VF 115 – The Never Changing Princess

[That seems to be quite the interesting story.]

I’m currently engaged in a heated debate with Jake (though he’s clearly uninterested) regarding the charms of trips and travels while we work on the documents inside my office when Princess Serena arrived so suddenly.

*Bows* (Jake)
*glance* (Jake)

[I didn’t hear anything of you gracing our estate today, your highness princess Serena.] (Calis)

It was Jake’s glance as he bowed his head that gave me the signal that there shouldn’t be any appointments, either with me or Laurel, regarding Serena-sama for this day. Jake left after such a brief gesture and when I turned back towards the princess, she greeted me with an enigmatic grin on her face.

[I wanna see you so I came over.] (Serena)

[You mean Laurel?] (C)

[I actually have some business with you, Duke Fall. I do apologize for the sudden intrusion but aren’t we close enough to not need one at all?.] (S)

[Forgive me, your highness, but I’m afraid we’re not really closer than acquaintances.] (C)

The words of this girl are so provocative that could easily lead to misunderstandings. I can’t really put my guard down against her.

Besides, I am no lolicon. And more importantly, Sasha aside, I can only feel disgust with other women.

If, by some chance, her words actually reaches Sasha and she misunderstands what actually is happening, she might get anxious and unnecessarily get hurt.

Considering how fragile my wife’s current state is right now, I want to avoid even the slightest chance that might cause her heart any kind of disturbance. Especially if it’s just because of someone’s unnecessary mouth. So, doing my best not to appear so insolent —

*Glares* (Calis)

Stop fooling around. I’m warning you. 

[Fufufu, well, enough of that. Going back, a family vacation sure sounds interesting, don’t they?] (S)

*internal sigh* (Calis)

She didn’t even flinch. This Princess is really something.

[Indeed. That’s why we’re looking forward to completing an itinerary right immediately.] (C)

Not that it will happen sooner or later.

Still, I’ll make sure that this wish of mine will come true.

[Considering the duchess who appears to be pregnant, and Laurel-san aside, the other kids are too young, it seems it’d take months, or maybe years, at least.] (S)

[That may be the case. However, as their father, I’d take it upon myself for it to actually happen.] (C)

[That sure sounds grand, but to be frank, don’t you just want to take a break and have some family time?] (S)

…She got me…

This place isn’t like modern Japan. However, getting time off and actually spending some time with my family is as difficult, nobles we may be… What’s more, back when I hadn’t recovered the memories of my other life, Calis disregarded his job in the territory and focused on the military which leaves me with such a very large backlog. It now came to the point that everyday moments aren’t enough to mend my exhausted heart.

Aaaah, this desire to spend more time and be closer with the children and my wife… I’m sure it’s just another form of love.

Not that I want to procrastinate. This is love.

[Well, to be honest, I don’t care and you can just do whatever you like. But the reason I am here is there’s something I’d like to ask.] (S)

[What is it?] (C)

It feels to me that there’s something ominous about this business though.

[Would you take Seryu around the castle town?] (S)

Now that’s something that didn’t come to mind.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Imagine being an old man and hear a teenage girl flirt with you in close doors. My hairs. it shivers. Hahahahaha huhuhuhu Serena you vile little girl!
  2. When I had a burnout, my boss told me that rather than waiting for the stress to pile up and release it all at once, it’s better to incorporate something in your everyday lifestyle that could distract you or can calm you down from grueling stuff. Now, I do take 15-60 mins of walk, while playing Pokemon Go. Hihi. Gotta say that it’s indeed relaxing.

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  1. I’d forgotten Serena was a teen. I thought Sasha would just think Serena saw Cali’s as an uncle or something if word of what Serena said got back to her. Now I have to rethink things.

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