VF 99 – The Sister’s Mission

[How rare of you to take the initiative and ask me yourself.]

A day has passed since the end of the engagement party. Serena-sama visited the estate once again like the most obvious thing in the world is to have tea with Laurel.

I took the chance to call her out and prepare her a drink. As she drinks the cup of tea that I personally prepared, I decided to throw her a question straight and direct.

[Let’s keep it short. What are you planning moving around like that behind the scenes?] (Calis)

[I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are talking about.] (Serena)

[Words reached my ears that you’re trying to expand your network looking for something specific and I’m actually thinking of cooperating.] (C)

The prince’s worries arose when he saw his elder sister talking so seriously with strangers and grown people he didn’t know which made him more anxious. But after performing a brief investigation on my side, it was discovered that she’s actually looking for a specific material related to clothes. Since there’s nothing Seryu-sama really has to worry about, I moved on from there and thought it wouldn’t be so bad to help Serena-sama and perhaps make her owe me this time around.

Serena-sama gathers her thoughts for a moment before giving me her reply.

[I see… you’ve probably heard something from Seryu. Still, I can hardly believe I’d hear such words coming from you of all people.] (S)

[It wouldn’t be so bad for us to get along considering we’re both reincarnators though. Don’t you agree?] (C)

[‘Get along’, you say… It wouldn’t be good for you to speak words you don’t actually mean. I know for a fact that you won’t hesitate to cut me off if the situation requires it, no?] (S)

[Yeah, I won’t deny that.] (C)

Reincarnators we may be, if she dares to touch my family, I’ll show her no mercy. Well, even though I said that, I am actually looking forward to working with her a lot more in the future. Her sewing abilities are certainly a notch above everyone else in the kingdom so if I want Sasha and Laurel to continue to shine brighter, I need her to keep on making their dresses and clothes.

[It bothers me to be in your debt once again but it is true that my connections have already reached their limit. I shall accept your offer then.] (S)

[Don’t worry too much. Though my help won’t be free, I won’t ask for anything stupid and foolish.] (C)

[I’d appreciate it if that’s the case. What I’m currently working on right now is to transform this world’s fashion trend closer to our world.] (S)

[Our world? The modern ages’ fashion trend?] (C)

[*Nods* Everyone in this world favors the glamorous flavor brought by gowns and dresses, but don’t you think it would be great if we can synthesize clothes like yukata and kimono for this world’s tastes?] (S)

[Do you know how to make them?] (C)

[Ofcourse. Though it is still on the rough so there’s still a lot of things that needs to be done. If you’re interested, would you like to get a prototype? I can immediately arrange one for Sasha-san and Laurel-san, you know?]

Laurel and Sasha in a kimono, huh… I can already picture how beautiful they would be in those Japanese dresses! But why wouldn’t she offer me one too? That’s a bit sad… I’m Japanese too…

The thing about kimonos though is that you can’t easily loosen it up once it’s completely tied. The reason why I suddenly thought about it isn’t about how cute Laurel would be wearing such clothing. There’s no problem with that. What I’m afraid of is Sasha. The risk of me losing control if she looks at me with puppy eyes in the night wearing just a kimono is far from none!

And with me starting to lose my mind, the worries of Seryu-sama are now also gone.

Translator’s Note:s

  1. Speaking of yukata and kimono, there’s actually a girl in China arrested for wearing such clothing in the streets just last week, I think? Yeah, here’s the link.
  2. As someone who is interested in history and culture, I feel a bit sad about the news. But I know Chinese people put quite high importance in their history and I respect their stance. You know what I think? I pray all of us someday get to experience what Japanese culture is like and be able to someday visit Japan. Cheers!

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