VF 133 – The Pink Haired Girl

Oh~ hahahah~~ my daughter’s so cute, goodness~~

[Ah… uhm… excuse me~, can I go out now~?]

Oh? uh… Hm?




…I’ve just realized I left the young girl that’s been the target of these hoodlums inside the bag all this while. I’ve heard her voice a little while she’s struggling inside but I guess this is how she actually sounds. I’m not sure if she’s just carefree or she just has a strong mentality, but, little girl, you were just kidnapped quite a few moments ago.

[Pardon me. Give me a second and I’ll now open it.] (Calis)

Once I opened the bag, the young girl with the pink hair crawled out and took a deep breath of air as if to calm herself down. Now that I’d taken a closer look at her, she’s indeed the same age as Laurel.

[Thank you so much for saving me~~. Oh gosh, what’s this big hole doing in here~?] (??)

Her looks are quite pleasing to the eye and she has this naive and pure innocent vibe around her until she sees the disaster that was left from that brawl. That must have been surprising for her.

But… Why does she seem familiar…? Where could I have met such a girl before..?

[Are you unhurt?] (Laurel)

….oh, ah, yeah.

Just as I was occupied with my thoughts, Laurel gently asks the young girl.

As expected of my daughter, she’s really sweet and capable!

My instinctive gentleman demeanor is something that I tend to do without thinking whenever I’m in front of Laurel and Sasha. However, right at this moment, my daughter acted before me and she seems genuinely worried about the young girl’s safety. If she isn’t a real angel, what is she!?

Well, we also can’t rule out the possibility that I subconsciously don’t want to make any contact even with a girl my daughter’s age. Not to mention, this scene of both young girls talking with each other is quite better, regardless. The young girl then takes Laurel’s hand and stands back up from the ground.

[Thank you so much~~ oh, are you father and child? You look quite alike.~] (??)

Laurel’s looks resemble pretty much everything about Sasha so it isn’t usual for people to identify us as parent and child. This girl, however, only took a glance at the both of us to make a guess about our relationship.

Did she hear Laurel when she called out to me while she’s still in the bag…? Must be… otherwise, I find it hard to believe that this young and naïve child identified us with just our appearance.

[D-do you think so?~] (L)

[I do! The both of you quite give the similar air around you~.] (?)

[*Giggles* Ahehehehe~]

It seems those words made Laurel really happy.

It feels a bit too fast but this young girl is immediately getting closer with my child… I wonder if she’s just this naturally friendly?

The incident right now is too realistic to be a ploy just to get close to us and for the Principality to hate the Kingdom is more plausible than that but… the Principality is actually trying to abduct this girl earlier, right? I need to find out why that is too.

[Your silver hair’s so beautiful too~~ did you receive it from your mother?~] (?)

[Yes. I’ve been blessed by both of my beloved parents.] (L)

I can’t help but grin internally listening to my daughter praising me until I saw Seryu-sama who’s quite a few distance away from Serena-sama coming over.

Seryu-sama’s eyes are quite glittery and too bright for me so when I look at Serena-sama…

*Smiles* (Srn)
*Chilssss* (C)

That happy and auspicious smile the princess gave me just brought chills and terrible foreboding to my spirit. And due to that, I finally realized….

This young girl…

[Oh, have I introduced myself~? I am called Akari. For some reason or another, I’m currently living in an orphanage~.]

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