleasure, you’re highness. That would be the same to you too, Prince Seryu. Some unexpected circumstances happened in the afternoon but I hope this trip has allowed you to obtain some reference about the castle town.] (C)

[It did! I learned a lot today!] (Sry)

Unlike Serena-sama, Seryu-sama is still looking at me with pure dazzling eyes. Just what did I do to warrant such attention? It’s making me a little bit iffy because I have no clue why he’s looking at me like that.

[And I’ll continue to work hard too! Please keep on looking after me, Duke Fall!] (Sry)

Y-yeah, must be nice to be that young, huh… Look at you so motivated all of a sudden. Just where’s that vigor coming from, really?

But to be fair, based on the short time we spent as father and son, I am quite confident that Seryu-sama deep down is a courteous and obedient boy.

Something might have happened before the game that twisted his roots inside but if things continue to grow the same way as he is right now, I believe he’ll become a fine man and a wise king when the time comes. Well, that all depends on how much work and effort he’ll be putting into it though, I guess?

So, assuming he’ll be able to stay on the right track then perhaps, Laurel… N-n-no, no, no, no. Stop right here Calis. My heart is still ain’t ready for this topic. Goodness.

I am not here being too overprotective. As a parent, it’s just not easy to hand over your child even if you say that it’s marriage. Would I be able to honestly accept it? At this point, no. But if Laurel didn’t hate the thought and would actually pursue Seryu-sama herself, then I could respect and concede her to Seryu-sama.

But that’s something I don’t have to deal with right now. There’s a bigger problem right in front of me that I need to fix after all.

[Laurel-san, let’s ask the female knights and accompany us so we can hang out with just us girls next time.] (Srn)

[Oh, uhm…] (L)

*Glances* (Laurel)
*Smiles, Nods* (C)
*Beams* (L)

When that time comes, let’s make sure to put up a team of fully elite maiden knights to look after her.

[Then I’ll look forward to it, Laurel-san.] (Srn)

[Yeah!] (L)

See how happy my daughter is? Her angelic smile as she joyfully grins? Goodness, my daughter’s really the best!

And nobody else could change my thoughts about it!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. June has finally ended and I’m back! <3 How are you all doing? I hope you’re all well! My first project now that I’m back is to complete the translation of the remaining chapters of the WN for this week! The raws are currently in 142 (Last chapter was released January). Then, I’ll resume other series until a new chapter comes out!
  2. Hey, have you ever thought what if you got reincarnated? A song is still stuck in my head where it says,
    ‘I’m the only one who can love my self.
    And if I’d get reincarnated, It’ll just be me again.’
  3. Oh, there’s couple of chapters more!

    I don’t know. It felt heartbreaking. If you feel alone, talk to me. I’d reply at least via email. I’m an introvert though so I ain’t talkative. But do you accept memes? Chances are I’d bombard you with them. 😡

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