VF 120 – Like Mother Like Daughter

[How do I look, Father?]

Since we’re going out in incognito, we chose plain clothes that wouldn’t make us any astounding but… I don’t know if this should be a problem but even with such dull clothes, my daughter is just still too cute.

Laurel, village girl edition.

That’s what Laurel’s disguising as for today.

I guess there’s no helping my daughter’s charm. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. But what should I do? What if the children from the castle town suddenly start to woo her? Because, you see, I’m not really getting biased here, but my daughter is just too pretty. Enough to make me worried.

[You look good on them, Laurel. You’ll definitely be the cutest in the town when we get there.] (Calis)

*Spins* (L)

*Smiles* (L)

[*giggles* ehehe, thank you, Father!] (Laurel)

Aaahh, Ms. Laurel Fall, please refrain from any further actions. Your cuteness will make my heart explode!

Just seeing my daughter  so excited even before we arrive at our destination makes me glad enough as a father. However… chances of Seryu-sama being more infatuated with Laurel’s charms are giving me second thoughts about this matter…

Though the probability of the prince growing up to become someone who will lead Laurel to her death flag just like in the game is low, as a father, I’d be honest but giving away my daughter isn’t an easy matter.

If, just if, Laurel actually falls in love with Seryu-sama, I won’t do anything that would jeopardize their feelings… But looking at her right now, I think there’s no harm in just remaining a bystander as Laurel doesn’t seem really attracted to her supposed engagement partner.

[*Pulls closer* Father, Father!]

Oh, it seems like I’m getting too deep into my thoughts about my cute daughter.

I lean closer to Laurel. Low enough so we can talk in whispers.

[*giggles* Since Mother isn’t around, then you’d have to spoil me including her share, Daddy.]

…This cheeky girl… Like mother like daughter, huh. 

It seems that her excitement today is on another level as she started to act like a little girl of her age once in a while. The way she carries herself in her ‘Onee-san mode’ fills not just me but also Sasha with pride. But seeing the contrast and gap between the little Laurel and the Onee-san Laurel is terrifyingly charming.

Seeing my daughter like this… it will only be a matter of time before the prince becomes head over heels about her… I mean, who wouldn’t? As someone who has an aversion to women, even I wasn’t able to resist and fall so hard with Sasha. Laurel being the child who’s charm doesn’t lag behind her mother, who else won’t get bewitched by her?

[…Well, yeah, let’s seize the day.] (C)

[*Nods*] (L)

We walk towards the carriage hand in hand while Laurel is full of smiles. Seriously, her excitement oozes in her grin and makes her so cute that I’d just want to carry her in my arms like when she’s still a baby.

But… a village girl style, huh. I bet Sasha will definitely look amazing in it too. Yep, I’ve decided. When Sasha’s condition gets stable and better, when we go on a date in incognito, let’s have her dress as a village girl.

I’d love it if she’d wear it until we go all the way to the morning but… I guess there’s no way. It’s just that I’m also a human. I’m just being honest with my desire to keep what’s beautiful in my eyes.

And since I’m just a man, it’s only natural for me to fall in love with Sasha and for our feelings to materialize. Yes, it’s all just natural. 

But I won’t force her. Still, if she looks me in the eyes, with moist eyes, saying ‘dear… give it to me, please…’ ah… I’ll lose it. I will definitely lose it and will shower her all the affection that I have.

And here by my side is the proof and materialization of the love we have. Laurel. I can’t help but be proud of her as she continues to grow up. Though I am supposed to be Seryu-sama’s escort for the day, I’d make sure that my daughter will also get her fun to the fullest.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Uhm, readers, you see, I’m trying hard here to keep Calis’ POV family friendly. :3 I am doing my best already. :3 I swear. :3 I just, IDK. Sometimes, even his feelings overwhelm me xD
  2. I guess Sanji’s pick up lines aren’t a good reference for how a simp talks and looks like (just before fishman island arc)… xD

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