VF 080 – The Duke and Duchess of Fall

By the time we arrived at the venue, as if in someone’s cue, all of the nobles’ eyes landed on us. Their feet move almost at the same time heading to our direction and I can’t help but notice that the sight made Sasha falter. As such, I gently supported her as I whispered.

[It’s alright. I’m here by your side.] (Calis)

[My dear…] (Sasha)

It seems I was able to relieve Sasha as she started to giggle. I was taken aback by the cuteness that suddenly struck, good thing, however, my reason was able to remain intact. I was able to immediately respond to the nobles that surge around as what a duke should have. I tried to keep the greetings short so as to not burden Sasha too much. And by doing so, I saw someone familiar and decided to call him out.

[A pleasant evening to you, Viscount Griz. I didn’t expect to meet you in such a place like this.] (Calis)

[Good evening to you as well, Duke Fall. I would like to extend my gratitude once more for joining us in our training the other day!] (Griz)

Viscount Griz, the knight captain, then laughs as if we didn’t just have an intense battle. Still, it surprises me that the viscount can talk about it so lightly after what happened. I mean, a retiree was able to pull out a draw against the knight captain himself. Oh, there’s a beautiful woman standing beside the viscount as well but it should be his wife. Not that she comes close to our Sasha though!

[Please, I find it a pretty good exertion for this body of mine too.] (Calis)

[You can always come and visit anytime, you know?] (Griz)

[Hahaha, I’m afraid that would be a bit rough. I’m too busy pouring affection on my wife and children.] (Calis)

I took a quick peek at Sasha’s expression after saying so and caught her happily blushing. Griz then laughs after hearing my response then introduces the beauty by his side.

[Let me introduce my wife, Luisa.] (Griz)

[Please accept my gratitude for taking care of my husband.] (Luisa)

[Oh, please, the gratitude is mutual. Then I shall introduce my beloved wife. Here’s Sasha.] (Calis)

[S-Sasha Fall.] (Sasha)

Sasha’s face reddens slightly in embarrassment as she greets the couple with a smile. Though, I can tell that she’s writhing inside because she fumbled on her lines. Luisa on the other hand just looks at her warmly with a smile.

[It appears that Sasha-sama is deeply loved by her husband, no?] (Luisa)

[D-deeply loved, you say… T’-that’s true… He’s so gentle, dashing, manly.… hihi..] (Sasha)

T-that giggle at the end though! Kyaaa! So moe, Sasha-san! This girl, does she plan on giving me a heart attack or something? My wife’s cuteness might kill me one of these days! 

Even Luisa herself can’t help but laugh seeing Sasha’s reaction. 

[It must be nice. My husband on the other hand has so much brawn in his mind that I’d really love to swap yours with mine.]

[N-no! Never!]

[This man will always be my husband though. Of course that was just a joke.]

Luisa then proceeds to tease Sasha more and more but then — it started to not sit right with me so I tugged Sasha a little towards my direction before giving Luisa a really friendly smile.

[I would like to extend my gratitude for the viscountess for getting closer to Sasha, however, I would have you return her to me this instant as I believe I have to remind you that she is and will just always be mine.] (Calis)

[O-only mine…] (Sasha)

[Fufufufu… fine then. But in all honesty, you really dote on Sasha-sama, Duke Fall. How about this, will it be alright if we drop by sometime to your estate?] (Luisa)

Sasha then looks at me for affirmation which I returned with a smile.

[If Sasha desires, then you can visit as much as you like. I’ve also known Viscount Griz for quite a while and while it is my first time meeting his wife, Lady Luisa seems like a person who can be understanding at times , so, by all means, please do come.] (Calis)

[We-we’ll gladly welcome you in our house.] (Sasha)

[Ara, how delightful. Then we shall visit together with our son.] (Luisa)

I try to end the conversation from there but then Luisa looks at me and said — 

[Oh, I’ve also heard from my husband and child himself that you’d taken care of him. I shall return this gratitude as well.]

[Having you and your family visit my wife would be more than enough.]

After that, we spent the night having similar conversations with the other nobles until the king came. Sasha’s beauty is just too outstanding and I really had to work hard to avoid them from talking to her.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. To be honest, I thought Calis in this chapter is a bit too much, though, I personally haven’t tried suffering in thirst in front of a sparkling lake for eighteen months, so maybe that’s why I can’t undersatand. Hahahahaha
  2. Final chapter for the week! See yah again on Monday and happy weekend, y’all!

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  1. I can imagine Calis’ state is like someone who has their favourite cake sitting right in front of them for 18 months but has to use will-power alone to resist eating it. But then again, I’m ACE, so cake is the closest thing I can relate it to.

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