VF 118 – The Wife’s Supremacy

[The castle town? Both with Laurel and Seryu-sama?]

[Yeah, that’s right.]

After getting Laurel’s agreement for the trip, I am now currently reporting to Sasha so she’ll be aware in advance of where we will be going and… yeah, it works as a nice pretext as well when all I really wanted to do was to see her even though I should be working now in my office.

Umu. Splendid. Seems like her condition’s getting more stable. Ahh, my wife. Just one look at you is enough to mend my weary heart.

Yosh, now I feel like I can take whatever Jake’s to throw at me! Bring it on, Jiji! (TL: old man)

[Though it’s originally meant for Seryu-sama to learn and experience more what it’s like to be a member of the populace, I think it will serve as a good excursion as well for Laurel who’s been working hard on her studies. Our daughter’s quite excited about it, you know.] (Calis)

[ *nods* I can see why.] (Sasha)

Oho, goodness. I know she understands it in her head but the bit of envy in her eyes gives away her true thoughts about it. Let me embrace you gently for now, dear.


[Once our child’s finally born, and your health starts to recover, would you grant me a date for once? Going on a trip with the whole family is nice and all, but I’d really love it if we can have some time with just you and me alone.]

It just feels risky right now if we go out while Sasha’s still carrying our child. I wouldn’t be able to take it if something happens to either one of them so let’s hold it in for now. What’s important is that they are safe, and that we’d be able to get some quality time as husband and wife once everything’s said and done.

I believe two of the most important things to keep in mind in a family is to balance your time as a couple and as a parent to your children. It is the most difficult, especially when you are all engaged in work, studies, and activities. However, these two factors are crucial keys that determine the harmony of the couple and the family as a whole. 

Adultery? Mistreatment? Domestic Violence?

No, we don’t do that here.

I can’t even imagine myself engaging in such activities. And, if by some miracle, that I’d even attempted to, I’d let my self be tortured until I’m in several pieces.

But as they say, people’s behavior becomes more stiff and stubborn once they age. There’s also the words saying that people become impatient and get taken over by their emotions easily. I need to watch myself carefully and not end up like that.

*giggles* (Sasha)

Ey, where were we again? Forget it. Sasha’s giggle is everything. Though it seems she found my cheesy line funny. 

[…Hey now, dear… You know, that’s unfair.] (Sasha)

[Do you hate me now?] (Calis)

[Hmmm. No. I love you. So much.] (Sasha)

[It’s like music to my ears, Sasha. As I love you the most.] (Calis)

*Leans gently*







[…Can I ask you something, dear?] (Sasha)

[Do tell.] (Calis)

[Hm. Embrace me tightly.] (Sasha)

[I won’t let you go.] (Calis)

*Hugs tighter*

Hm. No way I can reject an invitation from my beautiful wife.

And just like that, I spent the time cuddling with my wife thinking these are the moments I’d probably cherish all my life.

As we grow old, even in the days we become saggy and wrinkled,
until the very last of our breath, and into the doors death,
Sasha, my love for you will never wither.

I had a dream in my previous life. That one day, when I grow old, I have someone holding hands with as we walk into the park. Right at this moment, I can clearly see that image and I’d want to pursue that dream having you the one walking by my side. 

I originally planned on recharging myself before going back to work when I checked on Laurel and flirted around with Sasha but… the trip requires me to finish some of my deadlines earlier than intended to open a schedule for that day so the papers in my office didn’t decrease a bit since morning. It actually increased.


All for the family. Do your best, Calis!




Hm, yeah… Really, how are you so pretty, Sasha dear?

  1. I was actually torn whether to put the meme on the middle of the translation or not. Hahahahahahahahahahaha oh, welp

2. When I read that Sasha was about to ask something, I was like ‘Girl, I still remember what you asked for the last time.’ HAhahahahahahaha Thankfully, it wasn’t as daring as what I had in mind. Hahahahahahahahahaha

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