VF 134 – A Simple Introduction

[Oh, I shall call you Akari-san, then. Please call me Laurel.]

Akari… I swear I’ve heard that name before but… hmmm.?

Ohoho, my daughter beat me to the punch in talking with the girl but she didn’t gave away our last name and real identities. Brilliant!

As expected of my daughter! Perhaps I’d know more about this girl if I leave it to Laurel!

[Arree~? Are you some kind of a noble?~ Please excuse myself if I have said anything wrong~.] (Akari)

[Oh, please, you don’t have to speak so formally. After all, we’re doing this excursion while trying to hide our identities.] (Laurel)

[Is that so~? Then I’d take you on your offer then~. Thanks~] (A)

To be honest, the way Akari talks is so casual that nobles in general would have found her offensive if she tried to talk to them in that way. However, my daughter is an exception. Who would think that this young little lady was meant to become a villain!? Look how benevolent my daughter is!

Such a cute and obedient child!

[Uhmm, Laurel-sama, the person who helped me was your father, right?~] (A)

[Indeed. He did it all by himself!] (L)

[Oh wow… thank you so much~] (A)

Oh dear. You’re making your father blush flattering me like that!

Akari, well, you’re welcome. But you don’t have to look so stricken, do you?

[Please don’t mind it. I can’t just turn a blind eye to what happened passing by and all so don’t think too much about it. More importantly… Do you have any idea why those people are trying to abduct you even in broad daylight?] (Calis)

[Oh, nothing in particular~~~ . It’s my first time getting kidnapped~] (A)

I wouldn’t be surprised if the abduction earlier would cause someone to get some trauma but this child is pretty calm… Why, though?

[And these people must be Laurel-sama’s sibli~~~ or not. They somehow don’t give the same vibe~.] (A)

[You’re right. However, as Laurel said, we’re trying to hide our identities so we’re pretending to be family right now.] (Serena)

Hey, Serena-sama. Is it really alright for you to just reveal the cat out of the bag? Well, we’re about to go home now so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?

[Ohhh~ I thought these things only happen in books~~ nobles are really a different breed~~] (A)

[You’re called Akari, yes? I am Serena. This boy here is my brother, Seryu.] (Srn)

[I see~~ Serena-sama, and Seryu-sama~, understood~. How should I address you then, mister?] (A)

They said I had a good eye when it comes to people.

That being said, I think this girl has the potential to become someone big in the future.

So should I reveal my identity to her?

I have this weird feeling that she’s kind of familiar too.

But well… I guess it would be weirder if I don’t introduce myself at this point.

[I’m Calis, Laurel’s father. Well, I’m just your usual uncle with a loving wife and children so you don’t need to try hard to remember me.] (C)

[It will be fine, you know~~~ I might be clumsy and dull but I’m at least good at remembering people~~] (A)

…I’m just trying to brush it off and stay lowkey though…

Also, both Sasha and Laurel have their own clumsy moments. Which I find really cute! But this girl Akari… it seems her airhead moments are even higher than the two.

Though she might really be clumsy and dull, her looks alone could qualify her as an otome game character. But I can’t just discount the fact that she might be a reincarnated person too… Yeah, seriously. Just who is this kid.

There’s also the fact that Serena-sama just gave me a bone chilling smile too. Just what was that about? As much as I want to ask her right now… I need to clean things up here first.

The security finally arrived after all.

How should we do this, then?

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Children could be innocent and cute! But at the same time, be brutal and honest! XD

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  1. Seriously Cali’s, we’ve never read the novel this world is based on, and even we can figure out who she is! You need to have more than your wife and daughter in your head!

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