VF 117 – The Fun and the Trips

[A trip?]

[Yeah, though it’s only in the castle town and Prince Seryu’s tagging along this time.]

Fortunately, I was able to catch Laurel alone so we’re now having a private chat with just the two of us. I’m currently playing with her as she sits on my lap and found the timing to be a good one to raise the request Serena-sama had. 

[A trip with daddy… *grins happily* Yey!] (Laurel)


How cute. Laurel’s been trying to act prim and proper more than her age demands because of her training as a queen quite recently. Seeing her right now acting like a little girl her age excitedly looking forward to a trip with her father unknowingly brings a smile to my face.

[It’s supposed to show Seryu-sama around as well but if there’s anywhere you’d like to go and see, just tell daddy, okay?] (Calis)

[*Smiles* Okay!] (Laurel)

What an angel. 

I know, I know. Sure, my role is to provide security and protection to Prince Seryu, but this is also a rare chance for both me and Laurel to go out and have fun so I’d like to know my daughter’s thoughts too. 

[Uhm, father…] (L)

[Hm? What is it?] (C)


[I want to go on a trip together with Mother, Mint, and Basil too… but… is it okay if…

*looks up with doll eyes*

we have another one with just me and daddy…?] (L)

*Kyuuuun!* (TL: SFX in Manga when heart-kun is caught off guard)

My heart!! My goodness!!  

My daughter’s charm is just too destructive! Certainly, she definitely got the genes of her mother! Now at this rate, it’s getting harder and harder to hand over my daughter. If I allow Seryu-sama to take her at this rate… Sure, I have a better impression of the little prince who’s now under my care compared to the game, and if he continues to move forward in his current direction right now, I think I can entrust Laurel to him… However… It can never be that easy. My cute little lovable daughter, giving her away feels complicated. I don’t think I have enough words to explain these feelings which are so complex…

I shall keep these thoughts, however, deep inside my heart. 

*smiles* (C)

*pats* (C)

[We’ll definitely go with them next time but… I wonder, where would be a good place to play just with my cute daughter?]




[oh…! Yey!! I love you, Daddy!!!!]


I want to spoil her more just so I can see her pure and innocent laughter.

Though, as much as I want to spend more time with my cute Laurel, I can’t forget to pour some affection later as well to my soul mate. Let’s head over and make sure Sasha’s happy as well later.

A trip will be burdensome for her now that she’s currently pregnant but to make up for that… yeah, I shall risk it and play with the fire. I shall flirt and nuzzle and muzzle with her later to the very limits of my mind and the physical condition of my wife.

This will be a tough battle between the walls of mental powers and the destructiveness of Sasha’s cuteness… ‘She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant, she’s pregnant’, I shall never forget that and never allow the wolf inside me to come out.

Mint and Basil are growing fast as well and watching them learn one thing after another is just a joy to watch for me as a parent.

It makes me wonder though if the destructive charm of my wife can be passed to our children… I mean, look how cute our Laurel is.

Anyway, now that I’ve got the Princess’ task out of the way, I can just relieve the rest of these moments playing with my daughter. 

Seriously, I can feel my overworked head and tired heart healing. Children for the win!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. While translating this chapter, I almost resorted to the use of emoticons to express emotions cause d*mn Calis, I’m getting secondhand embarrassment translating his inner monologues. Hahahahaha!
  2. I just want to say this one as a personal thought, but, even if Calis persuades us everyday that children are the best, don’t listen to him. Trying to get one is your choice, and the heavens would allow if they found you capable. Anyway, you guys, ‘wrestle’ responsibly!

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  1. Calis has knowledge of the modern world, so he should know that women can horizontal tango even when pregnant. I’ve never personally been pregnant, but I have heard it gets harder as the woman’s belly gets big but even then it’s possible.

    1. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to help my self from laughing with your comment. The reason I laugh is when I think about Calis brought as well the fetishes and weird stuff people had been doing in the modern world back to the middle ages. I’m so so corrupted. Sorry. Hahaha

      This is true though! Perhaps it would also help Sasha who’s been dealing with a lot of demons and insecurities.

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