VF 071 – The Butler and his Apprentice

[*Coughs* He passed.]


Zeke tells me right immediately the result of his appraisal of Miguel, the child with heterochromia that we met in the orphanage, just as I introduce them.


[That’s quick… will everything be fine?]


Zeke nods right away before giving me an explanation.


[The instincts that I’ve honed working as a butler for such a long time is telling me that he has what it takes.]

[Instinct, is it?]

[Yes. I can sense someone’s talent in this field by instinct. As for this kid, Miguel, I think he has quite the natural talent to become an outstanding butler in the future.]


I don’t really understand but since it’s Zeke who personally vouches for it, then it should be fine. 


I shift my gaze from Zeke towards Miguel to ask the question I find the most important related to his employment.


[Well then, since the butler Zeke has already given his approval, I’ll now be officially hiring you as an apprentice butler of this house. But before that, you need to give me an honest answer to my next questions.]

[W-what might it be…?]

[Do you have a girl you like?]


Miguel’s face that was pale and expressionless earlier immediately turns into wonder after hearing my question. I can feel Zeke’s soundless exasperation after hearing my question but this is something I definitely have to know no matter what cost.


[So, what now?] (Duke Fall)

[Uhm… I – I currently have one…] (Miguel)

[Is she someone from the orphanage? Or perhaps a young girl in town. Or rather, is she one of the three girls who just have applied as apprentice maids?]

[a–a… uhm… t-the last one…]


Aha, so it’s just between the three. Milia, Yuri, and Reina.

Milia is the girl who’s brimming with energy, then there’s that obedient child, Yuri, and the child who seems the most mature within the three, Reina. So the girl Miguel has taken fancy is one of these three, huh.


[Reina, is it?]

[…!? W-w- how!?]


Oh, it appears I got it right. But this is not good. Seems like I’m taking this already too far. I shouldn’t toy with the young man’s innocent heart anymore. *e-ehem*… Let’s get back now to the main subject.


[Well, the reason I am asking you this is for me to get a better understanding of you.]


[Yes. Because from now on, we will be living together in this house and it is essential for me to understand what lies deep in your heart.]

[What lies deep in my heart…?]

[Yes. Because if, heavens forbid, a disaster comes down in this house, I have to know where my butler’s loyalty lies. Will it be in our family, or towards Reina and his own feelings?]



As I see the child cannot provide his answer right away, I can only smile bitterly.


[Just tell me what you really feel.] (Duke Fall)

[I sincerely want to protect the Duke from the bottom of my heart. But… I will choose Reina.]


I can only let out a sigh hearing his response before nodding and patting his shoulder.


[Yes, that’s okay. And it is correct. Your desire to protect the head of this house shows your loyalty, however, if you cannot even protect the one you love first and foremost, then this house doesn’t need that fealty.]


[Hold your head up high, young man. You were able to lay your bare feelings towards your lord. And that on its own is a big achievement, as I now recognize you as one of my own.]


After saying so, is it just me or Miguel’s eyes are now staring at me in glitter? I don’t understand his reaction but let’s just throw it now to Zeke, my head butler, who all this time remains speechless.


[Now then. Zeke, as the head butler, I shall leave Miguel’s education as an apprentice in your hands. Any objections?] (Duke Fall)

[I believe it isn’t fair for the Calis-sama to say those words to me after that lecture. Nonetheless, I shall permit this romantic story as long as it will not interfere with his duties.] (Zeke)

[T-Thank you very much!] (Miguel)

[You’ll be under strict supervision so I can’t promise if you’ll even have the time for that romance.] (Zeke)


Zeke gives Miguel a warning, but the moment he averted his eyes while speaking his last line did not escape from me. Really, Zeke just can’t be honest. I bet he’s curious as well. I guess I’ll have to speak to Miguel on his behalf about it.


[So how is it? Do you think you can be lovers with Reina?}

[e-uhm… I’m not sure.]

[I see. This house only has few male servants so you can nurture your feelings through patience and time. But you can’t make your move too slow either. Still, if Reina has some feelings for you as well, then there’s no doubt you’ll be able to feel that connection.]


[Please call me by my name, Calis. As I have said, you now belong and are serving this family.]

[Y-yes! I shall serve you at my best, Calis-sama!]


And that’s how the butler apprentice made his debut in my house. During this time, I didn’t even have an inkling about this child’s connections with Laurier’s death flags, but then I soon realized that he’s a hidden character of that otome game that would take my daughter down.

Translator’s Note:

  1. I still find myself fascinated by a person’s color of their eyes. Heterochromia or not, it’s fascinating how beautiful eyes can be. Take Byakugan or Sharingan for example. lol now that I am on this topic, can Kakashi be considered heterochromia? Hmmmmmm…

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9 thoughts on “VF 071 – The Butler and his Apprentice

  1. Answer to the author note: There are many opinion on it but personally (and I believe, medically), I don’t think so. Kakashi’s sharingan came from transplant while his normal eyes should be the same color as the other one. Just like how just because someone got an arm and leg transplant from someone of another nationality doesn’t make them half, Kakashi isn’t a heterochromia in a strict sense. if we’re putting it in a word, he’s more like faux-heterochromia.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. Kakashi’s case is more of an artifical heterochromia at most instead of natural heterochromia, which is what’s generally mentioned in our world (it’s not like our medical field has advanced that much for eye transplants to be common).

    1. …. I am speechless. A character with heterochromia (My favorite characteristic) has my real name and even likes “Reina”, one of the female names I like. How freaky… Fate does sometimes want to make fun of me…

  2. If Kakashi is classed as having heterochromia, it would be artificial as he wasn’t born with it. Kind of like how if someone gets an organ transplant, that doesn’t turn them into a chimera, which is an actual medical condition where a pair of twins fuse in the womb and become a single person with two sets of DNA in their body. There’s actually a woman who had to do a DNA test because she had her baby through a home birth and samples from some parts of her body said she was the mum and samples from other parts said she was the aunt.

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