Chapter 015 – Nothing is More Frightening than an Underestimated Enemy

A Demon Lord.

On what kind of an existence a Demon Lord is, I might not have a detailed description about it but… People would have an idea to some extent based on its name alone.

An overwhelming existence. The enemy of mankind.

The biggest wall existed in the legends of heroes.

And that very existence is right now in front of my eyes?

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[…Nn~, you seem to be on low spirits, my dear guests. You were able to finally meet me so shouldn’t we enjoy the occasion?]

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The dark shadow spoke leisurely.

For a Demon Lord to appear on the second floor of the dungeon… it’s certainly way beyond our expectations.

It sure feels bad blaming the Goddess for every single thing but for the Saint who was just expelled from the hero’s party and had been left alone to encounter a Demon Lord almost immediately… Can’t this life be nothing but like a joke?

Will it be able to… kill me?

…No. Wouldn’t it be bad to start things from there?

At least it did not decide to deal with us at once. Rather, it looks like it wants to talk instead.

If that’s the case, then rather than fighting an uphill battle, wouldn’t it be better if we can somehow settle this with words? I don’t know. Maybe it could work. It would be nice if it does.

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[…Why are you doing this?]

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After it heard my question, the Demon Lord seemed pretty happy and started to speak on I think is a cheerful voice.

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[Splendid! So splendid indeed! Yes, yes. You humans are aiming to defeat us Dungeon Makers and stop the dungeon from summoning any creatures at all. That’s why in response, I am going to attack the most troublesome people in humanity’s midst.]

[Us? So, there are multiple dungeon makers sharing the information to keep track of people huh… Huh? The most troublesome people?]

[Indeed, it is ‘us’. We originally belong to the same origin before though. Fufufu, it’s my first time talking with someone and it is certainly delightful. Oh, instead of saying the most troublesome people, I think it’s better to say it’s plucking out some of its annoying parts.]

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…Annoying parts…

Somehow, I have a really bad feeling about this.

Adoria Village is a quiet and peaceful place and there could only be few things that would get a Demon Lord’s attention in there.

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[Base on what you said, when you say annoying parts, is it somehow related to Adoria Village?]

[Good insight! Yes, This village, indeed! Specially that orphanage. It’s the best~]

[…The orphanage?]

[Ah you got it right! I heard from my friend that in that place resides the one the protector of the [Hero], the [Holy Knight], cherishes in her heart the most!]

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Damn it! My guts hit the mark!

This guy’s target is the hero’s party.

And of all person it’s Emmy. The one Emmy cherishes in her heart the most huh… So, this guy’s aim would probably Gemma-baa-san and the kids.

At the same time, I can’t help but be worried for another reason.

This isn’t really the time to be worried about Gemma-baa-san and the kids of the orphanage.

This guy’s target… includes me as well.

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[You’re aiming for the [Holy Knight]? Isn’t the [Hero] more troublesome?]

[The Hero’s physical and mental attributes aren’t fragile, don’t you know? That’s the most important aspect of this strategy. Well, since I’m on it already let me tell it to you as well.]

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Strategy… The Demon Lord’s strategy?

The Demon Lord who is said to be is devastatingly strong is talking about strategy?

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[The monsters don’t have heads to think.  But for someone like me, I can easily figure out what to do to deal with the Hero’s party. The one we should aim for is the recovery mage that serves as the healer but there’s always the shield to cover it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can take down the Holy Maiden in an instant? It’s such a shame that she’ll get protected immediately.]


[Oh, what I mean is the priest, my mistake. In other words, to take down the priest, we have to break the [Holy Knight] first, then after that is the [Sage]. I’ve heard that the [Holy Maiden] has not appeared this time so the [Hero]’s priest is probably weak. As long as we break the Holy Knight’s heart, we can take that opportunity to instantly get rid of the priest. This should be the basics of a battle, right? With the humans’ innate disadvantages in long and exhausting fights, even the hero’s party are just small fries without their recovery mage.]

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I can feel my back drenched in cold sweat upon hearing it.

I have an impression of the Demon Lord somewhere in my mind.

A cruel and violent existence… Someone who uses muscles for brains.

That’s what I’ve always believed but this…

After I heard what the Demon Lord said, I found his image that was built in my head crumble in an instant.

To gather intelligence about the hero’s party in advance.

To accurately grasp the advantages of the difference in race and class.

Further, to wear down the enemy’s mentality before a direct confrontation.

—He’s strong.

Despite his overwhelming strength as a Demon Lord, he didn’t put his guard down and is trying to increase his chances of victory instead.

This kind of person are the most difficult to deal with.

But there’s one thing I notice.

It did not realize that I’m the [Saint] from the Hero’s party.

The class bestowed this generation wasn’t the [Holy Maiden], but the [Saint].

That’s why it would be almost impossible for them to find the [Holy Maiden] no matter how long they wait and they had failed to notice it.

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[Then… What are you planning to do with us now? We aren’t a party capable of fighting a Demon Lord though?]

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I don’t want to fight him head on at all costs.

With that in mind, I’ll have to do everything and escape the current situation in other ways.

It certainly isn’t a cool way to settle this but no matter how much mana and over the top the recovery magic of a [Saint] class is, I don’t think there’s any way for me to beat a Demon Lord.

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[Nn~ you have a point. And we’ve already talked this much that it feels like a waste disposing you by my own hands. I have something else to do too.]

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Nice. I think we managed to avoid a direct battle somehow.

When I nervously glance at Sybilla, she looks like a bit relieved as well as she breathed out a deep sigh.

I guess she wanted to avoid a direct battle too.

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[Now then, how about I’ll give you an opponent that may serve as well an operations test.]

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…Operations test?

Before I could figure out the meaning behind those words, a beam of light sprung up from the purple ground.

The light grew bigger and started to take shape. After the light eventually subsided, a creature with a large body covered with fire has appeared.

Sybilla fell on her butt as she points her finger and called the name of the creature that had appeared with eyes and voice full of fear.

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[Fire Dragon…]

[….Wa-What? Sybilla, oi!]

[That… That guy’s really bad! It’s a Fire Dragon. The highest form of the salamanders and one of the highest fire attribute monsters of Hell!]

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For a dragon to appear in such a place… Really…

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[Aha, operation test successful. Now I’ve finished my work as well so I’ll take a little rest. It was fun talking with you, humans. Goodbye.]

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After saying those words, the demon lord vanished.

The only ones remaining in here are me, Sybilla, and the fire dragon.

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[Sybilla! We’ll make a run for it!]

[Aw- That’s impossible! That thing is set as a floor boss! We will not be able to use the stairs! -ah!]

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When I turned to the direction of the screaming girl, I saw that the stairs on the other side is covered by brimming wall of light.

It looks like wind barrier and won’t probably budge the slightest upon touching.


The fire dragon raises its voice and look at us.

…It’s still pretty bad even when we did not face off with the Demon Lord.

I thought that we’ll have a chance if it’s not the Demon Lord, but this is so ridiculous.

The magics that Sybilla can use are Fire ball, Fire Arrow and Fire Javelin.

To try and beat the monster of the highest class of the salamander’s race with those can’t be anything but a fool’s handiwork that would destroy even a party.

I don’t want to fight this head on.

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[Eh? Ah!]

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I grabbed Sybilla’s hand and run into a passage on the side of the cave in high speed.

I can see behind Sybilla’s uneasy face the fire dragon opening its jaws.

It must have run out of patience.

Without knowing, I did something that even I didn’t even dare to imagine.

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[<Wind Barrier>!]

(<Wind Barrier>!)

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I desperately shouted the casting of the defensive magic and chanted it at the same time inside my mind in fear that it might not make it in time.

As a result.

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[So ho–…! Eh!? Woah….]

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The thickness of the Wind Barrier was able to deflect the fire breath the dragon used from burning us.

Did it blow the fire and increase its intensity? Or maybe it got mixed up with some other kind of gasses from the surroundings and blew the fire to the ground?

Anyway, the double casted magic was able to work out better than expected.

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[For a wind magic to reduce a fire magic up to this extent… ah]

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I immediately casted Heal Link afterwards. It looks like Sybilla noticed it right away.

We need to reduce the chances of uncertainties from minor injuries, lack of stamina, or burns that can slow down our speed.

After the we blocked the fire breath, the fire dragon from the other side of the wall of fire did not pursue.

We let out a deep sigh in relief as we went into a the passage where the dragon’s body would not be able to enter.

I just felt that I almost died. It was really a hair’s breadth away from death.

However, we will not able to do anything else at this rate.

The stairs going up is sealed.

I can tell base on our understanding of the first floor that there is no other way to get in and out of here other than that.

Also, considering how cautious the Demon Lord’s way of thinking is, I doubt he won’t seal other paths if there’s any.

I know that we have no other way but to defeat the fire dragon but… It can’t be anything other than a tough and reckless battle.

What do should we do…

Sybilla approached me all of a sudden. We are so close that a single push is enough to have our faces touch.

I can see her beautiful face staring directly into my eyes.

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[What’s with you, all of sudden]


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Sybilla did not reply to my question and asked me once again.

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[Do you believe in the Goddess?]

[I told you already, right? In the first place, after giving me a class that’s not able to fight against these kinds of danger, how am I supposed to believe now?]

[True. Then…]

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[Do you want power?]

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