VF 070 – Finding a Potential Butler

I am visiting the territory today with Laurel. Because it takes quite some distance from home, Sasha will be sitting this one out and she’ll wait for us at home. She may feel a bit lonely but I promise to love her to the fullest by the time we get back. The reason we’re travelling to the territory is not just because of work, but also due to the celebration of the birthdays of Mint and Basil. It might be weird for a lord to show my appreciation to the citizens after they’ve given us gifts but that’s just how I am.


We’ve been going around to several places until we arrive in the orphanage where a man who is dressed as a priest greets us.


[Oh, my. If it isn’t Duke Fall. Thank you so much for visiting us.] (Father-san)

[It’s been a while, Father. Thank you as well for celebrating the birthday of my twins with us.] (Calis)


But thereafter, Father and the Manager of the orphanage started to bow reverently before me.


[Duke Fall, you already gave us so much help that we can’ ever be grateful enough. It may be impudent but can we ask of your time? The children are always eager to show our appreciation and gratitude to the duke.] (Manager-san)

[Is that so… Are the children fine and well?] (Calis)

[Yes, that is so. Would you like to meet them?] (Manager-san)

[Please. I want Laurier to experience meeting all sorts of people as well. Not just adults, but including different kinds of children too.] (Calis)

[Then, this way, please.] (Manager-san)


And so we walk to a small building attached to the church which is the orphanage. The children are probably inside learning to read and write. As for why orphans can study reading and writing — well, it’s because I hired a teacher for them.


With this, they will be able to obtain the appropriate knowledge and will have more options on what to do with their futures.


[Ah, It’s Duke Fall!]


Just as I was thinking about it, the children had already noticed us and gathered around me and Laurel. The teacher can only smile bitterly seeing the situation before giving us her greeting.


[It’s been a while, Duke Fall.] (Teacher-san)

[Apologies for disrupting the class.]

[No, the class was just about to end so it’s okay.]

[Is that so. Then Laurel, go and play with the children.]



My daughter looks at me with upturned eyes and I can’t help but give her a gentle smile.


[Just don’t let yourself get hurt, okay?]

[–Thank you!]


After saying so, Laurelp ran with a few girls from the orphanage with her. The Priest looks at them and speaks with a smile.


[You get along so well as usual.]

[It’s my cute daughter after all.  — Now then, is there anything we lack right now in the orphanage?]

[Everything is fine. We are doing well enough with the Duke’s monthly assistance.]

[Is that so… Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me especially if there’s an emergency.]


The priest chuckled upon hearing what I said before saying his response.


[There’s no place outside this territory that receives better support than us already. The Duke’s support is more than enough.]

[Then there’s no problem. I just want to do everything I can to make the children as happy as possible.]

[I am sure anyone who’ll be able to hear your words would be happy with your thoughts alone. By the way… How’s the manpower in your home, Duke Fall?]

[Hm? Why are you asking all of a sudden?]


The priest smiles in embarrassment upon receiving a question for an answer.


[The truth is, we have kids here that would like to work in the Duke’s residence. They are still young but they’ve already completed their preliminary education, so if the duke will allow, we would be very pleased if you’ll hire them.]


I take a moment to think things through. The preliminary education that we are instilling in this orphanage includes reading, writing, arithmetic, values, and general education. That being said, anyone who’s able to complete it is highly probable to be a valuable manpower.


[Now that you mention it, can I meet these children right now?]

[Yes, ofcourse.]


After saying so, the priest gave the teacher a signal and then the teacher brought 4 children. There are 3 girls and 1 boy. That boy, his eyes have different colors — a heterochromia, huh. Somehow, I feel this boy is kind of familiar. But it might just be my imagination so I walked ahead and talked to the 4 children.


[The priest said that the four of you would like to work in my residence… is that true?]

[Y-yes! We want to be of help to the Duke!]

[Fumu… Are you really sure about working under my house? Do not hesitate to speak if you have something better you want to do.]

[It’s thanks to Duke Fall that we’re able to grow and learn so much… We want to show our gratitude even if it’s just a little!]


Their mindset at such a pretty young age is admirable but still, they’re just 10 years old… Well, let’s just accept them and consider it as an internship. It is fortunate that the kids in the orphanage already went under background checks (there’s a limit though as most of them are orphans and can’t be tracked by origin), so there should be no problem in accepting them.


The children and my eyes meet and I can feel their nervousness upon asking them.


[Will it be alright if you tell me your names?]

[I’m Mi – Milia!]


[I’m Reina.]

[I’m Miguel.]

[Very well. Then, Milia, Yuri, and Reina will be working as apprentice maids before getting fully accepted, as for Miguel… you’ll be working as a butler apprentice. Is that alright for everyone?]


Everyone nods upon hearing my confirmation before Miguel looks at me in the eye before making a declaration.


[I will do anything to be helpful to the Duke! Please leave it to me!]


It’s good to be avid but… well, will he be able to suit Zeke’s, the head butler’s, temperament? As for me, seeing how he’s looking forward to it, I’ll just leave his training and employment to Zeke’s judgement… However, as I am thinking that I really didn’t do much to warrant such gratitude from the children, we talked until Laurier returned and finished playing.

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