VF 072 – A Lively Dinner

[I see. So that’s the reason for the increasing number of cute servants here.]


We’re having our dinner as my mother nods after hearing what had happened today. Sasha’s getting better everyday and just recently, she can now walk by herself from our room to the dining table. Sasha’s eating slowly on my right side while Laurier occupies my left. Mother and father are sitting on our opposite end.


Oh, yes, mother is so stricken by her grandson that she isn’t showing signs of returning to their territory even until now. Still, I’m honestly surprised that father was able to stay here with mother for such a long time. 


We’re oftenly having dinners like this in the past few days and I can’t help to think how quiet the dining table would be once they return to the territory.


[There are three girls who’ve applied as apprentice maids and I am thinking of putting each one of them as exclusive servants for Laurier, Mint and Basil.]

[Is that so. Would it be fine if I’ll be the one who’ll pick the girl that will serve Basil?]

[Mother… I know how much you love Basil but you’re being too overprotective.]

[That’s the last thing I want to hear coming from you, don’t you think so, Laurier, dear~?]


My mother refutes me while seeking affirmation from Laurier, and my daughter, after a moment, looks at me and dazzles me with a loving smile.


[Lauirier loves Father too!]

[Thank you, Laurier.]


It seems she isn’t paying that much attention to what we’re talking about but hearing her affectionate reply warms my heart and I can’t help but give her a head pat. But then, a *kohom* reaches my ear from my right. Sasha then opens her mouth.


[Dear husband, we’re in the middle of eating right now.]

[My apologies, Sasha. I didn’t mean to have you left out.]

[T-that’s.. I…]

[Yosh, yosh~]


I stroke my loving wife’s beautiful hair and she immediately becomes bashful. With her own beautiful daughter and with the addition of Basil and Mint that made our family get bigger, she must be jealous that I won’t be able to pamper her and that makes my heart flutter.


[Now that I think about it, Basil is pretty attached to mother and father, huh.] (Calis)

[You think so? Well, he’s probably gotten more of that from Sasha. They’re both honest to their feelings after all.] (Mother)

[M-mother, that’s…] (Calis)


She’s taking a jab at me, right? I can’t help but stutter hearing my mother. And that’s when I took a look at my father.


[You must be feeling terribly fed up already, right? father?]

[This takes me back when Calis was still small.] (Father)

[Indeed… He’s a very cute child back then, wasn’t he?] (Mother)

[Oya? Did I already lose my cuteness?] (Calis)


My mother laughs heartily hearing my response.


[You won’t want to compare yourself against my grandchildren, trust me.]

[Oh, why, ofcourse. By the way, did Father witness the moment that I was born?]

[…I’ve only heard of her giving birth by the time I returned to the mansion.]


…Did he make it on time, or not? He probably arrived late as if he planned to just arrive at that exact moment when my mother answered my inquiry with a smirk on her face.


[This man rushed over at my side and the look of relief on his face at that moment was truly exquisite.]

[Lishanna, you promised not to tell anyone…]

[Ara, isn’t it fine. You look so cute at that moment, you see.]


Father now looks so helpless getting carried away by mother’s pace. Seeing how father is cutely being toyed by mother makes me think that there might come a day that my relationship with Sasha changes into that but… yeah, let’s just continue this meal while pretending we can’t see them.

Translators Note:

  1. I was thinking of how Sasha must have felt. Imagine your partner flirting with you in front of their parents. Hahahahaha! That must be so embarrassing at the same time heart racing!

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