VF 97 – Budding Feelings


[…Yosh, yosh.]

Basil yawns to sleep as he is being cradled by his exclusive maid, Yuri. I can’t take my eyes off them for some reason and can only mutter to myself.

[It seems Basil’s gotten pretty attached to Yuri, huh.] (Calis)

[…Do you think so?] (Yuri)

[Oh, I do. And It seems you’re enjoying it too, Yuri.] (Reyna)

Reina says in agreement as she cradles Mint to sleep. I move closer towards Basil and take a better look at him.

[Look at you charming a lady at such a very young age. You’re making father worry, young man.] (C)

[…If it’s Basil-sama, then he’ll be alright..] (Yuri)

[You think?] (C)

[…Yes. Basil-sama will grow up to be a kind and honest child.] (Y)

Is it just me? It feels like Yuri’s gotten attached to Basil as well without me knowing. Though it’s unexpected, perhaps it’s because Basil’s just too adorable. How did they get so close though, really? It’s now starting to feel like I somehow lost to my little son in terms of appeal. No, who cares. I have Sasha anyway.

I move towards Mint next and she welcomes me happily with a giggle. As I gently take her from Reina’s arms, Mint grabs my cheek with her finger before her cuteness melts my heart with her sweet laughter! Goodness! My lips unconsciously raise themselves to a grin!

[*Giggles* Mint-sama really likes you, Duke Fall.] (R)

[Mint is also more familiar with you among all the other servants, no?] (C)

[Oh, I still have a long way to go. I want to be able to be of further help to the young lady but I feel like I can’t serve her pretty well at the moment.] (R)

On the other hand, Basil is very particular and only likes Yuri and Sasha. Nobody else. While Mint is generally affectionate to everyone, nothing holds a candle in taking care of her against Reina in the whole estate. 

[If that’s the case, then would you mind looking after Mint until she grows up? Having you by her side as both of you grow together would be a really great help for us.] (C)

[Duke Fall… Certainly!] (R)

[Ah, however… If you ever think of getting married, don’t let your work bother you, okay? Whether you choose to move out or live in this estate together with your loved one, I have your back. You can even raise your children in this house, I won’t mind.] (C)

[I really want to stay beside Mint-sama as much as I can but… I wonder what he’d say…] (R)

Oho, it seems like there’s some progress between them. Getting curious about the progress of the children, I smile trying to hide my inquisitive grin. 

[It’s fine. Let’s just talk about it next time.] (C)

[Understood…] (R)
[But how should I say this… did something happen?] (C)

From there, I listen to the sweet and sour romantic story between Reina and MIguel. Yuri’s affectionate eyes as she cradles Basil makes me imagine that young man’s future flags awaiting for him but let’s pretend I didn’t see anything. I’ll just support him when the time is right for both of them.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. …Let us all be civil. This is platonic. At least from my perspective. Thank you. lololol
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