WJ 01 – In the Adventurer’s Guild

Jiga is a country with a broad, flat-shaped territory. Surrounded by the sea in the north and sacred peaks on the remaining three sides, the terrain makes it difficult for other countries to attack, and peace actually lasted for over 200 years.

In the southwestern part of it, around the Restora Mountains is a town located.

The town is known as the Iron General District Guian – it is a place known for blood and steel as people of all races gathered in order to fight the monsters descending down from the mountains.

And as usual, Gian’s adventurer’s guild is once again filled with hustle and bustle.

[I’ve already said ‘no’. Please don’t get in the way of my official duties any more.]

[How could you say that? Don’t be like that, what’s the harm in going out with a date once or twice?]

‘For goodness’ sake, you’re killing the life out of me!!!’

Curses are already flooding in her heart but the lone receptionist still responded with an impeccable smile.

[I’m sorry, I’m currently in a relationship with my career.]

[You don’t have to be like that, Miss-chan.]

She sways her hair, a wavy golden color, ephemeral like a crashing white wave.

Her malachite eyes then turned so sharp that they could almost penetrate as she stared at the man with a firm gaze.

The adventurer guild’s famous receptionist, Miss, as always, has her impregnable walls stand firm against all the men trying to flirt with her.

The man who had been in high spirits until just now then trembled under her gaze, apologized, and quickly left the guild.

Miss then lets out a sigh as she looks at the guy who turned pale as he immediately ran away from the place.

Her job as a receptionist isn’t easy. They need to make extraordinary efforts to make the adventurers feel appreciation about their work and at the same time build a relationship that has set boundaries not any of them could just step in.

Since the counter she was in charge of was vacant, she shifted her line of sight to the right and turned her attention to the tavern that’s attached as well to the adventurer’s guild.

There were drunk men screaming and crying as the alcohol got into their heads.

‘…and of all people, that’s just the type of men who usually make their advances shamelessly…’

Many adventurers prefer a momentary way of life.

They tend to live their everyday life like it’s their last thus they don’t keep that much savings for themselves. As such, Miss, who’s been a witness of their livelihood, has not the slightest bit of interest in choosing an adventurer as her spouse.

Perhaps if their rank increases then they might get more earnings and can eventually save money.

Because if an adventurer made it to the very top, they will be able to obtain a fortune that will last until the generation of their grandchildren.

‘A stable way of living and financial stability are the most important things!’

Miss reassures herself in her heart when she suddenly stifles her breath.

When she turned toward the direction where the suffocating smell was coming from, she saw an adventurer in front of her.

[Hey, let’s go grab a drink around somewhere.]

From the smell of alcohol that wafted from his mouth, Miss instantly knew that the man couldn’t have been more drunk as he is.

Judging from the man’s red face and unsteady gaze, chances are that he isn’t thinking straight.

[My apologies, but I am in the middle of work righ–…]

[Gaah, Didn’t cha hear what I said!? Just who the hell do ya think putting bread on y’er table, huuhh!!!?]

[T-that hurts!!!]

Miss felt a sharp pain in her wrist and wasn’t able to stop herself from screaming.

As expected of an adventurer, his grip is so strong that a lone woman like Miss can’t shake it off.

[Please be reminded that any disputes and harassments within the guild or its employees are strictly prohibited.]

There’s only death waiting for a man who’d even attempt to do something like this. 

If he’s fortunate he will fall into slavery, at worst he will be decapitated on the same day.

Because of the guild’s severe penalties, the adventurers follow this rule at least.

He will probably get captured by the guards that will rush into this place once they heard the report. 

…Although that might still be in the future.

[Haa!? You dare defy this C-rank adventurer, Margal-sama!!?]

The man who’s over the counter gathers more strength and the wooden desk begins to creak.

Margal smiles at the sight of Miss’ arm turning red and blue from the tightness of his grip.

Miss, for the first time in her life, felt pain that she had never imagined before. As tears start to form in her eyes and the pain numbs her heart, she pleads…

[P-please, it hurts! I-i’m sorry – I’ll go. Please…]

[Now that’s a good girl. I’ll make sure to shower ya with lots of love later.]

Neither the man’s words nor the rules of the guild had already reached Miss’ ears.

The fact that the guards should be rushing to this place soon did not bring her comfort at all.

Because, even if they did come, what if it’s already too late when they arrived?

What if by then her chastity had already been tainted by this man?

Such a deplorable future is the only thing that keeps running inside her head and it won’t go away.

Miss takes a look at the people around her while shedding tears of pain.

She then realizes that no one is willing to help. She wishes she just didn’t raise her hopes because now she felt more devastated.

Witnessing the damage done by the C rank adventurer, the highest rank that can be reached by ordinary people, to the wooden counter, everyone doesn’t want to intervene for their own lives.

Among those who could only watch Miss’ tragedy are the men who usually tries to court her around.

[Hey, get over here!]

Perhaps because she knew that no one would help her, Miss didn’t even bother to resist.

She walks through the counter as instructed, and as her body trembles, she follows the man for the fear of her life.

Her shoulders uncontrollably twitch while her legs tremble as fear and physiological disgust assault Miss as she walks towards her miserable future resulting in her steps being very little. Margal, seeing how Miss conducts herself, then raises his arms and slaps her as loud as he could.



[Shut up and move faster. Follow me!!]

The dull pain in her cheek, the pressure in her arm, and the pain in her heart, born of despair that she’s alone and no one else is on her side.

Everything tormented her and eroded Miss’ heart.

In the midst of her despair, she could only rub her own tears with her left hand.

Miss lamented the unreasonableness of her world…and so she wishes.

‘….Please… Someone…’

She wishes for someone. Not a coward like everyone in this place, but a dashing prince that will set her free. 

A person who would risk his life and dedicate himself to ensure her safety.

She wishes. Albeit it’s practically an impossibility.

‘Whoever you are, please…’

Perhaps it is an escapism brought upon by her fears. 

However, Miss still couldn’t help but make a wish.

No matter how much she knows how to keep her distance against men, she is still a woman under twenty. She’s not strong enough to reject the absurdity of strength and unreasonableness of strong existences.

‘…………help me…………’

Even inside her heart, Miss’ voice is already weakening as her hopes dim as the door’s about to be in front of them.

But just as she’s about to step out the door under the tight hold of Margal… they suddenly stopped.

An old man stood on their way outside.

[… Oya, oya, what do we have here? Hmm.]

He has a wrinkled appearance, a wooden sword hanging from his waist, with his back bent and no longer straight.  

He is your typical old grandpa that you can find anywhere else but the adventurer’s guild.

At that moment, the pressure that Miss feels from her arm that’s being tormented suddenly disappeared. 

She instead became dumbfounded.


[Whatever you are going through, you shouldn’t let your girl shed her tears. When you see your girl cry, you should apologize no matter whose fault it is.]

Its because the old man then gently holds Miss’ other hand. His arm is as thin as a dead tree’s branch that it looks like it could just suddenly snap. However, it’s the same hand that extended her help when there’s on one else on her side. 

[…Oy, old man, are those your last words?]

[I’ve already made my will long ago. I can just die anytime.]

[I see… Then—!!]

Margal, whose face is bright red like a boiled octopus, instantly takes out the ax from his waist and swings it down.

The blow is so fast Miss couldn’t follow it with her eyes. It made her realize what actual strength a C-rank adventurer has and could only lament for the old man.

…However, the situation she had imagined did not arrive.

The old man bent down instantly, strikes the wooden sword on Margal’s index finger holding the ax to disrupt his attack, and smash Margal’s head before he recovers his stance. 

No one was able to utter a word even until Margal fainted and fell to the ground with his eyes all white.

[But I don’t want to. I’d like to live until my grandchild gets married.]

*A-a-ouch ouch ouch ouch…*

The old man groans a bit even though he didn’t have a single scratch.

He walks toward Miss and rubs her hair before holding her hand once again.

[Forgive me. It seems I’ve been rough with your boyfriend.]

[… No… Uhm… That isn’t…]

[My name’s Dill. And the young lady is?]

[… Miss…]

[I see. What a beautiful name.]

Miss can’t properly speak as her hand gets held firmer and shaken by her benefactor.

Contrary to her wish, what appeared in front of her was not a prince on a white horse with a sparkling smile.

The person who took Miss’s hand was a bent old man you could find anywhere.

His arms, which seem to be just bones and skin stuck together, are so fragile that they seem to break at any moment.

But to her, those arms seemed stronger and stronger than anything else in the world.

Dill gently strokes the head of Miss, who is about to cry again with her relief.

His behavior, as if she was trying to soothe a poor girl, gave Miss the tickles.

[I came here to register as an adventurer, but is there an age limit?]

[No… you’re good, Dill-san.]

Miss nodded her head slightly, trying to cover her embarrassment.  

Then she turned her smile to Dill, and in her bell-like voice she said,

[Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild…]

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I really came here to translate for filial piety and other platonic love but gosh. xD
  2. Based from the cover, he isn’t just your typical old man though. He actually looks like the elderly Instagram models xD

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