VF 92 – The Desire to Help

[Aah! Daddy!]

I arrived in Laurel’s room and found her reading a book by herself. Perhaps due to the absence of the attendants and anyone else, she greeted me in a more casual way, dropping all formalities. I smile as I pick my cute daughter acting accordingly at her age.

[Laurel, there’s something I want to discuss with you about, is now a good time?]


[Yeah. You see, we received a proposed engagement for you.]

[An engagement… the one about fiancé and wedding?]

[Yeah. The proposed partner is Seryu-sama.]

Laurel seems a bit dazed as she nods her head after hearing what I said.

[So, should I marry Seryu-sama for our house?]

[There’s no need for that. I am actually thinking of declining if you aren’t interested.]

[But, wouldn’t it make things difficult for you if you decline, dad?]

Laurel already has an understanding of the engagement despite her very young age. I want to pamper my cute daughter for being so clever but I know that it isn’t that time for it so I held it in. 

[Laurel, if you don’t wish for it, then I won’t allow it. As nobles, such duties form a large part of our responsibilities. However, more than being a noble, I bear heavier responsibilities being a parent.]

It’s not like I hate Seryu-sama himself, nor I want to be that stubborn father who won’t hand over his daughter to marriage. It’s just that things are happening too fast. I want to give Laurel the time to properly consider things and arrive at a decision by herself. And hopefully, it leads her to happiness. It’s not a sweet world that we live in but it is the duty of parents to sugarcoat it. Not just Laurel, but it would be nice for all the children to experience such happiness.

I wait for Laurel to absorb my words and gather her thoughts.

[I trust you, Dad.]


[Yes. I trust you with all my heart. So I want to also get daddy’s trust.]


Laurel has matured this much without me knowing… Children indeed grow up fast huh, and perhaps more than what we expected them to become. Still, I can’t help but get some tears in my eyes.

For my daughter to believe in me this much… Then I shall reciprocate her trust.

For the things that are important to me, for the things that would allow Laurel to be happy, the otome game’s setting, as well as the capture targets’ routes and feelings. I should consider all possible scenarios that will happen in the future and the changes that may occur. Well, not like the things I need to do significantly changed. It’s just that it seemed like the things I imagined before aren’t impossible to happen.

I gather my own thoughts and before responding to Laurel and give Laurel a smile of my own.

[Laurel… things would be a bit harder than before but… would you help dad?]

[I’ll be able to do anything if it’s with you, daddy!]

[Is that so. Thank you, Laurel.]

All that’s left is for me to actually do the plans I have in my head. I pamper Laurel as I fully resolve myself.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sorry a bit late 😡 Busy moving out and changing places. Gotta move to a smaller place T.T
  2. Ah, Don’t just wish for children to be happy, Calis. Include adults. Sigh, it’s so hard to find happiness these days. Srry srry, I’m just a bit occupied as so many things happened today. Have a good weak ahed everyone!

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