VF 98 – The Engagement Party

The engagement party held between Laurel and Prince Seryu is pretty modest in terms of attendees despite being hosted by the king and the royal family. Since Laurel isn’t actually the Prince’s fiancée, the event is held in a way that the information regarding the engagement can be controlled on a certain level. It also helps that the main characters of the said party don’t want to make a big deal out of it as well.

[E-excuse me, Duke Fall…]

Just as I finished giving my regards to the attendees, Seryu-sama came over and talked to me. 

I feel a little complicated looking at the prince but let’s put it aside for now and lend him an ear.

[Seryu-sama, is there anything you need?] (Calis)

[Uhm… There’s something I would like to consult with you.] (Seryu)

[A consult, you say?] (C)

[Yes. Uhm, would it be alright if we talk outside? I’m not really comfortable talking about it here.] (S)

I don’t think it’s a good idea for one of the main characters of the night to step out of the event though. But after seeing how Laurel is pretty engaged with Serena-sama and Sasha catching up with Queen Recilia, I guess there would be no harm in entertaining the young prince. There’s also the royal guards who’ll take action anyway in case of emergency.

[Understood. Please lead the way.] (C)

We went outside and the prince took a good look around. After confirming that there’s anyone else within the vicinity–

[*Bows* T-thank you so much. I was told of what happened to the engagement.] (S)

[*Irk* Please raise your head. It’s not like you’re actually engaged.] (C)

[I know. But I still feel glad. If Ms. Laurel will stay by my side, then I’m confident that I won’t lose my way going forward.] (S)

[If that’s what you think then tell that to Laurel herself. I am no more than Laurel’s father.] (C)

[*Smiles* There’s also the fact that I think I’m getting closer to my goal. Duke Fall, I want to become someone like you when I grow up.] (S)

[I don’t believe I am someone to be that deeply admired. I’m just your typical father trying to protect my wife, son, and daughters.] (C)

[That’s true. And that’s the reason why I admire becoming someone like you.] (S)

How should I react after hearing him praising me with such pure eyes? Seryu-sama, you’re making this old man pretty embarrassed.

[*Nods* I would like to see your highness surpass me instead. Also, please think carefully as well of what should this country be when you become its king.] (C)

For better or for worse, I am also this child’s instructor. It’s only natural for me to wish for the best in terms of the growth of my disciple. 

[*Smiles* I understand. Thank you so much.] (S)

[Is that all?] (C)

[Oh, there’s actually one more thing.] (S)

I wonder what’s wrong? He suddenly became so tense and serious.

[Actually, nee-san… There’s something I want to consult the duke about, my older sister.] (S)

[What about her?] (C)

[She seems acting a little weird and suspicious the past few days…] (S)

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