VF 075 – To the Mines

[Miguel, Jake doesn’t trust me anymore, does he?] (Calis)

I am now riding a carriage with Miguel who can only smile awkwardly after listening to my query.

[I believe Jake-san is just deeply worried about your well being, Duke Calis] (Miguel)

[Well, that could be true, but…] (Calis)

[Uhm… is it really fine for me to be your only company?] (Miguel)

[Hm? There should be no problem about it. We’re just heading to the mines, after all.] (Calis)

We’re actually heading to the mines within the territory at this moment to conduct an inspection. Or so I want it to appear to be. The true reason why we’re going out today is for me to secure the materials that I’ll use for the gift that I’ll give to Sasha on her birthday. Just until recently, the mines around the territory have been left untouched. The mining sector just saw the glimpse of it’s heyday when Father inherited it. Or so I said but Father had already passed me the duke title before the mining activities actually started. So in a way, we can say that the mining activities actually began during my time.

That being the case, chances are that there are still a lot of deposits of gold and rubies sleeping beneath these mountains along with rocks or gems that are still yet to be discovered.

As good as it sounds, it’s still not enough of a reason for me to personally visit the mine. It’s just that I really want to pick the materials myself for Sasha’s birthday gift. That’s also the reason why I only have Miguel now as an attendant. In the first place, considering how high spec my body is, it doesn’t really matter how many attendants I bring with me.

[More importantly, were you able to make some progress with Reina?] (Calis)

[T-that’s… uhm… I’ve been busy with work so I can only meet her once in a while… and Reina seems she’s having it hard too.] (Miguel)

[Well, as your employer, I don’t think I can say much about that but… If you’d be able to complete your tasks better and faster, then you’ll eventually be able to make some time.] (Calis)

[Yes… However, I just can’t really finish my work as fast as Jake-san. Now that I think about it, Calis-sama, you finish your work pretty early as well.] (Miguel)

Really? I can only tilt my head in wonder before nodding to agree.

[Perhaps. I am pretty certain of the things that I have to do, after all.] (Calis)

[Certain, you say?] (Miguel)

[Yes. I know for certain what are the things that I have to do as a duke, as a father, and for my love ones. It’s because I can picture these things that I can complete my tasks effectively and efficiently.] (Calis)

Miguel looks apparently impressed before he shares his thoughts with me.

[Then, for Reina’s sake, I have to do my best too…] (Miguel)

[That’s right. I even specifically have Reina serve Mint so you better make good use of this opportunity.] (Calis)

[Uhm… What do you mean?] (Miguel)

[Hm? You see, what if I let her serve Basil instead and she accidentally falls for him? Won’t that be troublesome?] (Calis)

Well, not that it will happen since I am also aware of Reina’s feelings. As for Miguel, who doesn’t have the slightest clue about it, he starts to panic before agreeing with me.

[That’s right… I’d have to be Reina’s number one before she gets to be taken by another man.] (Miguel)

[That would be for the best.] (Calis)

Goodness, the way I see it, the both of you should just get together already. Your feelings are mutual anyway so if any one of you would just take the courage then things will work out. If they ever experience some weird twists and turns like some rom-com anime, then I won’t mind watching it too. Just let these kids end up together happily. And so, our journey continues while I give Miguel some tips and tricks for his feelings.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. We’re back on track! Yey! This should be the third chapter for this week! Still, due to the support the series received, there will more additional chapters to be released! Stay tuned, tomorrow and the day after!
  2. Calis-san, there’s a certain rom-com anime that has sooo manyyy twwiiissstttsss and tuurrnnnsss especially in its manga that I’ve already gotten tired of ittttt. Please don’t let these kids be like them T.T. They should have just gotten married after they finished watching that movie at the end of the first season! T.T IYKYK!
  3. Oh, I think I know what Calis-san is talking about related to work. The days where I have a checklist of the things that needs to be done turns out to be more productive than the days where I just go to the office to remind myself time after time that I need that job. Jk! xD

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  1. Um, Calis does know his son is only a baby, right? A maid, even a young one, falling for a baby is a bit much.

    1. Reminder that the original Calis was sexually abused by his nanny, giving him that cold disposition towards women that had him barely function as a husband (enough to have only one child in the original timeline of the Otome Game) and a father.

      So this is very much a warranted, if extremely unlikely (given the maid in question), scenario to think about.

  2. At the start of the chapter two instances where Miguel is responding to Calis are incorrectly labelled as Jake

    “[I believe Jake-san is just deeply worried about your well being, Duke Calis] (Jake)

    [Well, that could be true, but…] (Calis)

    [Uhm… is it really fine for me to be your only company?] (Jake)”

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