VF 116 – Like a Field Trip Teacher

[Will we be in disguise? If that’s the case, then there should be others who’ll better fit the job…]

By all means, I want to turn this down. If protecting the prince isn’t troublesome enough, how much more if I need to do it with the least amount of people, or probably me alone, while incognito. 

*Smirks* (Serena)

[Oh please, there’s no one else in this world that would come close to you in terms of combat abilities. And considering how you are the person Seryu admired the most, I bet he’ll definitely be glad and honored.] (Serena)

[You overestimate me.] (Calis)

[I’m only stating the facts. Isn’t it time for you to be more confident and realize how monstrous you are?] (S)

Pass. Though to be honest, I have to say that my specs are indeed on the high side.

But that is besides the point. I just don’t want to accept this job and dump it to someone else at all cost.

[Considering how Seryu takes everything honestly and seriously, I need to intervene myself and give him a space to breathe. In a sense, it is due to his nature that his insecurities were built up and made him vulnerable against the heroine in the otome game, so…] (C)

Knowing that child, I now understand why the princess came to me and asked something like that.
Seryu’s been strict to himself and tries to be compliant and obedient all these years. Just like Laurel. Now that I realize that he might suffer the same mental breakdown as my daughter, let’s try to help the child and get things in order.

Things are still annoying though. But let’s just think it’s a free service for my daughter’s fiancé’ candidate. There’s also the fact that I’m his instructor and he’s one of my little disciples.

[I understand. Then I’ll do it.] (C)

[As expected of the Duke. I know I can rely on you.] (S)

*Grins* (Serena)

[It’s been a while since I’ve been in the castle town too so it would be nice.] (S)

[…Are you planning on tagging along?] (C)

[I do. I plan to invite Laurel too. That way, I can push some motivation into you.] (S)

Well, I’d be able to have a good time as well if I could go play in the castle town with Laurel, but… At this rate, it feels like I’m becoming a teacher on a field trip guiding some children.

Also, why does it sound like the princess is already used with the castle town herself?
To be walking around in a public place not just with the crown prince but also the second princess, just thinking of the members of the trip alone is giving me some warnings and distress.

The only good thing about it is I can spend some time with Laurel.

If I’d have to weigh the pros of being able to go out on a trip with my beloved daughter against the cons and hassle of looking after the prince and princess, as expected, I’d risk it if I can go on a daytrip with Laurel.

Let’s have my date with Sasha on a later date once she gets in better health. I’ll definitely take her out no matter what Jake would say.

[Well then, let’s meet again once everything is ready and scheduled.] (C)

[Of course. I’m looking forward to it.] (S)

Considering how overloaded I am with my work for the territory, as well as Laurel and Seryu attending classes and lectures, it wouldn’t be so easy for us to just go and play immediately. Especially me. I’d really have to make some drastic adjustments to my itinerary.

I’m getting pretty excited though. Ahhhh, when was the last time I went out with my daughter? Though there are a couple of other kids tagging along, let’s make the day memorable.

I won’t forget my role as their guardian on that trip though. But to make sure that I’d have enough leeway to play and impress my daughter, I’d have to make thorough preparations.

Translator’s Note:

  1. Calis really be requesting for a day off to Jake, then here comes Serena with a new assignment. T.T Being caught in the middle seems awfully familiar, no? Sigh… sometimes, you need to die (almost) from overwork before you’d be able to get a leave. T.T
  2. Tip, make sure you get paid if ever you do an OT! Don’t do it for free! If you got no choice, be grumpy!!!!! (Jk!)

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