VF 104 – A New Blessing

[The madam  is indeed pregnant.]

*High Five!*

I gave yesterday’s me a high five inside my head to celebrate before responding to the physician.

[Thank you. Is there anything else we should be careful of?] (Calis)

[Considering it’s you, there shouldn’t be any problems, Duke Fall. Never have I seen someone care for his wife and children like the way you do, after all.] (Physician)

I guide the physician along the way as he leaves the estate while reviewing things related to pregnancy.

Upon my return to our room, my eyes meet Sasha’s and I hurriedly, yet gently, pull her to  my embrace.

[Things may get rough for you once again, dear. But I shall do my best along with you. To you, I’m forever thankful.] (C)

[Dear… It will be fine. Besides, being pregnant actually gives me some peace of mind.] (Sasha)

[Peace of mind? How?] (C)

[Because what lies inside me is the proof of your love and affection. This child will remind me of how much I am being loved by my dear every single day. What else is more reassuring than that?] (S)

I can’t help but smile as I look at the image of the strong woman in my arms as she remains optimistic despite the difficulty of pregnancy for the next nine months.

[It saddens me that I can’t do anything else but just literally sleep with you for another whole year, though.] (C)

[But I feel content and happy enough just lying by your side, though.] (S)

[Well, me too. It’s just that it’s hard to appease the wild wolf lying inside this sheep’s clothing you know? Especially when there’s a very appetizing delicacy lying beside him in close doors.] (C)


Ah…! Seeing Sasha’s embarrassed expression as she blushed makes it harder to stop myself from teasing her all the way! Since we have to refrain from ‘wrestling’ from now on, that also means that I shouldn’t head to bed unless I calm myself. We can still nuzzle and snuggle but it would just be me playing against fire at that point. Nonetheless, Sasha being safe and stable is the most important of all. I also have my duties as a parent so I guess I should put my focus for now to the children.

[Dear, what to do, I can’t really hold myself back when I’m with you. With how things are going, you might give birth year after year as our family continues to grow.] (C)

[W-well, that’s nice and all but…] (S)

[Yeah, I know. What’s important right now is for you to rest and be comfortable.] (C)

[Okay. I will, but dear…] (S)


[*Sigh* D-dear, I have faith in you. So don’t cheat on me, okay?] (S)

[Of course I won’t. Where did you even get such an idea?] (C)

[M-mother in-law told me that when husband’s can’t do it with their wives who are pregnant, they look for another woman and make a concubine…] (S)

Mother… Just what are you trying to teach Sasha here telling something so unnecessary? I’ll definitely get back to you later.

[You shouldn’t worry so much, dear. You’re the only woman in my eyes and everybody else can just be trash.] (C)

[O-oh, okay…] (S)

Sasha breathes in relief as I assure her. In the first place, I’d never be able to hold another woman in my arms whomever she is without feeling disgust. I won’t even understand how a man can let his wife who’s carrying their child in danger and difficulty waste his precious time with some harlot or whatnot. That’s how confident I am that Sasha’s fears will never happen.

We spent the rest of the moments in anticipation, gratefulness, and happiness about the new life that Sasha will give birth in this world.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Pregnancy or whatnot, let’s try to make our partners feel safe and assured from their insecurities. 🙂
  2. This one is to raise awareness, but some people, especially those who went under surgeries, can be incapable of intercourse afterwards and such cases easily gnaw on their minds bringing out terrible cases of insecurities. I know because my Mom was the same versus Dad. Please be patient with them. Make sure you let them feel that ‘wrestling’ isn’t everything and you will love them the same. Cheers!
  3. Also, hate to break it to you guys but the 20+ days of streak of releases now comes to an end! It isn’t that dramatic though. We will just be including 2 day breaks per week (Tuesday and Thursday (EDT – GMT -4). We need to phase the releases as we’re now closing in to the raws and would almost reach it by the end of this month. By October, releases will be once a week to align the translation with the raws.
  4. I already have a project in mind after we reach the latest chapters of VF! A genre is a bit different but the feels are almost the same. I think. I’m currently in the chapter 190s of the raws so I can say I’m quite into it xD. I’ll make the official announcement by the end of the month as well!

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