VF 132 – Daughter Recharge


I didn’t see Laurel run so hurriedly before. I am actually a bit surprise.


My daughter’s face is pressed against my thigs as she tightly hugs me with her arms and, seeing her loving figure, I can’t help myself but pick her and put her into my arms.

And when I did–

*Upturned eyes*

[Thank goodness… I’m so glad you’re fine. Even though I know that you will be alright, the thought that something might happen to you Father is… *Sobs*]


…My goodness! It felt like my heart tightened for just a second! How mightily cute of you, daughter!

Oh – Eerr, ehem…

Ofcourse, I didn’t let such thoughts leak out of my mind.

So despite having this strenuous internal conflict inside, I struggle to keep my aloof and cool image while reassuring Laurel with some lovingly head pats.

[I apologize for making you worry, dear. It makes me happy that you feel such concern about my safety. Were you hurt?]

[Of course not, Father.]

[Then that’s all that matters.]

I know that Seryu’s keeping an eye on Laurel’s surroundings. And during all this trouble, I did not let a second pass without putting attention to her and the others’ location. Nonetheless, I wasn’t able to relieve myself of worry until I actually took hold and saw firsthand that my daughter is safe and unhurt. I believe that’s something that every parent would understand.


Hm? I was currently occupied with such thoughts when Laurel called me out on a whisper.

Not sure what it’s all about but let’s move a bit closer.

[Today’s been pretty hectic so next time… let’s just go with the two of us together…]

…Oh.. My..  God… How can I decline such a request from my bashful sweet baby!? My goodness!

Hohoho. I didn’t expect that my daughter would act this spoiled!

She must have been bothered by the presence of Seryu-sama and wasn’t able to help herself any longer.

I guess she really didn’t find the scene of me caring for Seryu-sama just like he’s my child as well earlier a fascinating idea. Of course, it isn’t just her. Does it look like I enjoy treating Serena-sama, that princess, as my daughter, a fascinating idea? No way. Let hell freeze over. That’s why, next time I go out, it would just be me, Sasha, and Laurel.

Sasha is still pregnant though. But once she gives birth and her condition becomes stable after she recovers, I’d definitely plan something that we enjoy — correction, just the two of us alone.

Oh yeah! I can’t wait!

But before that… about these hoodlums… They seem to be from the Principality. I know that I had to deal with them first but… it’s just so troublesome!

Sigh… It would have been nice if all of this fiasco had been over before I awakened as Calis.




No, yeah, I’d rather not. Because if it’s the old me, I might not have been able to fully protect Sasha.

So, for the next one hundred years… ah, ahh…. No, that’s too short. I can’t let our descendants who’ll inherit Sasha and Laurel’s bloodlines carry on and witness this trouble even until their generations.

If it’s the old me, I’d probably not mind it that much but… I’ve gotten so smitten with Sasha and Laurel now that even such a faraway thought is something I cannot ignore.

I’m not sure if I’m getting too love sick about our family but I don’t think it’s that bad.

Anyway, for now, let’s boost myself up from this depressing task using my daughter’s charm and cuteness!

I really need to recharge my lovey-dovey energy too so I really want to go back now and snuggle with my wife soon!

But seriously… this will definitely be a huge deal.


Anyway, let’s get more of that motivation using my daughter’s charms!

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