Chapter 016 – Embracing the Goddess of Fortune From Behind by Holding her Bangs


It’s a word that could mean many different things depending on how it’s used. Or in short, a word that you can basically use about anything.

Normally— with our situation right now— there could only be one meaning behind it.

Offensive abilities.

Destructive strength.

Skills meant for violence.

It could only be one between these lines.

I stared back to Sybilla’s eyes.

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It seems like she isn’t just fooling around this time.

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[Just what in the world are you?]

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It’s the first thing I needed to ask and confirm.

I think we’ll have enough time to talk after I checked the wall of fire that separates us with the dragon.

After hearing my question, Sybilla started to look uncomfortable.

…Sybilla has been supporting me all this time.

She told me things I need to prepare for before we took the dungeon, she taught me how to get my mind straight, and her flexible thinking helped me broke through my shell.

I can’t help but admit that she really is knowledgeable as well.

Especially about priests’ magic.

However, for the Holy Maiden… or Saint’s magic, it seems she is unfamiliar with it.

I can tell based on her reaction to the Holy Maiden’s legend and the trick behind it.

There are things I find strange as well.

There are few points in history that were kept secret or just been left ­vague without further explanations.

And among them are the most important things for humanity.

–Demon Lord.

An existence that’s always been present in every heroes’ legacy in all generations.

There are legends as well of parties defeating the demon lord despite not being the hero’s party.

That’s why I thought. Maybe the heroes are ‘hiding the information about the demon lord on purpose’. 

The Hero or the Holy Maiden might have been thinking that sharing strategical information can be troublesome as other people could take away the honor of defeating the Demon King from them.

If I was the same person back then, perhaps I wouldn’t be able to think of such thing but… Thinking about the Holy Maiden who hid the fact the she used Cure Link for praise and honor and Vince who was chosen as the Hero, I think it all falls into place considering that the Goddess bestows classes based on people’s personality.

More important than the dangers approaching humanity, than companionship and friendships, are people’s personal greed.

Or rather, this reasoning is more realistically humane that I find it more believable.

Well, let’s stop this story for now.

In other words, the humanity of this generation can be said to have almost no idea.

About the existence of the Demon Lord… And Hell.

Sybilla really is knowledgeable about dungeons though, isn’t she?

Perhaps she is too knowledgeable.

I didn’t talk anymore and just looked at Sybilla. Maybe she finally gave up as she breathed out a deep sigh and started to speak diligently.

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[The truth is I already saw you back in Hammond. To be more accurate, I already saw all the priests in there.]


[I am looking for a recovery mage. A kind hearted person who bears hatred inside them. And among all of them, the one I got interested the most and the one who was unfairly treated the most, was you. I didn’t know back then that you were the saint though.]

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So Sybilla already knew me back in Hammond.

She’s really looking for priests that’s why she was familiar with recovery magic.

However, if that’s the case then there’s a question I need her to answer.

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[But you weren’t familiars with the Saint’s magic.]

[It’s because I know the things that I can and I can’t have. The [Hero] loved and cherished the [Holy Maiden] and there would be no chance of hatred between them. So even if I am familiar with priests, I have no idea at all about the [Holy Maiden]. It’s something like a black box… A box of secrets that I can’t see anything inside.]

[Did you plan it all ahead when we met at the orphanage?]

[How could I. It’s just that I heard information that a dungeon scarlet bat is scaring the children in here and decided to help, you know? That’s why when you helped me, the priest I was the most interested about, I can’t help but think that it was all destined to be.]



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After Sybilla said all of that… A faintly visible pair of black wings appeared on her back.

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[I’m… I’m a Goddess. But I am not the same goddess that the churches are worshiping, that’s the Sun Goddess. I am known as — the [Dusk Goddess].]

[Goddess of… Dusk…]

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I unconsciously muttered those words at the moment.

I’ve always thought that she is a really beautiful girl but I never expected for her to be a Goddess.

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[Or maybe being called as the ‘Evil Incarnate’ would suit me more for you followers of the Sun’s Goddess?]

[So it was really a cult invitation huh…]

[Fufufu. You can say that.]

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After she laughs happily, she changed her expression once again into a serious one.

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[Do you want power?]


[You who were betrayed by your companions, do you want power enough to overwhelm even the hero? A power strong enough for you to have your revenge be realized. Isn’t this what you desire?]

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…She looks like she isn’t kidding at all.

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[What… What is this power exactly?]

[Dark Magic. I will convert your power into the destructive dark magic. I’ll connect to the memories of this world and have it manifest no matter how many times and change your class from [Saint] to [Dusk Magi]. And if you’d just swear a Dusk’s Oath with me, I’ll grant you the strongest offensive magic attribute, dark magic.]

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An offensive magic that even I can use…

…Huh? No, wait.

What did Sybilla just now said?

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[When you said you’ll ‘convert’ my powers, does it mean I can’t learn it as a new one?]

[No. That wouldn’t be enough. I have to sacrifice all of the magic you have learned until now together with the knowledge and magical power you have for you to learn dark magic.]

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It isn’t really a huge price to pay in exchange.

I just have to forget all of the magic I learned which is just up to level 8.

I remember my childhood friends from the hero’s party.

The people who learned recovery magic with me.

A class specializing in offensive magic that had learned recovery magic all of a sudden, the [Sage], Jannet.

With heightened physical capabilities and is more powerful than recovery mages in all aspect, the [Holy Knight], Emmy.

And lastly… A person who is strong on both sword and magic specializing in offense. The one who grew up the same way as me but had been bestowed as the hero and eventually learned recovery magic, Vince.

I’ve always thought that I don’t need recovery magic anymore.

And how I’ve always wished to get an offensive magic instead.

The ultimate offensive magic attribute.

The thing that I’ve wanted to have all this time at all costs.

I’ll just have to sacrifice all the things I find unnecessary and I can finally get it in my hands.

Perhaps this opportunity will never come again.

I look at Sybilla and started to reply.

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–Then, I remember the lone child crying by herself on the corner of the road, Brenda.

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[I’m sorry, but I can’t do it.]


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And found myself… Against the idea.

…You see, I think that I figured out myself for who I am and what I wanted to be.

No matter how much painful it would be moving forward, I just can’t imagine myself abandoning a crying child and just do the things I wanted to do.

If even everything up to this point has been seen through by the Sun’s Goddess when she bestowed the [Saint] class on to me, then that Goddess… I really hate Her.

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[If I lose my recovery magic, won’t it be bad as there will be more children that I can’t help and will just keep on crying? That’s why I can’t accept it.]

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Sybilla had her eyes wide open upon hearing me and looked down as she hid her eyes that seems starting to brim with tears.

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[Oh… You really are that kind of person, right… It seems like I’ve underestimated the things a Saint can accomplish, huh… But… I hate you… I really really hate you right now… And the fact that I can’t hate you from what you said makes me hate you more…]

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Sybilla drops her hand that she extended towards me as if she lost all energy.

I grab that hand before It fell and squeeze it tightly.

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[By the way]

[What now. I don’t have any business with you anymore.]

[You still do.]

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Sybilla looks at me in surprise while still looking pretty embarrassed.

I look straight at her and said it clearly.

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[This and that are different things. But can’t you please teach me dark magic?]

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