WJ 02 – Since Leaving and Moving Forward

Dill had been rocking and shaking in a carriage for about two weeks since he left from his hometown, Toka Village, towards the city of Gian.

After a brief consultation Dill had with his own pockets, he decided to take the cheapest carriage going to Gian, and as a result, his whole body is sore and hurting all throughout the trip.

In order to make the best of his time in the carriage, he decides to test out how to use his skill, Foresight, for the past two weeks.

As a result, Dill discovered new things about his kill and found a silver lining in his long journey.

First from the list is that Foresight is a skill that allows him to understand what’s the most optimal way to move his whole body.

It’s undoubtedly a skill best useful in combat but the skill also made it possible for him to move his body and minimize the pain of his joints and lower back from the continuous shaking of the carriage.

Secondly, there are practical limitations in using Foresight.

Its effective time varies as it only lasts only a few seconds sometimes whereas there are also moments where Dill was able to maintain it even after using it for several minutes.

He only activated the skill once on all of these instances and every time the effectiveness of Foresight expires, Dill’s golden years take over and fills him with fatigue.

By using his Foresight, it made it possible for him to move his body despite its exhaustion without waiting for it to naturally recover.

However, by doing so, the amount of exhaustion he’ll get will be many times over compared to before.

As far as his experimentation goes, he also discovered that he’d be able to use Foresight five times in a row before he hit his limits.

Perhaps Dill can extend his tolerance and activation time if he continues to use Foresight more than that but he didn’t dare to do so.

He knew that if he let himself drown in his skills and become too complacent with it, it would definitely get back at him.

Dill, as an elder who had plenty of experience in his life, thinks that his skill has a potential to be quite addicting and corrupting in a similar sense as alcohol and womanizing.

Afterall, continuous use of Foresight will allow him to move without feeling any pain or inconvenience.

That’s quite the temptation considering all the back and muscle pain Dill suffered after spending the first week of his journey in agony.

There’s also another potential he unlocked in his skill during this trip.

If he imitates the move Foresight taught him on his own after activating the skill, then he could practically get the result from it.

That’s why in his spare time, after Foresight taught him how to balance his body and lessen his body pain from the trip, Dill mastered how to change his body’s center of gravity even without activating his skill.

Because his body already knows how it feels, it wasn’t that difficult for him to redo the whole thing.

The ability to predict and react during combat, to optimize your whole body and mitigate any pain or impact, and the secondary benefits of being able to ingrain what Foresight taught him to his muscle memory.

In spite of the drawback that he might become too dependent on this skill, Dill had managed to use his time along the way to greatly improve his understanding of his Foresight and discovered these three things about it.

After that, he will have no choice but to get used to using the skill while experiencing actual battles.

With that in mind, he knocked on the door of the adventurer’s guild in the center of the city.

And for some reason, he ended up helping a woman who was about to be taken away, and he was also able to successfully use the skill Foresight in practice.

Although his looks might have played a part in getting his opponent off guard, he was still able to disarm someone who’s apparently known to be quite strong in this town.

Not to mention, he only used a wooden sword that hasn’t been maintained since it was made a long time ago. Perhaps if he can upgrade his equipment to an iron sword, Dill expects that he can improve his combat abilities much further.

With this much, Dill thought that it may be possible to send money to Thor and the others after he secure enough funds for him to eat and sleep.

Such thoughts are running inside Dill’s head as he watches the man who fainted being pulled away by the guards.

“Perhaps an official will be coming later for me?” (Dill)

“It will be fine. Everyone here should vouch for Dill-san… ISN’T THAT RIGHT?”

This lass Miss’ smile should have been a beautiful one as she looks over at everyone but for some reason, it has a threatening vibe.

‘I could practically see a tigress behind her.’ (Dill)

Dill’s been under the impression that the girl in front of him is a frail lass, but for some reason, his image of the girl changed outright.

And with the young lady’s lead, Dill went through the counter, walked further and further to the second floor.

‘Not like she’s going to suck my pockets dry, right?’

Or so Dill had been thinking when he started to reminisce about what just happened.

He’s still just an aspiring adventurer from a moment ago but just when he opens the door, he’s immediately welcomed by a scene of violence… When you think about it that way, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

As thoughts and fears of that may happen by following the young lady lingers in his head, Dill recalls Miss’ smile and decides not to worry.

‘Truthfully, I don’t have any idea where to start either.’

In the first place, for an oldman like him who knew nothing but that adventurers were those who slashed enemies to death, it was impossible for him to know where to start with this adventurer thing.

‘Still… I guess there’s no need to worry that much after what happened just now.’

There is also a last resort of forcibly escaping by continuously using his Foresight.

‘Besides, who knows when I will die. The fact that I was able to help a lone girl is more than enough.’

As he walked with such an optimistic , or maybe pessimistic, thought, Miss stopped and slowly opened the door for him.

What is inside the room are luxurious-looking chairs and desks that Dill has never used in his life.

As Dill walked towards the chair on the right, he saw Miss walking towards the chair on its opposite side.

“Please make yourself comfortable.” (M)

Dill takes his seat as Miss says so and by the time his weight has fully inclined to the seat, his poker face immediately crumbles at the soft touch of the leather caress his back and bottoms in full comfort.

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