VF SS 7 – The Young Boy and his Engagement

[An engagement with Miss Laurel?]

Seryu’s father, who is also the kingdom’s ruler, nods in affirmation.

[Indeed. Strictly speaking, she’ll remain as a candidate for you as a fiancée. Though the both of you will act engaged for publicity purposes.] (King)

[So we’re not actually engaged?] (Seryu)

[Why? Did it upset you?] (K)

[N-no, of course not. I am just wondering why things needed to be so roundabout.] (S)

Seryu, as a prince, has already made the resolve to be engaged no matter to whom it would be for the sake of the kingdom. That being the case, hearing his father, the king, not use this opportunity to strengthen their political position by fully committing to an engagement bewildered him.

[Was it Duke Fall who made things this way?] (S)

[…Yes. That’s correct.] (K)

‘Oh, so that’s why Father wasn’t able to move decisively. But, why did the Duke set up things this way?’, or so Seryu had thought.

[Can I ask what did you and the Duke talk about?] (S)

[I shall spare you the details. Long story short, he first wants to see whether you can make the child Laurel happy.] (K)

[To make Laurel happy, is it…] (S)

[*Giggles* Fufufu, you don’t have to think too hard about it, you know?] (Queen)

[Mother.] (S)

His mother, the Queen Recilia, was just quietly listening to the father and son duo until she wasn’t able to hold her giggle.

[In a way, the duke also bought time for you and not just for Laurel.] (Q)

[To allow us to know more about each other?] (S)

[That’s right. Also, if by some chance that the engagement has to be annulled after being officially recognized, it will taint the honors of both the ducal and royal family. This could also result in a rift between us and lose the trust we have built unto that day. There are more complicated issues that could happen, but for that man, what’s the most important is to see if both you and Laurel can truly be happy together.] (Q)

Seryu felt a little sprout of joy blossom on his chest after realizing that the Duke set things up not just for Laurel, but in consideration of his own happiness as well. As his admiration towards the duke is in the middle of rising, the Queen speaks again.

[Well, I’d love it myself to have Laurel as my daughter, you know. What’s more, I’ve been observing you for a while now but it seems this son of mine’s a little bit too happy and excited about this engagement himself.] (Q)

[What are you talking about, mother?] (S)

[*giggles* Fufufufu, you’re interested as well in Laurel, don’t you?] (Q)


Seryu froze in shock after hearing what his mother said but the Queen didn’t show any sign of stopping.

[Women are sensitive to such topics, you know? Not to mention, we are talking about the daughter of the person you admire the most so it wasn’t so hard to tell at all.] (Q)

[…I don’t know… I can’t really describe it, but I feel something weird whenever I see her…] (S)

[That’s more the reason why you should stick close to the duke, then. Perhaps if you seek his advice, you’d even be able to sort your feelings easier.] (Q)

[I shall do that. Thank you so much, mother.] (S)

Seryu smiles in appreciation of his mother’s advice, but the king, who knows his wife better than anyone, can see the grin and anticipation of his queen from what’s to come.

Translator’s Notes

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