VF 96 – Preparing for the Engagement Party

[Things turned out to be more interesting, didn’t they?]

Serena-sama is currently in our estate after being invited by Laurel for a tea which is pretty usual.
And those were the words she first said as she casually waltzed to my office as if it’s just normal.
As such, I entertain her as I perform my work, doing nothing really special.

[I’ve only set things up in a way that would be the most helpful for Laurel. That way, there shouldn’t be much trouble if ever Seryu-sama falls in love with the heroine, don’t you agree?] (Calis)

[Except that the chances for my little brother falling for the heroine is exceptionally low at the moment, in case you aren’t aware.] (Serena)

[What are you trying to say?] (C)

[Oh, please. You should know, right? Seryu’s getting more conscious and developing feelings already. To Laurel-san, that is.] (S)

…That… I can’t refute those words and can only sigh in resignation as I reply.

[So I was right. I’ve already suspected things will develop this way.] (C)

[Then wouldn’t it be fine if you give Seryu a chance?] (S)

[Regardless, it’s Laurel who’ll decide. If the person Laurel wants to marry ends up to be Seryu-sama then I won’t stop them.] (C)

‘Though I can’t help but feel complicated imagining such a scenario to actually happen’. Keeping the last part of the thought to myself, I continue what I was about to say.

[However, it appears to me that maybe someone is actually inciting him and you’re the first person that comes to mind if I have to be honest.] (C)

[Inciting isn’t really up to my tastes. I only gave Seryu a little push as his older sister, you know.] (S)

As expected. So this girl is really the one behind inciting Prince Seryu’s feelings. Why does she have to be so troublesome? Tsk… as I think of how annoying the girl is standing in front of me laughing —

[Well, with this, the flags of the otome game are now starting to take shape. Albeit with slightly different colored pieces.] (S)

[That’s true. And once the heroine arrives in accordance with the story, we can prepare accordingly. The only problem is the arrival of the crazy heroine.] (C)

[As if I would hand over my little brother and get married to someone like that.] (S)

[Oh, it’s a relief that you’re a brocon, if nothing else.] (C)

[*grins* I don’t believe someone who’s too deep into their wife and daughter can speak how I cherish my brother.] (S)

[I won’t allow anyone else to get addicted as much as I am to my wife and daughter, just so you know.] (C)

[Ara? Well, my point still stands though. More importantly, the security seems pretty lax today. Are you perhaps waiting for me?] (S)

[I’ve been actually waiting for you to ask if you can prepare Laurel’s dress for her engagement party. I was thinking you’ll send me quite a few jabs today so might as well wait than send you a request.] (C)

Otherwise, how can it be so easy for the princess to sneak to my office like a walk in the park? The party will be hosted as well by his majesty the king so I am sure she already has some ideas about the event so I’m taking advantage of it. Looks like she doesn’t appreciate the feeling of like being caught in a trap though as her smile seems so awkward as she replies–

[So that’s why I got in so easily… I shouldn’t have let down my guard, especially when it comes to you. Well, whatever, if it’s for Laurel-san then I shall complete this job with flying colors.] (S)

[Thank you. I shall leave it to your hands.] (C)

It’s an engagement party for my daughter and I don’t feel any tiniest bit of happiness at all. Still, knowing the fact that it is only for show makes my heart stable. With this, Laurel’s dress for the party is now out of my concern.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Uhm, I’m not sure with the line about the crazy heroine if there will be another one or if the heroine has a route where she will be crazy. :x. Calis just said in the raws that it will be troublesome upon the crazy heroine’s arrival so I translated it as is. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!
  2. Calis-san, the daughter doesn’t fall far off from the mother!
  3. I mentioned before that I was involved in a therapy center back in Asia. To be specific, it is located in PH. The public is now returning back to normal (face to face) and the center is now working on improvements on tables, chairs, toys, and ACs for the children. To help, I am launching a Patreon with 5 chapters in advance to help their cause. I’d get some as well for myself though for gas money. Ack, so expensive T.T. I would appreciate anyone who’d like to support, thank you!

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