VF 106 – The Girl Who Seems to be Laurel


I’ve noticed something different during my training sessions with the captured targets these past few days. All because of the person that’s coming over right now who seems to be Laurel.

[Father, it’s an emergency! Please come to the room with me! Quickly!] (Laurel)

[Is that so. Very well.] (Calis)

As I turn my back towards the house’s direction, I nimbly dodge and twist the hand of the culprit that’s holding the dagger aimed behind me before pushing her firmly to the ground.

[Hey now, is imitating the house’s young lady the trend in assassinations nowadays?] (C)

[F-Father, w-what are you–] (Laurel?)

[I’m not your father, though. Even if you copy Laurel right to the very tips of her hair, I’ll never mistake you for my daughter.] (C)

To be fair, she definitely looks 99% like Laurel. Her voice sounds the very same as well. However…

[You’ve made the wrong judgment against me as your opponent. A strategy like this won’t work considering how I know Sasha and the children very well.] (C)

The trainees on the other hand appear to be completely deceived considering the shocks on their faces though.

[Duke Fall, that person isn’t really Laurel, is she?] (Seryu)

Except maybe for the fiance, Seryu-sama, as he immediately understands what’s happening after seeing how I render the girl incapacitated.

[Please continue with your training as I take a little break. I’ll just check the house for a bit.] (C)

[Will you be alright by yourself?] (Sry)

[Yes. There shouldn’t be any problems.] (C)

[…How did you know?] (L?)

[I’ve already told you, didn’t I? I admit your disguise is admirable and on a very high level even if I have to say so. However, I won’t mistake anyone else from my family that I love. In the first place, how could the real Laurel hide something so treacherous like a dagger under her clothes? That’s just impossible.] (C)

[…Now what? You gonna rid of me?] (L?)

[Oh please, how could I kill mere children. Here’s just a suggestion, why don’t you work for me instead?] (C)

[What?] (L?)

[You can invite your friends too. Aren’t you orphans? If you’re doing this filthy job because you’ve got no other place to go, then work for me. If you’re worried about your friends, I’ll gladly help them too.] (C)

I smile at the child who’s frozen in place as I accurately grasp their background.

[You children are probably working under Earl Mash’s orders, no? His frustration was clearly apparent recently after he heard of Laurel and Prince Seryu’s engagement so I guess he’s been on the edge as of late. So how about it? I guarantee that I’d treat you better compared to him at least. I’ll even let this attempted assassination be water under the bridge.] (C)

[Why go to such extent…?] (L?)

[Well, well. I suppose it’s because it’s our responsibility as adults to forgive and correct you, children.] (C)

I smile to reassure the young girl who looks like Laurel as her tears begin to fall.

[Please… help us… please…] (L?)

[Un. I certainly will.] (C)

[There should be three other children who sneaked into the estate. I don’t care whatever happens to me but please spare those three…!] (L?)

[It will be fine. I told you, didn’t I? I swear that the words I said just now aren’t lies.] (C)

I brought the little girl along with me as insurance as we headed back to the mansion. It will be troublesome but I have no other choice but to work today to the bones.

  1. The following chapters would be a bit of a rollercoaster. Webnovels sure are fictions and all, but there’s actually realistic basis around this series most of the time. Remember the early marriages? Same as children/teen assassins. If you are interested how realistic this is, you can read an article here.
  2. I really don’t want to spread the negativity but my curiosity kills me T.T Not to mention the last time I almost had an accident. Sigh, be careful whenever you go outside, people! Still, I want to believe that the world is a beautiful place.

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  1. I wonder about this. The light novel as itself, doesn’t show any sign of plot twist until now, a sailing boat of love. The characters seems to be too naive to make such a decision like going against -the demon- just make your family prestige more apparent. There IS dumb character for this role, but nothing that the Duke can’t take care by force (literally and figuratively). Well, if the plot twist happen, that will be terrible unnatural to the series.

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