Chapter 066 – A Brief Moment of Tranquil After The Fight with the Floor Boss. Looking Back on Things in this Adventure

Well then, it’s time to proceed with our loot and bounty but… No matter how much I look at it, retrieving the whole body of this floor boss is an impossible matter.
It all boils down into one single problem.
The layout of the second floor of this dungeon is so hatefully large that it’s such a pain in the butt to even draft the map.
Furthermore, we need to carry this ridiculously large and heavy things as we climb the pyramid upwards.
….Really, I can’t emphasize enough how much I agree with Sybilla when she screamed that this dungeon is just so damn frivolous, extra, and unnecessary.

However, for now, as Sybilla suggested, we are camping and taking relish with the meat of the floor boss. A dragon’s meat.

[Now say, ‘aaahhnn’~]
[Ahhh~~—- Guh. *nom nom nom nom* …! Ohhh, deym, this, it ain’t like anything I ate before… Woulda been great if the brats can eat it tooooo — ah, sorry ‘bout that. Please ignore what I just said.]
[This is your reward for taking up the unreasonable task I gave you earlier, you know. So don’t hold back and eat a lot. Of Course we can pack it up and take it back home but would you believe me if I say that eating your portion right here and right now will satisfy you several times better?]
[I – I see… Gotchu, I’ll be eating then like there ain’t no tomorrow!]

Sybilla continues on her cooking while giving Eve all the portions that have already been roasted.
And Emmy, whose eyes don’t discriminate whether as long as food has some taste, sits beside Eve grabbing the roasted meat with her one after another.

But no matter how bottomless their appetites seem to be, there’s still a limit on how fast they can finish the food in their hands.
Sybilla, who’s been doing nothing but talk a bit and roast meat after all this time, finally stands up.


I stand up as well hearing her call me out and follow her silently.
Somehow, I can guess why. This would be the second time.

…As expected, the place where Sybilla led me to is the body of the dragon.
She extended her hand towards the dragon’s chest and cut it in a familiar manner down to the its stomach.

Right then, she pulled out a little piece of flesh from it and starts to wordlessly roast it in fire.

[This one should work fine too, you’ll see.]
[Well, I’m looking forward to it.]

Yep, it’s a dragon’s heart.
The last time I ate the fire dragon’s heart made me level up, so I am kind of wondering if perhaps something similar will provide the same effect.

[Needle Earth Dragon, perhaps apart from the one summoned, the other one is from Seiris Second Dungeon. Facing two of it even for me almost made me cry in fear… If we didn’t have Emmy-chan, then it wouldn’t have been strange if we just ended up dying together.]

Yeah… Really, why do you have to imagine something scary at this time.
Dragons as floor bosses sure are strong. However, they are quite few in numbers.
Though I gave Emmy my dark magic’s attributes and properties, perhaps she with her strength alone can suppress and defeat the dragon on her own.
I already realized this back in Seiris third dungeon but… She’s really really strong.

With these things running in my head, I grab the dragon’s heart and put it in my mouth.
…What a taste. This alone is really worth to be called the reward itself.

But more than the taste…

— [Dusk Magi] Level 12 <Abyss Trap> —

…This amount of experience points is just really extraordinary.
I didn’t level up even when we fought the Blue Gigantos and the floor boss, but, this thing became the final push for my level to grow further.

[…Due to the level of Dark Magi really hard to raise, perhaps the effectiveness of this would be more effective if eaten by others?]
[Oh, you’ve noticed a good point. It is, that’s why dragon slayers who were able to achieve such a tremendous feat by killing a dragon are realms higher than all of the masses. The lot of A rank adventurers in the city who experienced such gaps are very good examples.]
[I see. That’s why everybody’s trying to be one huh.]
[That’s just how things are… Ofcourse, being successful as a dragon slayer is a matter of only one person for every one hundred thousand, though.]

….I guess that’s a reasonable number.
Everyone, after all, is longing to be a  hero. I was once like that, and Vince too.
To be someone who will be remembered forever in tales of heroic stories.
That’s… That’s how it was until I got my class.

And reality can’t be any more harsh.
With recovery magic, I was able to hold on with the fight against the fire dragon but it would be impossible to defeat it in a head on battle.
I can’t help but wonder how many people who aspired to be dragon slayers found themselves right in front of their very dreams just for it to actually shattered.

…I have dark magic and Sybilla’s support.
But, even with these special abilities, I still can’t say that I can do things alone.
During these disadvantageous moments, and even now, I’ve already felt I lost before it ended. In fact, I’ve resolved myself to defeat the demon lord this time but at the end, I let him escape.

Sybilla, basically, is the brain of the party, while Emmy is serving as our shield and defender, and Eve on the other hand does the distractions and assassinations.
And, the one who should be the sword and main offensive power of this party, would be no one else but me. 
I can’t keep doing this up. I have to step up as necessary.


I hear a faint noise just as I was clenching my fist.
Something like this happened last time and I was caught offguard…


It only took a moment for my suspicion to turn into conviction.

–Sybilla – has made her move already and is happily devouring the other dragon’s heart.

[Hey, isn’t that supposed to be Emmy’s….?]
[Emmy-chan is strong enough that she doesn’t need to elevate another level, no? She won’t even eat this without me telling anything to her. With that being the case, I should just take it as my own.]
[…Have you really already forgotten what’s ‘shame’…?]
[Rather, aren’t you just the only one thinking that I will hold back on such things, no? It would be better if you fix these presumptions that I would let such good opportunities go, you know~? Sybilla-chan will forever be the Goddess and will always bless those who have sworn on Dusk Oath, but that will not change the fact that my will and desires come first and foremost!]

Yeaah…  Really, what can I say…
Among everyone in here, who else could understand this girl the most but me who spent the most time with her.
Ah, this girl really is hopeless.

I just don’t know if there will ever be a day I can fully understand this frivolous Goddess.
I mean, I just can’t see it coming if you’ll ask me. And if we’re going to how her mind even operates, then let me say this right off this second my will to surrender.
Yareyare, I know she won’t guide us into something shady but I can’t just let myself always be swayed by her pace.

Though until the day I can fully understand her… I can’t help but think that her unpredictability in itself will always remain to bewonderful.

We tidy things some more in the dungeon before we start packing to leave eventually.
To be honest, remembering that we have to go through to the expansive second floor of this dungeon just makes me lose my will to go back to this place if we don’t have Sybilla.

However, with Sybilla leading us, we’re able to get out right away from the second floor.
It really is relieving to have her.

[We’ve ended up making you stick with us so late, didn’t we, Eve-chan. But we’re really thankful for the help you gave us today.]
[Tha-that’s alright! If it’s for yah Sybilla-san then it doesn’t matter! Anytime, anywhere!]

Sybilla then right immediately hearing those words… turn silent as her smile flashes a suspicious grin.
…Yeah, she’s up to something no good once again .

[Oh… I see, anytime, anywhere, is it?]
[Eh? Uhm, Imma do it as long as it’s something I can dooo….]

Sybilla then turns to our direction and gave me and Emmy a very simple instruction.

[You guys head back first.]

Sybilla then turns her back on us without sparing a glance to our disappointed figures. She then grabs Eve by her shoulders and immediately leaves with her. Hey, if someone else sees you right now you might get suspected as a kidnapper, you know.
Me and Emmy look at each other at the same time and both of us can’t help but let out a sigh with how fast things have just gone by. 

[…Guess we might as well head back now.]
[Ahahaha, sure…]

I look to the direction where Sybilla headed and upon seeing her joyful expression, I came upon a premonition.

–I am one hundred percent sure that she will cause some trouble.

Work hard, Eve! I can fully understand the way you look at her like she’s going to be quite a bother but hey, I’m cheering for you!
That’s all I can do for you so goodluck!

But really, launching this dungeon raid when we’re supposed to rest at the inn after having dinner is just mentally exhausting.
It isn’t as bad compare to the last night we had but I am not feeling really well either.
I’d probably take longer hours of sleep, I guess.

[Waaah… The futon feels so gooood… I ate too much too… Goodnight~~~~]
[Sure, you’ve worked hard.]
[Goodnight, oh Dusk magi-samaaa~ ehehehehe~~~…]

The way she calls me out that last time is rather strange that I can’t help but get a little freak out.
I’m still thinking on how to return a reply but looks like she’s already asleep as I can already hear her breathing getting calm.
It’s kind of different with Sybilla but seems Emmy does things at her own pace too, huh.

Emmy’s really kind of a glutton as well eating so much meat that even a guy like me find the amount she ate was too excessive. There’s the incident in the seafood buffet too…..
Just where does that all the food go into her body, really.
Eating that much, it’s no wonder she immediately became sleepy.

I think back about the things that happened today.
We hang out and play around in the beach in the morning as per Sybilla’s recommendation. As for me and Emmy atleast, we’re really just there to play with our hearts.

But… It wasn’t the same for Sybilla.
Sybilla letting me and Emmy have fun on the sand is in fact Sybilla taking care of us while cooking up a plan.
Furthermore, Sybilla’s been working as hard as us ever since the third dungeon, but has already engaged in a mental warfare against the demon lord since morning.

Discovering the fourth dungeon, prediction and detection of monsters, mapping and finding the stairs in the expansive second layer of the pyramid, and fighting proactively against the floor boss.
All this time, Sybilla’s been mind has been in full operation. 

…That girl is just really amazing.
I don’t think there will ever be someone who can even match her.

Then there’s Eve.
Getting an assassin who is obviously a remarkable talent to be one of our companions is really a great boost for our party.
Sybilla also said that we were able to achieve some success as a result of Eve’s deeds.
Looking back at the situation then, that would mean we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything if not for her.

….But really.
Sybilla who didn’t have any rest until now is not slowing down even at this moment.
Even if she’s currently with Eve, it’s just hard to imagine her bringing that kid for her selfish means.
…But it’s still Sybilla we’re talking about though, and I don’t have any concrete proof to back it up…

Ha… I’m finally feeling a bit drowsy. Perhaps it’s due to me gaining a little bit of peace of mind.
I let the sleepiness take over as I hope for Sybilla’s next move to surpass the demon lord’s and let my consciousness succumb to the darkness.

I wake up the next morning seeing the familiar bright ceiling.
The rising sun’s light being reflected by the white wall of the room hurts my eyes a little.

By the time my mind has completely awaken, I start to realize what’s my current situation… I’ve woken up way too late. Too the point that I simply didn’t just overslept.

I raise my body up from the bed – then as if it’s the most obvious thing to happen, meet eyes with the person sitting loftily on the chair.

[Morning. Seems like you’re more mentally tired compared to what I initially thought.]
[…Seems that way, morning.]

Sybilla, who had worked much later and should have slept after than me, has woken up before me.
Yareyare… There’s no really winning against this girl.

[Hey Sybilla, you’re really working hard out there, didn’t you. Why not rest even for a bit?]

I seriously told her so but… Her eyes get wide open as if she heard something really unexpected.

[…I never thought hearing those words coming from the most reckless dusk magi there ever will be would leave me this dumbfounded.]
[Ofcourse. From my point of view, hearing those words from a rear mage who’s working as a vanguard and didn’t utter even a single complaint after being launched in the air by other people’s magic without warning has it harder, no? Ah whatever, you’re just too unaware, really.]

Is she trying to compliment me, or what, I don’t know…
I find it really hard to understand but… Hearing the most hard working person I know say the same thing about me doesn’t really feel that bad.

Right. So if even Sybilla says so, then it isn’t wrong for me to acknowledge the results of my own efforts.

[Ah, Russell — Morning~]

Emmy must have gone out earlier as I just saw her entering the room with a bright smile on her face.

[Morning. Seems like you’ve woken up before me, Emmy.]

Emmy nods at my words then I hear someone starts to giggle with ‘afufufufu’

[Isn’t it? She’s been really staring at your sleeping face, you know.]
[Hiya!? Yo-you said you won’t tell him about it!]
[Oh, I have indeed said it. But I didn’t promise to do so, no~?]

…It’s still morning but Sybilla’s trolling is already up and running.
Emmy will eventually find herself preparing for Sybilla’s randomness sooner than later.

[…Well, when I woke up earlier than Emmy last morning I chose to watch her as well so that makes it even, I guess.]
[Eh!? Th-that’s true, isn’t it! Yep!]
[Except Emmy-chan’s really close on your face and took waaay more of her time….]
[Th-that’s not it!]
[Oh how cute~ Hahahaha]

I’m already feeling kind of pity towards Emmy with Sybilla laughing at her mischievously but then I noticed something sparkling on Sybilla’s wrist.
…That’s the same bracelet I bought for Emmy, isn’t it?…
I didn’t buy one for her so perhaps she bought one on her own.

[Hm? Sybilla-san, you didn’t have anything on your wrist yesterday, right?]

Well, the bracelet is pretty eye catching considering Sybilla’s current posture so it’s no wonder Emmy notices it too.
Hearing that question… Sybilla made a really happy expression but gave a rather strange response.

[Well, you see… It’s the key to our victory.]

Translator’s Notes:

  1. It’s been way too late for this one. I mean, it’s just soo looooong. And I reread the series to avoid mixing up Russell’s character with others. But here it is!
  2. I think I will shift again to half or shorter but frequent chapters to avoid rereading.
  3. I like this quote the most: “Sybilla-chan will forever be the Goddess and will always bless those who have sworn on Dusk Oath, but that will not change the fact that my will and desires come first and foremost!”, being available for others is good and all but always put the love for yourself above all!

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