VF 103 – Catching Up

[Both Basil and Mint can now speak?]

We’re currently at the dining table having our supper when Sasha asks in confirmation about what happened earlier. The twins are no longer staying in Sasha’s room so she was now able to get back to her previous schedules before giving birth. Still, she makes sure to visit the kids as much as she can but unfortunately, she missed those moments. No wonder she looks disappointed.

[Yeah. Basil said Yuri’s name while Mint called for me.] (Calis)

[Is that so… I’m glad they’re growing well but the kids… didn’t call for me…still…] (Sasha)

[Same goes for me, Mother. I’ll go to their rooms later and make them say ‘nee-chan’ for sure.] (Laurel)

It isn’t just the twins that are growing. Laurel’s gotten quite taller recently as well. She’s been frequently visiting the palace lately to take the queen’s training and the results are starting to be visible as she’s becoming more lady-like in each passing day. There were times she looks exhausted but I can certainly see she’s having fun about it.

[Oh, Father, I think I saw someone unfamiliar with you when I passed by the training grounds. Was that person a new trainee?] (L)

[That must be Marquis Victor’s son. I’ve given him a couple of pointers before but he’ll now regularly join the training from now on.] (C)

Back in the original otome game’s setting… Laurel will have a step (adoptive) brother from Marquis Victor’s house named ‘Mask’, but… with all the things going around me, in addition to instructing swordsmanship, I’d completely forgotten about that plot.

[I see. There’s also a girl that’s looking at him quite passionately.] (L)

[Oh, yeah. That was his exclusive maid, if I’m not mistaken.] (C)

It was said in the story as well that there’s a girl named Mary who’s a shotacon that’s very into that ‘Mask’ boy but… how do I say this, the shotacon appears to be  already in the level of obsession. I’m really worried what will happen to that boy but… there’s a reason why ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ is a well known idiom. For now, let’s just wait and observe the situation.

[Also, Mother, the Queen is asking if we could have some tea with her one of these days but… will you be available?] (L)

[Sure, anytime is fine.] (S)

[Are you sure? Your complexion doesn’t look quite good recently though.] (C)

[It will be fine, dear. I’ve just been under the weather these days.] (S)

[Just to make sure… you haven’t been vomiting and craving recently as well, aren’t you?] (C)

Sasha, my dear, why are you avoiding my gaze, hm?

[Well, sometimes.] (S)

[I see… I guess it’s time to call for the doctor just to make sure.] (C) 

[D-dear, I told you I’m okay.] (S)

[Dear, you know, I just want to be certain… like if you’re actually pregnant.] (C)

You know, the symptoms are just too familiar. After I point that out, Sasha, as if suddenly remembering things more than necessary inside her mind, appears to be shocked and embarrassed.

[D-dear, it might be…] (S)

[Considering how much affection and love I have for you, I guess that’s to be expected… But if that’s really the case, then I’m thankful, Sasha.] (C)

[Dear… *Nods* Hm.] (S)

[Congratulations, Mother.] (L)

[We aren’t still sure though. But thank you, Laurel.] (S)

There’s also the chance that she’s actually sick. If that’s the case, then I’ll have her get cured no matter what it takes. But somehow, my gut feeling is telling me that these are tell-tale signs that a new family member is coming.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. The boy mentioned here must be the third apprentice. And probably the boy that was cut off from the previous version before!
  2. I’m surprise Laurel can listen calmly to her parents flirting around her xD. I experienced the same and I was either teasing my parents or leaving them alone cos of the secondhand embarrassment xD I miss them! But seriously, if people can still joke and flirt around regardless of their age, AIN’T THAT ROMANTIC!? gOSH!

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  1. Mask sounds like a weird name, so maybe change it to Mark?
    Also, I think Laurel’s been exposed to her parents’ flirting so much that she’s become immune to it. That might make things harder for her future love interest, we’ll just have to see.

  2. Well… Laurel surely got immunity towards this sort of flirt xD… I just hope that she doesn’t end up saying to Seryu: “You are too cold for my taste”, ‘cause I doubt there will be another affectionate character like him (that would openly be so straight, meant).

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