VF 110 – Increase in Servants

[Now that’s all said and done… You guys will now be working here in the estate as servants. But is there anyone who has different thoughts in mind?]

I receive the stares of the children as I stand before them. There’s the first three who infiltrated the house and an inclusion of six more children from the earl’s estate making the total number of kids into nine. I’ve given some thought about what to do to be able to help them and the conclusion I arrived at is to have them work in our house. Considering that most of them are girls, except for the only two boys who’s included in the infiltration, I’m thinking of hiring them as maids.

[If there’s none, then…] (Calis)

[Excuse me… but what happened to Mefi?] (Nanami)

[Mefi herself decided to stay and serve the prince by his side.] (C)

[You mean that Prince Seryu?] (N)

[Well, I bet you have an idea as to why.] (C)

I watch as the girls collectively nod their heads in acknowledgement while the two bricks – boys, can only tilt their heads.

[Now what?] (Orange)

[Fumu. First, I think we need to do some grooming about the way you’re speaking.] (C)

[B-but that’s just how I talk…] (O)

[Jake, Miguel.] (C)

They’ve been on standby since earlier and have been well prepared once I call out their names.

[Jake, take Orange with you and have him work under the chief gardener. Miguel, I want you to take Girira with you and introduce him to the guards. I want them to work diligently in those areas so please make sure of that. The rest of you will be coming with me to greet the head maid.]

[*Raises hand* U-uhm, why is Orange-kun assigned to the garden? Combat wise, he should be stronger than Girira.] (N)

[As I thought. And that’s precisely why he is going to the garden instead of the gates.] (C)

Our gardeners actually operate like a ninja. Though they mainly operate in espionage and information gathering, the number of youngsters out there’s relatively decreasing so we need someone sharp. Chances are high as well for his manner of speaking to be refined considering that the head gardener looks so thug and yakuza-like he’ll have to act docile whenever he has to speak with that man. 

[You will officially start after the brief introduction with the head maid but there’s one thing I want you to remember before that.]

I made sure to make eye contact with Nanami before giving a little playful forewarn.

[There’s no need to fret about your love lives. I won’t forbid relationships as long as you can keep boundaries over your work and private matters so please feel free to pursue romance as much as you like.] (C)

[wah–! N – no! I don’t look at him that way!] (N)

[I suggest you be honest about your feelings a bit faster. Better secure that prize while you still have few rivals, you know.]

Ah, new romantic spiels and giggles would probably spread sooner than later around the house. I can’t wait! Let’s get some work done as well, myself!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Seryu…. Oh my… Hahahahaha
  2. New characters, new developments! This is one of the crucial parts of the novel where story will start to progress!

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