WJ 03 – Gloomy

[Before anything else, I’d like to thank you for your help.] (M)

[People should help each other in times of need, you see. It’s just my turn to extend my hand earlier.] (D)

[Please, I can’t begin to imagine what could have happened if you weren’t there, Dill-san…] (M)

It seems Miss still fears from the incident earlier as her face is still pale so Dill gently talks to her to calm her down.

The old man however honestly believes inside that Miss would have been able to escape that situation whether he intervened or not.

Afterall, the guards immediately arrived after he incapacitated the man and they made a swift response.

Dill thinks that someone from the bar actually contacted the authority right immediately without getting any attention from anyone.

However, he finds no reason to actually point those facts out.

There are times that ignorance is indeed bliss.

Miss was able to escape that adventurer because of his help. 

Dill decided to leave what happened to be as simple as that.

No more, no less. As talking about it further would only let the girl recall her fearful memories.

[Now, now. Oh right, can you enlighten this old man why are we here?] (D)

Dill decides to stir away from the topic and move away from the gloomy atmosphere by asking Miss of which the girl complied.|

‘All of the people around on this floor look like experts.’

Miss then starts her explanation on the registration and adventurers in general to Dill.

Miss also cheers him up wishing him good luck in this career and this made Dill relieved that this switching of topic was really able to help the young girl at least forget the earlier incident so now he lets himself relax as well.

[I find this chair actually marvelous. It ain’t hurting my back at all.] (D)

[It’s a sofa that’s made from monster materials so it’s quite expensive. It’s worth the price though.] (M)

‘Now that’s a surprise’ (D)

It seems that the wooden desk is also made from tree monsters as he asked the girl about it.

‘Seems like being an adventurer killing monsters and all ain’t that bad of a choice after all.’ (D)

Such thoughts are running in Dill’s head as he surveys the things and furniture made out of monsters.

[How much is the registration fee?] (D)

[To compensate for putting you in trouble earlier, I’d write it down at the Guild’s expense.] (M)

[Oho, is that so. I appreciate it.] (D)

Dill gives his thanks to the young girl without any question.

‘To not decline any favor that the wind blows on his way’,

That’s one of the beliefs Dill lives by in his life.

[As for your Guild card… We can’t provide it to you right now so please use this certificate for the meantime. It might take a week but please bear with us.] (M)

[I understand. Does this mean that I can now just smack any monster left and right?] (D)

[Smack… But yeah, you’re not wrong.] (M)

[I haven’t fought a monster in this long life of mine though. For starters, I’d like to start with the weakest one. What should these old bones do?] (D)

‘Young girl, I think you still have a long ways to go as a receptionist if you can’t hide your expressions every now and then, hohoho.’

Dill thinks so as he finds the surprise reaction on Miss face kind of amusing.

Such a contrast from a sharp looking beautiful girl who looks all smarts and knows it all who actually has a naïve and cute side could perhaps deeply hook a guy or two.

‘This young lady still somehow feels innocent about the ways of the world.’

Dill begins to think so as he looks at the young lady in the reception.

[Here on this floor, the second one… There are a lot of references such as maps and encyclopedias that adventurers can use for guidance.] (M)

[I see… Will it be alright if you could help on that part?] (D)

[Huh..? …Uhm, sure… That’s fine. If it’s you then I can help this much, Dill-san.] (M)

Miss says that the book uses many pictures and diagrams to make it easy to read even for people who aren’t literate enough to use books. Dill, however, can only scratch the back of his head.

[That ain’t what’s stopping me, though… I’m actually far-sighted. So staring at fine letters ain’t really that good for this old man’s vision.] (D)

[…I see… if that’s the case, then I’ll teach you step by step.] (M)

[Please take good care of me. Is it alright if we start now?] (D)

[Yes. Just let me get them and I’ll be back. Please wait a moment, I’ll do it now!!] (M)

[You can take your tim– oh, there she goes…] (D)

Dill can only stare at the back of Miss who’s practically sprinting on her way before he lets the sofa caress his back once again.

There’s actually a reason why Dill made all the trouble so the girl would give him a one on one lecture.

For Dill who just arrived and doesn’t know anyone, even he can tell that Miss isn’t behaving like she usually does.

After all, she got almost violently assaulted by a man she doesn’t, or maybe she does, know.

The girl is probably thinking of doing her best to return the favor she received from her benefactor but once time cools down those feelings and the calm gets over her head, then Dill won’t have any idea how this young lady usually behaves.

It would also be such a waste if such a cute girl develops a certain phobia against all men.

As such, being a man himself, and her benefactor on top of it, perhaps his presence could help the young girl avoid such a fearful future because of this incident.

‘Having things to do will distract you from all your own demons, after all.’ (D)

Then, slowly, but surely, time will help and weaken the trauma from this bad memory.

What Miss needs now is time, things to get herself occupied with, and an environment where she doesn’t remember that fearful man as much as possible.

Dill, with such thoughts in mind, then gets up on his chair as shivers attack his spine.

[I ain’t cheating dear, goodness!! It ain’t cheating, I’m just looking after her like a daughter… or rather, can a man leave a girl who’s suffering on her own…? Yeah, that’s just it…]

Dill, after being a widow for a long time, can still only be defensive in memory of his beloved wife and the it appears that the fears that he develop in his marriage are still deeply ingrained in his spine.

[I’m back, Dill-san…. Uhm, what are you doing?] (M)

[Hmm… I’m repenting?] (D)

[Why does it sound like you’re asking?] (M)

[…I wonder why…] (D)

The two of them sat back in their chairs while both of them confusingly tilt their heads.

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