VF 91 – A Penalty Game Called ‘Engagement’

[The time has finally come, huh…] (Calis)

I can’t help but feel bitter after reading the contents of a certain letter. Though I’ve seen it coming, the infuriation in my head keeps on rising. Dammit! 

[Let go, Jake. It’s better for this trash to be burned and disposed of than being left unattended.] (C)

[Calis-sama, you know we can’t do that. That may be the case for all the engagement proposals we received for Laurel-sama before now, but that one is specifically written by the King himself so I can’t just let you do so.] (Jake)

Before I could tear the letter to shreds and throw it in the garbage, Jake grabbed my hand in an attempt to stop me.

As anyone can surmise, the reason for my blood pressure to get this high is because of this engagement letter for Laurel, who’ll just turn 6 years old. The groom to be? Who else could it be but the Prince, Seryu-sama. That damned king’s been rather bold to his approaches recently so I’ve already expected it but it’s really making me feel mad crazy.

[I’ve rejected him again and again… just what does he want…!] (C)

[That may be the case. But those prior were not formal proposals. Unlike this one.] (J)

[I know… Trust me, I know… It’s just.. It really pisses me off.] (C)

I am not particularly against political marriages. I know it’s inevitable considering we are of noble lineage, but if possible, I just want my daughter to marry someone she’ll love and have a happy life. Not just her. The same goes with Mint and Basil too. Even if the person they love has a different status, or from different nations, as long as they love and cherish each other, then I shall support them. It might sound arrogant but I only wish happiness for all of my children.

[Phew… Let’s think about how we’ll reject the formal one then.] (C)

[No no no, calm down Calis-sama. You know it isn’t as easy as you say, no?] (J)

[What’s not easy about it?] (C)

[You know it as well. There is no other girl suited to be a queen more than the young lady.] (J)

[That’s news to me.] (C)

Be that as it may, there isn’t really more suited than Laurel to be  a queen right now in terms of nobility. Such circumstances are what we recognize as adults but I don’t believe that such unreasonableness should be left on a six year old girl’s shoulders.

[Furthermore, the young lady’s about to turn 6. There is no better time than that to find her a fiancé.] (J)

[If we go by it logically, that may be true. But as a father, would that really bring happiness to my daughter?] (C)

[The young lady is smart for her age. She’ll definitely understand it.] (J)

[She may be that smart but she’s still my child. There’s no reason for my daughter to stand in the middle of dirty politics played by adults.] (C)

I might have said these things in spur of a bravado, but I know that as nobles, we have the need and obligation to be involved in the politics of the kingdom. How would Laurel feel about this, I wonder… Okay… If she said she doesn’t want to, then I’ll dismiss this letter even if this kingdom have to be overturned. I’ve been working so hard all this while just for these moments. I can’t fully nullify it as I want to but I should be able to use a loophole. As long as I take advantage of it, I’ll definitely get control of the situation.

With such thoughts in my mind, I toss the letter and get out of the room.

Let’s change gears for now and concentrate on how I should move in the future. For starters, let’s meet Laurel.

No matter what your answer is, your father will definitely protect you and our family, my dear daughter.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Calis be like ‘I’m not against political marriage’
    Also Calis: ‘As long as it isn’t my daughter, son, and second daughter’.
  2. I actually thought that engagements on such a young age are just work of fiction. But, oh boy, look what I found:
    Margaret of Parma – Governor of Netherlands. Engaged at the age of 5.
    Mariana Victoria of Spain – Queen of Portugal as wife of King Joseph. Engaged at the age of 3. By clicking the links, you’ll be transferred to Wikipedia’s page of the above historical figures. For the list of all noble women who’d been betrothed before they were 18, click here. It’s from Wiki.
  3. I know most of us ain’t here for the action but it wouldn’t be so bad if Calis heads towards that barbaric and military direction xd that would screw the otome game so bad. Hahahahahaha

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7 thoughts on “VF 91 – A Penalty Game Called ‘Engagement’

  1. Callis breaks the 4th wall and changes the genre to make sure this doesn’t happen, the penalty is that now it’s a BL adventure fantasy story

  2. Well, if we think about this throughly, its not that strange for the royal family to want to engage their child early. They need time to teach them about tons of things and there is the queen’s lessons as well in Laura’s case.
    No wait, Seryu is the second prince isn’t it? What happened with the first? I don’t remember hahaha

  3. I’m pretty sure Mary Queen of Scots was engaged at 6 months old. Nobility liked locking down engagements early. And as soon as the girl had her first period, or even earlier, she’d get married off.

  4. I want him to reject just because i hate seeing him being pushed around by the royal family (the king and the princess) hahaha. They know it’s difficult for him to voice his actual stand because they are royalties so they keep taking advantage of it to get what they want and i hate that

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