Chapter 033 – The Real Trap Set Behind The Floor Boss and The Mysterious Words of the Demon Lord

I kept on sitting on the ground as I stare at the black silhouette.

It’s a mysterious being who has the same height as me with its real appearance impossible to see.

An existence with a murky voice that is hard to discern if it’s from a boy or a girl.

There’s no mistaking it.

It’s the Adoria Dungeon’s Dungeon Maker – that Demon Lord.


[Using unimaginable large amounts of mana in exchange of a more destructive ability. It can’t be anything else but that. You’re a user of the Dark Magic of the Murderers of Makers, an Oath-bound ‘Dusk’s Magi’, no? I heard it’s troublesome to master but… Hm~ Hm~ as expected. After using that much dark magic, you can’t help but get tired, right?]


[And it seems like you can’t even afford to speak? Fufufu.]


The Demon Lord checked my condition and started to laugh.

Suddenly, it extended its hand and grabbed the head of the golden armor on the ground.

And at that moment, the remains of the floor boss disappeared.

I wonder if it used that method to collect it.


[Fumu. There’s almost nothing left in this [Wandering Living Amor of Oblivion]. Dark magic really as scary as what they said…]

[…What they said? You heard of it from somebody else?]

[Oh! oh, yes. If you’re alright then why didn’t you speak and chat with me earlier? Why still act hostile in a situation where my victory is almost a guarantee? We can settle everything in just a moment afterwards and that would be too boring.]


The Demon Lord leisurely spoke to start a conversation and still hasn’t decided to make its move.

…Well then, it all starts from here.


[Let me tell you something first. The reason I made a dungeon in this place is because of the recommendation of my best friend~.]

[A recommendation from a best friend? So you Demon Lords meet up before making a dungeon, huh.]

[Demon Lord… I can’t get used on that name but I shall allow it. It is as you say~. We makers are all residing in one place. In there, we are discussing about those annoying people then deciding on who and where someone should go~.]


…Now that’s unexpected. So, the Demon Lords are all gathering into one place and talks about us while actively increasing dungeons.

From that gathering, it’s this guy who they sent here.

Their reason for choosing this place should be the destruction of the orphanage and to wipe the people out from the same village.

And their main purpose is to break the spirit of the Holy Knight, Emmy.


[Fufufu. Perhaps you’ve thought that it would be impossible for me to appear, right? Like there’s no way another boss battle would happen, right? But you see, there are rules that can allow things to take place, you know?]


The Demon Lord unhurriedly walked over to the wall made of rocks that Sybilla had created.

It touched the wall then lightly tapped the ground with its foot.

–I see. So that’s what happened.


[You’ve covered up the original color of the ground, huh…]



The Demon Lord started to clap its hands seemingly happy.

That living armor floor boss… Rather, a ‘Wandering Living Amor of Oblivion’, huh…

When I was fighting against it, I was so hurried and panicked as its speed required me to make quicker and accurate decisions but due to it, I did not notice something so obvious. It only took a moment for us to know what’s wrong now that we’re done with that battle.


The color of the ground in the upper levels are the same as a cave.

The middle levels are bluish while the lower levels are reddish.

Then… why would the wall created by Sybilla from the rocks of this ground turned out to be purple?


And, perhaps there was something more from the very wide and long stairs we took before getting into this room.

When we fought the boss, the upper side of the stairs could be used to put the floor boss at an immediate disadvantage so it was weird why the boss had to be on the lower side. 

From all of these, then it should have been apparent already.

With just the length of the stairs, we should have already realized it.

We went lower… around one floor lower.


[Looks like you’ve realized it! I did all of these to deceive you people and think right from the start that this floor is still a part of the lower levels!]


…So, it is really the case.

In other words, the floor boss ‘Wandering Living Amor of Oblivion’ that we were fighting is something that should have been from the bottom levels.

No wonder it was strong enough to jump over a wall that almost reached the ceiling and land safely when it went over my head. I don’t think any normal swordsman would be able to fight something like that.

But because of it – I heard that voice.


[…Even still, you must have it hard, right?]


[Oh no. Did you really think that the woman behind you is an ally?]


I felt like I heard a sound of a single step coming from behind accompanied after by a sound of a gulp.

I did not look back to Sybilla and urged the Demon Lord to continue speaking using my chin.


[In the first place, you will never be able to get much rewards with just goblins’ materials. Paying for all of that equipment must be hard, right? Where do you think you will get all that money from?]


….What is this guy saying? Just as when I thought he’s trying to instigate something from me against Sybilla, why would he start to talk about how money works in the human society?

I’m sorry but I’m part of the people who can’t think that far.


[That  woman behind… It’s a goddess, right? Is it alright for you to be used until you die? Please try to think of it more harder.]


[Hey. Anyway, for us Makers… or as you’d say, Demon Lord? You’re being incited to kill us all, right? Do you know this? You who is bound from a Goddess’ Oath is similarly bound on the Goddess’ restrictions at the same time.  The closer you are, the stronger those restrictions will become.]


[You now have your magic. Even if you don’t kill us, as long as you have that magic, you’ll be able to live a blissful life. Facing no dangers, exploring the middle levels in a relax manner, eating all those meats, drinking all kinds of liquor, embracing all of those women, and even after money has fail you after everything, you can just start over. You can still be active even without equipment and even at a retiring age.]


[…Hey, how about you try to speak as well? Don’t tell me, after hearing all the things I said, you are… you’re not in agreement with me?]



[Is that so.]


In an instant, the air around the Demon Lord has changed.


[You’re so boring. Really, you oath bound people are getting all your heads messed up.]


It seems like the talk ends here.

I stood up and look at Sybilla.

Sybilla is… looking at me expressionlessly.

–Don’t worry. I understand.


[Give me the sword already.]



I took back the sword from Sybilla’s hands which she wasn’t able to use at all and swing it a few times to reaffirm my familiarity.


[<Enchant Darkness>]

(<Enchant Darkness>)


The mithril coated sword made of the dragon’s fang started to get covered in dark mana.


[Fufu. Its a mage who has exhausted all his mana and can’t cast anything else but Enchant Darkness in the middle of his suffering! It doesn’t seem like there would be a problem even though I wasn’t able to bring my pet.]


At that moment, I heard something from behind.

…Hey, could you hold back for a moment?

Let’s wait a little bit more.


[Well then, at least let me show you my true self before you meet your bitter ends!]


The black silhouette had started to dissipate as if the wind blew it over.

What appeared from it is a… strange figure.

What we weren’t able to see from the black silhouette is a stern face of a young man with no eye brows.

It’s precisely what was told about demons in stories.

…rather, this guy isn’t just a demon. It’s a Demon Lord.

Its skin is entirely purple. There are nerves that can bee seen in its eyes but… do Demon Lords normally have no pupils? They can still see properly even without it, huh.


[Fufufu. Not even a bit of a tiny shriek.]


Err, yeah. Seeing it for the first time sure is surprising…

I kept my mouth shut as the Demon Lord raised its hand toward my direction.


[Let’s break the ice with this. <Fireball>!]


While saying so, what came out from his mouth is a basic fire magic.

I raised my sword and used its flat side to deflect the fireball.


[I wonder how long will you last!]


I look at the Demon Lord’s figure from behind the flat side of my sword and… I can’t help my lips from smiling.

Well, then—

Let’s clean this up and get this victory in the bag.

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