VF 114 – A Trip Would be Nice

[A family trip would be nice.]

[I’m afraid you’ll never get the chance.]


I heard my heart break as Jake instantly shut down my long cherished desire.

Jake, perhaps I won’t be able to achieve the ultimate happiness as long as you, the demon king of my life, continues to be by my side! Tsk.

[Now, now, you don’t have to turn me down so fast.] (Calis)

[But it would really cause quite the problem for the Duke to be absent even for a brief period of time.] (Jake)

[Well, that’s true.] (C)

Can’t really refute that considering how busy I am. 

[The duchess being pregnant aside, there’s also the young lady in the middle of her studies. The Duke’s family is certainly growing bigger and happier and it’s just natural for the head of the house himself to be busier.] (J)

Yeah, I know, but wouldn’t it be too much to ask for you to not use reality and facts to give me a slap?

[A long trip wouldn’t certainly be ideal with Sasha’s condition, I suppose.] (C)

I can’t allow Sasha to undergo any kind of stress. Aside from bringing me such happiness taking care of our fourth child to be born safely, she’s always there as well to give me strength and solace whenever I get tired from work and checking out our children.

I’ve really been blessed with such a great wife.

[There’s also the children still being too young at the moment. I guess we should wait for them to grow a little bit more, huh.] (C)

The twins aside, even Laurel will find it difficult to travel in carriage for days.

It would be burdensome to everyone, indeed, but this longing of mine to have a family vacation with them won’t just subside so easily.

[Yosh… Let’s take things slow now that I calmed down and work out a realistic schedule.] (C)

[…You should also consider that the young lady won’t be able to provide any more attention to you especially when she starts to enter puberty.] (J)

[That won’t happen. Ever.] (C)

By the way you speak, it seems you’re really intent on dissuading me from taking such a blissful vacation, huh. Even if I’m now a little bit old, Jake, I was still the man who once called the sword demon. I won’t easily fall from your incitation!

You shouldn’t have expected me to bring this topic up without preparing counter measures against your cold logical arguments.

[Fine, then let’s just adjust my schedule to give me ample time to enjoy just somewhere nearby. As much as I would love to enjoy the trip with everyone, it wouldn’t be so bad either if it’s just me and my wife.] (C)

I’d have Mother and the maids take care of Mint and Basil and just have me and Sasha enjoy until the day ends. They’re still too young after all! And As for Laurel, we could just go to someplace else too!

Oh, goodness, a father and daughter outing, is it… how splendid!

Basil, Mint, and my unborn baby, I shall await for the day that you can now come on a trip with daddy.

But for now, a whole day trip with Sasha is the most important. I shall see to it. No matter what. Well, that’s after the consideration of Sasha’s mental and physical health. I have to make sure that my beloved wife’s comfortable and stress free.

[*Nods*, it wouldn’t be so bad to visit a resort with a relaxing environment, huh.] (C)

[…It seems you’re clearly intent on your desires and want to have another child if the madam’s not actually pregnant, huh.] (J)

…Shut up.

I mean, in front of her everlasting beauty, how can I resist?

Is there any man who’d refuse a vulnerable goddess inviting them to ascend to happiness? No. Otherwise he must be B**dha himself.

Not like I’d be willing to share Sasha’s beauty even to the gods.

Sasha, will always be, and forever will be, the bride for me, and just for me.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Cheesy monologue go brrr! Hahaha!
  2. I don’t know if I was able to properly tell the story, but this chapter is Calis baiting Jake from a family trip to actually a whole day date with Sasha instead. And with Laurel, maybe.

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