VF 081 – Bragging About my Wife Before Holding Myself Back

[Everyone, I am pleased to see you gathered here tonight. Please enjoy the food and drinks that we prepared for you this evening.]

The banquet officially started after the King finished delivering his piece. Every noble inside begins to enjoy the banquet as they talk with one another while the King on the other hand moves toward our position. Not that there’s anything weird with that considering our nobility and the purpose of this party.

[You’ve come, Duke Fall, Duchess Sasha.] (King)

[A pleasure to see you, Duke Fall, Sasha.] (Queen)

[The pleasure is ours, my King and Queen.] (Calis)

[Hmm, knowing how you are not fond of attending places and events like this, I actually feel happy that you decided to come.] (King)

I can only return a smile after hearing the slight jab by the king. It’s not like I can actually tell him that if I could reject his personal invitation, then I’d rather do so.

[I actually took this opportunity to brag about my wife to everyone, your majesty.] (Calis)

[Fufu, certainly. Sasha indeed looks wonderful.] (Queen)

[T-thank you so much…] (Sasha)

[Is that made from that ore?] (Queen)

I nod in affirmation at the words of the queen.

[I’ve discovered it by accident. It’s only quite recently that we got quite a handful of them so I wasn’t really sure of how to proceed.]

I felt some hidden gazes turned into daggers that are pointed behind my back after I utter those words. I laugh while secretly marking those aristocrats before pulling Sasha to my side and responding to the queen with a smile.

[But as you can see, having my wife wear the finished product made the ore more brilliant. For this ore to complement my beloved wife’s beauty to such an extent, I’d really want to name it after her, but…] (Calis)

[D-dear… t-that would be too embarrassing…] (Sasha)

[Well, it is as you heard, so I got no choice but to give it up.] (Calis)

[Fufufu, you still get along so well that I feel quite envious.] (Queen)

[But of course.] (Calis)

Everyone’s listening anyway so I might as well entertain them.

So I raise my voice and let all the nobles around hear what I have to say.

[Afterall, it seems like rumors are flying here and there that me and Sasha aren’t on good terms but let this be known that me and my wife aren’t doing anything else but deepening our bonds even at this instant. I should at least warn my fellow noblemen that whoever has some kind of naughty thoughts might get accidentally cut down.] (Calis)

[Oh wow, how scary. I better be careful then if I ought to invite Sasha for some tea.] (Queen)

The queen laughed upon seeing through my thoughts but she still decided to get along with me. I love it. Ofcourse, I’m talking about it in a respectful manner as a fellow human being. In the first place, I can’t even see her as a member of the opposite sex. Or rather, there’s no other woman beside Sasha in my eyes. How could I even dream of looking at someone else when there’s such a beautiful woman by my side?

[I just remembered, but Duke Fall, you have a daughter, correct?] (King)

[That is correct, your majesty. I do have a wonderful daughter followed by a cute twin brother and sister. Why do you ask, your majesty?] (Calis)

[I’ve just heard but it seems like her age is close to that of my second son. So how about it? Wouldn’t it be nice if we let those two children meet every now and then?] (King)

…This old maaannnn!! I can’t believe he is already putting his fence on my daughter in front of all these nobles this early! Still, I can’t forget that the man in front of me is the king so no matter how chilly these goosebumps are bothering me, I got to keep this façade of a smile.

[It would be our honor for the King to have such thoughts but I’d prefer to leave these kinds of matters to the people in question. My daughter, you see, is quite picky and isn’t really fond of talking to others quite easily. Though I myself find it charming, I don’t want her to find herself burdened with responsibility to speak and entertain his highness the prince.] (Calis)

[Still, that doesn’t change the fact that letting them be together ain’t that bad, no?] (King)

[Your majesty, please extend this honorable offer to other noble families. For I, with everything I have, will put first the protection and happiness of my family.] (Calis)

After hearing a piece of my mind, his majesty the king just laughed.

[So be it. You’ve really gotten more interesting lately. On another topic–] (King)

We had more exchanges after that talk and just when I thought that we’re already having a good atmosphere around, the king just keeps on bringing up Laurel and his son and I got to admit that it’s already starting to make me feel some annoyance. Though after all this time, Sasha’s been talking with the Queen and it seems she’s having a blast. If she’s having that much fun then I guess I’d just hold longer for now… but yeah, the king, I’m starting to hate this man.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, everyone! Sorry for the delay as I’ve been dealing some stuff IRL related to migration (lease, bank accounts, licenses, etc.). There will be more releases within 48 hrs! I plan to make up for the previous missed chapters. I’ll do my best!
  2. If husbands around the globe act like Calis, then perhaps there’d be fewer cases of adultery…. loooooooooool. I mean, look how protective our man is! Duh!
  3. I believe fixed marriages are still practiced today in some countries. Though there are varying kinds of experiences, let’s all respect their culture. 🙂 There are more parents marrying of their children for the betterment of their children’s lives than the contrary. At least that’s what I want to believe. If this level of ignorance will let me be happy, please don’t let me be. xD

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