Chapter 037 – [Hero’s Party] Emmy: Relieving the burden of my Heart, My Reliable Best Friend’s inquiry, and… A Good Intention…

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It’s the next morning after I talked to Jannet.

The heavy feeling in my chest that keeps me from waking up is now gone and my head feels so clear.


As I remove the blanket covering me, I saw the lights coming from the window is still bluish and dim.

Is it still night time? I thought it was the case for a moment.


I ended up thinking a lot of difficult stuff for the past couple of days to the point I had headaches.

It seems the recovery magic <Heal> doesn’t work for this kind of thing. Maybe it’s better to ask Jannet for a <Cure>.


It feels like my guilt’s been eating me away even in my nightmares. But, isn’t it normal for people to forget what they dream about? I don’t understand anything about what I dreamed at all…

I’ve been thinking hard yesterday too but I was able to slept early.

It’s probably because I was able to confess to Jannet.

It feels like my worries that had piled up decrease as I share it together with her.

I didn’t know that being able to share your thoughts and worries with someone can be this relieving. And since I am talking with Jannet who has a pretty good head, I had her think as well for the parts that the little stupid me can’t get.

…I was jut looking for someone to listen to my burdens but Jannet started to get worried about me too. I can’t help but feel a bit guilty about it…


Anyway, it really is so early in the morning, huh.

It’s just so different compared to yesterday when I overslept.

It’s somehow refreshing.

…But what was that again? I believe there’s a proper name for this dark sky… Even though It’s so cool when I heard it from Jannet…

…Dark?1 was it dask? I believe it has something to do with night.

Un. It’s dask. Very well, duh-duh-dask.


[It’s dawn.]



I look beside me and found the girl getting up from her bed as well.

Her familiar half opened eyes looked at me for a few seconds before she sighed like she’s already giving up.


[Dusk, nightfall, and evenfall, are for the dark skies of the night and for the morning, it is dawn, twilight, and daybreak.2 …Let’s sleep?]

[Ah… Ahaha…]


I just woke up and it feels that somehow the day has already ended. Well, that’s bad~… I’m still so out of it.

And that retort for sure is from my sweet and smart as ever best friend.


[Morning, Jannet]

[N. Morning.]


She looks like she still wants to sleep as she rubs her eyes while her body still sways from side to side.


[Well, aren’t you early? –]


There’s another voice that suddenly came over and me and Jannet can’t help but be startled before we look on the direction where it’s from.


[–ah, ara? Uhm, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to surprise the both of you…]


A blonde girl scratches her head as she shows her face from the blanket.


[Ah, hahaha, sorry about that. Good morning, Katie-san.]

[Ofcourse. Good morning, Emmy-san.]


Katie-san’s figure really looks so dreamy along with her dazzling smile full of innocence.

Un… It starts to sink in that maybe I’m the bad one for doubting Katie-san.


Katie-san moved her gaze naturally next to Jannet.

But… Jannet isn’t saying anything at all.

Perhaps Katie-san finds it weird as she started to look back and forth between me and Jannet with her eyes repeatedly blinking. Uwa~ her eyes lashes are just so long~.


Oh no!  Rather, why is Jannet too quiet?

…Do-don’t tell me you’re already cautious of Katie-san after what I’ve said!?

Isn’t that a bit too fast!?


I can feel the tension rising as me and Katie-san look at Jannet when she suddenly stood up.



[…There’re no clothes to change in this room.]



When Jannet pulled Katie-san’s blanket… How should I say this…? Even I find her clothes too sexy underneath it.

Aside from her chest and buttocks which are covered in thicker threads, the rest of her clothes looks just like a curtain where the other side can be seen through… Uhm, didn’t it just cover her buttocks and alike?


[Katie-san doesn’t have clothes to change here in the room… Or perhaps you intend to go all the way to the bath with just your negligee?]

[Uhm, wouldn’t that be dangerous?]

[Men won’t help but stumble upon seeing you like that so let’s avoid that… Don’t tell me you walked all the way with just your negligee yesterday, no? Haaa…. I’ll lend you my mantle so please be sure to wear it on your way there.]

[Ah, ara~ ara~! Jannet-san will do that for me? Fufu, you really are such a sensible and sweet girl!]


Katie-san giggles as she cuddles Jannet while stroking her blue hair.

And Jannet is like ‘Please stop…’ and is wriggling while trying to look displeased but she looks so embarrassed and didn’t really try to stop it.


…I thought she’ll burst it out. What a relief…

Even I know that it’ll be bad saying it directly to Katie-san so I can’t imagine Jannet doing such careless thing…


[Well then, I’ll go and change now.]


Katie-san wore the mantle and go to the bath. I wonder if there’s hot water already prepared in there… But thinking about it, preparing the hot water for the bath is something easy to do on your own.

Jannet turns to me after seeing Katie-san off.


[I was surprised. Do you think she heard something?]

[I don’t think so… But I saw it.]

[Eh? What? The figure behind the negligee?]



And there came a chop from Jannet.

It doesn’t hurt at all. More like, it’s so cute.


[That person’s eyes. I always thought it’s beautiful but it isn’t something you can see around here, right?]

[Her eyes? Oh, it really is beautiful.]

[Un. I haven’t seen such beautiful eyes before. That’s why… I don’t understand how can such a beautiful girl is adventuring all alone and isn’t being recruited. There’s no rumor about it even. There’s no one else who has such beautiful golden eyes around here.]


…Jannet really thinks about a lot of things unlike a dummy like me.

As expected of my amazing best friend! She really is reliable.


[Let’s leave Katie-san’s mysteries from here. Let’s go change as well.]



Jannet and I talk as we change our clothes.

It’s been a while since we last talked this openly and we shared about the details and effects of the magics that we learned.

Katie-san who’s finished taking a bath arrived in the middle of our conversation and started to join.

Her level went up all of a sudden as well so she learned magics that we can rely on.


Jannet and Katie-san as mages are discussing about the details of their offensive magics and how each of them can use it effectively.

…Right, she told me about this before.


[I can finally now use Protection and Magic Coating.]

[Maa! That’s fantastic, isn’t it~ There’s also a secret that can be used together with it!]

[Really? I’ll look forward to it.]

[Yes, yes! From now on, the real abilities of the [Holy Knight] Emmy will reveal itself!]


…Un, it really isn’t good to overthink things, right?

Katie-san right now isn’t the weirdo-chan that’s muttering things… Un, it’s okay, it’s okay.

This person has no bad intentions.


It’s still long before morning comes.

The three of us enjoyed some girl talk before Vince wake up.

Then, what was it again? Daybreak was it? The inn started to get lively past around that time and everyone went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

It will be weird if I keep on avoiding Vince so I decided to sit next to him today and just munch my own food silently.

Vince looked at me and gave me a light morning greeting and I ignore the rest.


[…Uhm, do the two of you don’t talk that often?]

[N? Yep… Well, we’re used to it.]

[You’re already used to it? Fufu. That adult-like relationship looks so fine too~]


Vince is talking with Katie-san. It feels like she has some weird misunderstanding.

Or so I thought but Katie-san started to stare at me instead of Vince.


[…Uhm, what is it?]

[Oh, nothing much. Did you think of wanting to join the conversation?]

[Something like that… Well, we’ve been always together anyway.]

[Always together!]


I don’t know what she’s happy about from those words but Katie-san started to giggle as she looks at me and Vince.

…Katie-san really is a weirdo-chan. I don’t get her at all.

We return to our room after eating breakfast and discussed whether we will explore the dungeon today or not.

Katie-san has her eyes on the dragon’s armor and so I thought it was impossible but she agreed to it easily.


[We’ll be accumulating lots of stress at this rate. Let’s properly take a break when as needed.]

[N. Katie looks like she knows what she’s talking about so I don’t mind. It’s been ages since I last continuously fought.]


Vince must have known as well from experience and readily agreed trusting Katie-san’s judgement. Well, even if he doesn’t know it by experience, I can’t see him refusing Katie-san’s opinions.

Vince said that he will go out on a stroll and spend the day exploring the city… But, won’t you just go around and play? At least take care not to waste your money.


When Vince was all ready to go, I heard him call out and ask ‘You want to come with me?’ before going to the door. I… Obviously shut him down.

There can only be one outcome after putting all of his words and actions together.

I already realized what Vince is thinking. And girls are sensitive about men’s gazes or something alike that it doesn’t really matter if I’m smart or not.


I don’t know how to look at Vince. To look at the person who pushed Russell away.

To be honest, I don’t feel any good thing about him.


After sending Vince off away, I return to the room for the bed and found Katie-san sitting all alone.


[Katie-san, where’s Jannet?]

[I tried calling her out but she has a business or something outside so she went out… Ah! This is fine too! I have something to talk to you, Emmy-san. Is it alright?]


I agreed without thinking much of it.

And then, it turned out to be something my heart has to be fully prepared and I can’t help but regret that I just stupidly nodded my head to hear it.

…It’s because I’m always like this that’s why I’m just no good.


What Katie-san talked about is… Something that changed my destiny.


[I will tell you the secret of the most effective defensive ability you can use to be able to protect the hero’s party!]

[Secret, is it?]

[Yes! I’m sure Emmy-san can use it for sure! I failed when I tried to test it out yesterday but I think it will work out now from what I see in you this morning!]


And from there, I started to hear the whole truth from the happily talking Katie-san.

That is something that made me realize all the things that I’ve done all this time that even I can understand no matter how stupid I am.


I now understand everything.

And the things I have to do.


The class of the [Holy Knight] who holds the strongest defenses.

The one who holds the shield to protect the hero’s party.


And what broke through the Holy Knight’s spirit is—


[The [Holy Knight] has special skills. It’s a powerful move that will make your shield shine when it activates and no matter how strong the enemy is, it will be blown away! The activating condition is realizing who is the person you like! Kyaaa! Isn’t this like the power of love!]


–Just one good intention.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Emmy is confused on the placement of Kanji. It’s composed of two kanjis: Yoi and Yami. In the raw, she says Yami-yoi then a pun of ‘Yamiyoi-yoi-yoi’-(‘it’s alright’ in Japanese). That’s an adlib and a pun for duh-duh-dask. That’s my best. Lol
  2. The terms used (in romaji) in the following order are: Yoiyami (Sybilla), Hakubo, Tasogare (like the Dusk Maiden of Amnesia if you are aware of it. Recommending this). Then Akatsuki, Shinonome, and Akebeno. I want to make this clear because Sybilla is known as the Dusk (Yoiyami) Goddess and the author likes to put meanings in every little detail. You know what I mean. 🙂

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    1. I think Katie is really trying to raise the combat ability of the Hero’s party by telling Emmy she can use her feelings to protect Vince and the others better. She he is under the assumption that Emmy likes the Hero.

      1. Another point to notice is that a goddess gives out classes and as we’ve seen they can also change classes, so it stands to reason that she maybe setting the stage for emmy to class change. What’s more is they can do so forcefully. After all if a [holy maiden] is the childhood friend of the hero, but doesn’t exist in this generation they just need to make one right?

    1. Catching up, and Katie has certainly blown it 🙂 Looks like skills are connected to emotions indeed, but I certainly wasn’t the one to first bring up that Russel-to-the-Moon launch as the primary example of that 🙂

  3. I just want to throw this theory as well (I haven’t read past the end of volume 2), but I think there really are 6 goddesses aside from the Sun and Katie is in the side of the day. (Twilight, Dawn, or Daybreak). Remember when Emmy saw her glistening outside the window? Perhaps it was her under her divinity. This is just my wild guess but I am pretty confident. Hehehehe

  4. … I’m still stuck with the fact that the English language uses evening twilight and morning twilight for the transition period between the two pre-night and pre-day (Dusk&Sunset till Dawn&Sunrise)

  5. Evenfall is also a very poetic term for dusk / evening. Another poetic word for dusk / evening is eventide (thanks Clark Ashton Smith for teaching me this word lol) and a poetic word for dawn / morning is aurora.

    And the entire morning-evening dualistic theme could be found in many mythologies. It’s a common motif. Phosphorus and Hesperus from Greek mythology, the Zorya sisters (one represents the Dawn and the other represents Dusk) from Slavic mythology, and Azizos and Arsu as well as Shachar and Shalim from Mesopotamian mythology.

    Dualism could also be found in modern stories as well. In “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman, the Endless (who are basically anthropomorphized abstract concepts) represent the concept that they’re named after as well as the opposite concept. Dream also represents Reality, Death also represents Life and so on and so forth.

      1. Yeah, you start noticing a lot of recurring motifs in mythology once you learn or read enough of it. Slavic mythology is full of dualism, in that there are gods that either represent two opposing things or a diarchy of gods that represent two different things. Almost like two sides of the same coin. A good example is Belobog and Chernobog. Belobog is the Slavic god of light and Chernobog of darkness. There are also regional variations of the stories where sometimes Belobog and Chernobog are portrayed as being two aspects of the same god.

        Same thing with the Zorya sisters. There are regional variations to their stories where Zorya is either a singular goddess that represents two different things or are two sisters that represents two different things. One represents the morning / dawn and the other is the evening / dusk.

        Another motif that is also fairly common in mythology is the triad, trinity, triune god, triumvirate of gods, whatever you want to call it. Basically, three gods or goddesses who could also be portrayed as one. Of course, there are variations to these stories. Some examples are:

        -the Fates / Moirai, who are the Greek goddesses of fate. They are Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

        -the Erinyes, who are the Greek goddesses of Vengeance. The trio is also known by other names such as the Eumenides, the Furies or the Dirae. They are composed of Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone.

        -the Norns from Norse mythology. They represent Fate and they are Urd (represents the past), Verdandi (represents the present) and Skuld (the future).

        -the Morrigan from Celtic mythology. A war goddess. Either appears as a singular goddess or as three sisters. The three sisters are most likely different aspects of herself.

        -Hecate from Greek mythology. The goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. Either appears as a singular goddess or as three goddesses. The three goddesses are most likely different aspects of herself.

        And finally, in “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman which brings up mythology and stories in general (“The Sandman” is basically a story about stories and about the power of storytelling. It also brings up history as well). The “three who are one” (basically the triad or triune goddess) appears and takes on various functions or roles depending on the situation. They could be soothsayers that foretell destiny (the Fates) or wrathful avengers who take their vengeance upon you (the Erinyes / Eumendies). The main character Dream (also called Morpheus) himself incurs their vengeance and his final decision on what to do is probably one of the saddest moments in the story. As Nualla said to Dream when she realizes this: “You…you want them to punish you, don’t you? You want to be punished for Orpheus’s death”.

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