Chapter 034 – The Demon Lord’s Plans, The Goddess’ Wisdom, and My Powers

The Demon Lord opened its attack with the basic fire magic <Fireball>.

Just as what he said, he looks like he wanted to have fun and finishing things immediately is just plain boring for him.


[<Fireball>. Hm. So it’s still deflected, huh. Fufufu, but still, you can’t win at this rate if you just keep on defending, you know?]


The Demon Lord kept on firing off his magic from a slight distance.

He walks forward without a care while doing so as he kept his eyes on me.

Ofcourse, it’s a composure that can only be found from those who are assure of their victory.

It’s probably the confidence and pride of the creator and ruler of Adoria Dungeon.

I’ll do my best and keep on deflecting those attacks.

Defending isn’t my specialty but if you try to underestimate me then you’d better expect that more of those attacks to be just deflected.


[Hm. So persistent. Then how about this – <Fire Spread>]


It’s a fire magic that Sybilla haven’t used even once so I decided to lower my waist and prepare myself.

What appeared next are small fireballs coming from the Demon Lord’s hand.

However, the fireballs seemed to be spreading out until all of them came at me at the same time.





I clicked my tongue in an audible manner as I focus on defending my head.

I wasn’t able to deflect all the fireballs and there were faint sensations transmitted when it hit my robe.

As a result…. I’m unscathed.


Now I understand why Sybilla said when this robe had been dyed by the blood of the fire dragon and had changed its color similar to a black eagle, it now reached its completion.

It seems I can’t really hate the blood of the highest-class monster of the fire lizards.

This should work.


[…Hoho… I see. So you’ve used that salamander for your own equipment. No wonder you can still stand against fire magic.]

[So? Do you feel it’s better now to cut the distance and settle this in close combat?]

[Haha, how could I? I won’t dare. I’d rather safely burn you to crisp little by little. Let’s see how much heat your robe could stand.]


The purple guy shrugged his shoulders then narrowed his eyes as he looks at my robe while curling his lips into a smile.

He raised his right hand towards me once again.


[<Flame Strike>!]


…It’s definitely a high tier fire magic!

I checked the attack with a glance and covered my face with the flat side of the sword in my hands.

The mythril coated dragon sword imbued with my dark mana broke the magic of the Demon Lord.

However, behind the sword that deflected the attack, is my face full of grim.

I closed my eyes and was somehow able to hold my breath but I know that the moment I breathe, the insides of my body will burn.

In fact, I have inhaled a little.

If my throat gets burned, then I won’t be able to say a word, and ultimately, won’t be able to cast magic.

Ofcourse, there’s no way for this cunning Demon Lord not to know something like that.




I groaned a little and let my knees fall to the reddish ground.

Huh… On a closer look, the way the ground is covered up looks sloppy. Perhaps if we were a bit calmer, we would have realized it’s fake just looking closely to its color.




The Demon Lord looks like he wasn’t able to hold his laughter anymore.


[Imbued with that attack is superior magic but… Kukuku, kukukuku…! You’re robe sure is impressive not being burned from an attack like that but did you think your body would be as strong as a fire dragon!? It seems not! Hahahahaha!]


I stood up and walk to the side while staggering and trying to desperately avoid the Demon Lord.

I hold my sword with two hands and slowly make my way to the back.


[No, no no~ will you be able to receive attacks like that? If I repeat the same attack just earlier, I wonder how long your misery will last?]


[Kukuku… What beautiful expression. I’ve always wanted to see that, you know?]


The Demon Lord raised his hand once again towards my direction and—


[<Stone Javelin>!]


A spear made of stone flew at high speed hitting the Demon Lord’s temple!

Was it because Sybilla didn’t do anything but wait and see after all this time? Or perhaps because it didn’t expect a Goddess to help a human? The attack that came from a very unexpected direction didn’t give the Demon Lord enough time to dodge and got its head horribly twisted.

Purple blood gushes out from the Demon Lord but he twisted his own neck and look towards Sybilla void of any expression.

He lets the blood keep flowing out from his head without a care as he bends his neck from both left and right.


[Yare yare. Looks like the goddess this time likes to pour cold water on other people huh.]


Due to Sybilla’s attack, the Demon Lord furrows his hairless eyebrows and narrows its completely white eyes.

It looks like the Demon Lord who wanted to toy me to death from a distance using long range offensive magic is displease seeing an enemy who can do the same.


[<Flame Strike>]


With great difference from before, the Demon Lord expressionlessly raised his hand towards my direction and launch a powerful offensive magic.

The sound of a sword falling came as I wasn’t able to hold on and drop it when I received the attack.

What’s left after that are my painful moans.


[Now then, it’s fine even if you can stand up. As if you could even raise your sword at that state. But… you, goddess. You sure are a nuisance.]


[I’ve always thought that goddesses are just flawless beauties who bind people through oaths and use them to do everything on their behalf. But looks like you are someone worth playing with.]


The Demon Lord recognized Sybilla as it’s opponent and started to move towards her direction.

Sybilla took a defensive stance to protect herself using the small shield attached on her forearm as she kept glaring on the Demon Lord who’s coming from a distance.

The Demon Lord raised his hand towards Sybilla and—



–Right here.




In the center of the Demon Lord’s back who had let his guard down and chose to ignore me is a red stone I targeted with Dark Sphere without chanting.

I guess I don’t have pretend anymore after hitting the bull’s eye.

I stood up and raised both of my two hands to cast.


[<Dark Javelin>.]

(<Dark Javelin>.)


A powerful dark spear that absorbs its surrounding light flew at high speed and pierced the Demon Lord who’s looking back.

Just as I was thinking following it up, the Demon Lord started to get wary of me and took a back step.


[Aaah…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! M-my dungeon core! AAHHHHH!]


The bloodied Demon Lord’s face looks so shocked as he busily kept on looking for something on his back with his left hand.

Blood keeps flowing out from his head but he isn’t bothered by it even for a bit. He just kept on checking his back for something.


[I see. So it was really that gem that keeps this dungeon running huh.]

[Hooow…. Hooooow… Whhy…. Hoooowww.]

[How, you say? You see, I am the Saint. How would it be impossible for me to use recovery magic? Are you that stupid?]

[Suu—Stupid!? Me!? Who is so proficient of making use of everything is STUPID! MEEEE! STU–….What the hell did you just say?]

[I’m the Saint. I just said I’m a recovery mage in the first place.]

[Se-saint? The saint is not in the hero’s party? A recovery mage exploring a dungeon alone? Recovery magic… Dark Magic… I-impossible…. For something so unexpected… How could this be….]

[Impossible, huh.]


I pick up the sword that’s been lying on the ground.

…Yareyare. It’s so hard to pretend getting all beaten up.

Me being able to safely get out from all of those? Not even a question.


(<Extra Heal>)


It doesn’t matter how much my throat gets burned as long as I use what Sybilla taught on how to cast magic without chanting.

The Demon Lord probably doesn’t have any idea when did I use recovery magic.


[Unexpected too, huh. Oh, by the way. You’ve arranged the floor boss battle to be something unexpected for us too, right?]


[What if we’d been expecting it?]



It seems he isn’t expecting that we we’re able to anticipate something like this.

Come on. Now you just look much more than stupid.

Well, even I didn’t know it during the fight but… There’s someone else who anticipated all of these things even before entering the floor boss’ room.

Needless to say, it’s my adventuring senpai who has superb crisis avoidance ability.


[Well, Sybilla said that there might be a chance that the Demon Lord might successively appear after the floor boss battle so she told me all the things I need to do for her plan.]

[Plan, you say…]

[Yeah. If the magic layer covering the entrance did not disappear after the floor boss fight, then pretend you’re dead tired and fall down, or so she said.]


Hitting the ‘Wandering Living Amor of Oblivion’ with magic earlier sure is troublesome.

It’s troublesome… But that’s just it.

My mana is limitless. I just can’t see the end of it no matter how much I use dark magic.

However, it’s normal for others to get exhausted and not be able to use magic after doing what I did earlier.

What happened earlier is the Demon Lord falling into a trap as a result of being enclosed on what is ‘normal’.

And with the victory within his grasp, he’d gone reckless and let down his guard.


About the dungeon core just now, Sybilla told me in advance that Demon Lords—or Dungeon Makers, need that magic stone to keep the dungeon and we can’t let the plan to destroy it fail.


[I heard that it is somewhere in your body but who would have thought it would located somewhere so easy? Well, it sure is annoying fighting you head on but you’d just let me see your back.]


[In short–]


I raised my sword in my right hard once again and coated it with dark mana.

The sword looks as if it is to ready to devour all lives so I pointed it to the Demon Lord.


[You’ve been running around on the palm of Sybilla who anticipates even the most unexpected from beginning to end. You’re still a hundred years away from outsmarting my Goddess of victory, small fry!]

[Yo-youuu basstaaaarrrddddddddd]

[Listen well. That orphanage the Holy Knight Emmy cherishes is the same place the Saint, I, had grew up. But you didn’t know anything about that but you still keep on running your mouth… Hm. The moment you thought of laying a finger on that place, I’ve already decided to completely tear you to pieces.]


I raised my hand in front of the Demon Lord as I hold my sword to the other.


During that time, I can’t use anything but recovery magic.

The only thoughts inside my head was to run away.

But this time, I have Sybilla who is the world’s most crafty goddess of victory by my side.

I have the power bestowed to me by that Goddess.

This time, I can win.


[Well then. Now it’s the Black Eagle Saint’s Turn.]

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Release 3/5! All those previous chapters building up Russell for this fight is just too awesome for me! So I can’t help but finish this before sleeping due to my excitement to share it to everybody! I take back my comment on the previous chapter. Looks like Russell learned from her and cherishes her. What a tsundere.
  2. Special release (4/5) in less than 48 hrs!

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