MK 00. Prologue

Words. As limitless as it is, one sentence is enough to change one’s whole life.

They may be delivered filled with limitless affection, or perhaps with deep bone scorn and aversion, or perhaps with not an inch of warmth or cold.

[–Oh, hm… about the size of an eyeball, perhaps?]

The girl must have been troubled in forming her response.

Just how could she explain it to a child who can’t ever see?

For the young boy is blind.

That’s why he won’t understand.

Sizes, for instance.

Shapes, however, are easy to describe. As to how big or small it was…

It is the problem that’s tormenting the girl all this while.

And so, she decided. The young boy might not have seen it, but since he has it, then he must have an idea about it. She used his eyeball as to the size’s reference.

But the moment the words spilt out of her mouth, regret came back in an instant.

How could she tell someone who can’t see with their eyes to use their eyes?

Even though she can’t find anything else that could be used by the young boy as a reference… Perhaps she could have worded it better instead of speaking like it’s like someone else’s problem. 

[I – I’m sorry, I, no, I don’t mean… to…]

The girl, however, wasn’t able to say anything more than that.

For when she saw the face of the boy, her words were immediately cut.

The young boy had raised his head.

The young boy’s silver eyes which can’t see even the tiniest bit of light reflects her surprise.

As he was always looking down, trying to avoid any kind of attention from everyone, whose thoughts can’t be understood by anyone… No one would think of anything else by looking at him except he’s already had enough of his life.


Then, the young boy, who’s holding the water ball, drops it as he loses control and the ball bounces as it falls to the floor.

[…About the size of an eyeball… a round… water… like a ball? About the size of an eye? Like an eye? Ah… yeah… that’s right…]

The young boy said such things repeatedly over and over as if he’s muttering a curse.

Ten, twenty, and many many more times.

As if the words are water that will finally satiate the thirst of his heart which had nothing but drought.




Until he heard the words that are now as good as engraved in his heart.

The young child is about seven years old.

–It is probable that at this very moment, the mage, Kunon Gurion, was born.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi! This is one of the novels that I found while surfing the Japanese cultured website, Syosetsu, that I really like. To be honest, the prologue took me away. You guys know how my motto is ‘Songs save lives’? Songs, lyrics, words, delivery, feelings. The first sentences of the prologue were enough to sweep me off my feet. I want to take this project and provide a proper translation. So I don’t know how often would I be able to post but I will translate it to my heart’s content. If you’d support me and read along Kunon’s journey with me, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. There’s 3 chapters of Manga translated already for this series, and translations made by BrizzyNovel until chapter 66. Links are in NU, and I don’t know how it was made but I am redoing the translation as I want to be able to relay the story as much as I can. Oh, for reference, it’s rated 3.5 with lots of mixed comments.
  3. For reference, I am now currently in chapter 188 in the raws and loving the series so far. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for picking up this series!

    I read through the entire BrizzyNovel translation of it in a single day, and am reading the manga as it comes out. Due to the lack of updates from them I was planning on re-reading the series from the start, and your translations have come at the perfect time!

    This novel just has such well written and unique characters that makes it such a joy to read, so I am really looking forward to your interpretation and translation of the source material. I’ll also be cheering you on with your translations as I can’t imagine Kunon’s dialogues to be easy to translate with all the nuance and dual meanings he uses.

    Good luck with the translations!

    1. Heeey~~~ Higehiro and My ex is my step sistero (tsugero ga motokano) are both from Kakuyomu. :3 I think The Cautious Hero is from there as well as far as I can remember. 😌

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