Chapter 065 – The Battle Against The Floor Boss of Seiris Fourth Dungeon and Sybilla’s Hand on Hunting Down the Demon Lord

I look towards the monsters on our left and right.

I’ve only heard of the dears with large bodies that skewer people in the second dungeon’s lower levels but these guys evidently have the upper hands against those in terms of size.

The monsters might have been just summoned but they’re already staring daggers at us while keeping still.

[Diversion tactics, surprise attacks, and even taking advantage of monsters in large numbers…. No matter which one of them, it has grown quite useless and stale, no~?]

Sybilla’s keeping up her verbal abuse against the demon lord even after the floor boss is summoned against us.

Seems like the Demon Lord won’t just lie and take down such defamations as he intends to smack back and keep the monsters on standby.

[…Just because you managed to survive my attacks, seems you’ve been getting quite ahead of yourself like how a bunch of ragtags of filths you are.]
[N~ you still don’t get it, no? You seem like someone whose blood easily boils and let it get on their heads. People like that tend to be easier to predict, you see~]
[…I will make sure to erase that damned foul mouth.]

Sybilla, upon hearing the demon lord’s words, just starts to giggle.
She covers her mouth with her hand like she’s having just some friendly chit chat before shrugging her shoulders to the demon lord with a smile as if it will never be enough to irate him with just that.
Just what she intends to do talking like this…

[Oh no, that would be quite a problem if I lose my mouth~! How can the luscious voice of the Goddess Sybilla-chan be heard by the world then~~~ humanity itself then shall lament, and so do I but–]

…She’s got a reason, for sure….
But heck, I don’t think somebody else can best her talking in these kinds of conversations.

But then, what Sybilla said next and what happens after is something that is more mind boggling.

[–If it’s you, I’m sure you won’t have any problems with your voice, it’s just one of your mouths after all!]

The black fog surrounding the demon lord has shuddered.
Hey, this guy is clearly startled!

But, really?
The demon lord won’t have any problems with its voice, since it’s just one of its mouths…?

I am contemplating what she meant by that but Sybilla is already keen on putting gas on fire.

[Ahahaha! Easy peasy! Emmy-chan, to the left! Russell, you handle right! It will probably launch a quick and lethal assault so brace yourselves! Ah, really, people who hold power but remain to be little childish devils in their hearts are such a bother, isn’t it!?]

At the same time Sybilla says so, the demon lord raises his arm to our direction and the great dragons started to move.

Perhaps everything up to this point is within Sybilla’s plan.
But for now… It’s our time to shine.


I aim for the monster at the right side as Sybilla had instructed and throw a dark sphere towards it.

The dragon is covered with dark green colored scales, though it’s a bit different from the one I fought with its gills and horns, it still looks like just a giant lizard.
It doesn’t even have wings and looks like it specializes in ramming itself as it meets my magic head on making it shake a bit. It dealt some damage but it isn’t enough to stop it from charging.

Why not throw another dark sphere on its face then!

[<Stone Wall>!]

Sybilla then casted her stone wall the same time I unleashed my second magic.
I don’t expect for the floor boss to falter with my magic but… the place where the stone wall has appeared is on the right foot of the dragon.
With it’s right leg raised – which is right in my point of view, and the power it puts with its every step, a single wrong footing is enough to make its center of gravity disrupted.

[<Abyss Nail>]

I don’t plan on putting this opportunity brought upon by Sybilla’s help to waste so I immediately cast the dark magic I think that would be most lethal in this case.
Dark Splash would have been more devastating if I got close and bombard it but with its size that is larger than giganto, I don’t want to risk the danger and receive a tail attack head on. I mean, I already got the taste of it previously with the fire dragon.

I was thinking of juggling the monster high up into the air similar to what I did before with the living armor floor boss in Adoria but guess I have to make the most effective choice this time.

Magic really is truly convenient as you can do anything as long as you imagine. Immediate judgement is necessary as well though.
With this, I can focus on withering down this enemy as much as I want!

[<<Abyss Nail>>]

As I launch another magic to the convulsing monster, a roar suddenly came from behind.
I look towards that direction for a moment just to see the other dragon sticking out in the walls with its white abdomen on full display…. It seems even that large of a monster is in peril against the Holy Knight’s skill, huh. Emmy’s really been going all out too, I guess.
I can see as well black water droplets flowing down from it’s head. Seems like she was able to strike a clean hit using her sword enhanced with dark attribute at the same time she used her counter. As expected of Emmy, she’s just too reliable, really. It appears I have nothing there to worry about.

The floor boss on my end now starts to rise up. It stomps its foot while lowering its head clearly expressing its rage.
Well then, what to do next.

[Russell, don’t let it move it’s feet next!]

I carry out her instruction as she said and release my magic against the monster in front of me.
It may thrash me in case the unfortunate happens which I can offset with recovery magic, however, unlike the fire dragon which has a special attribute to unleash scorching flames, this monster seems like it specializes in physical assaults instead.
In the worst case, one thrust might be enough for it to crush me to death.
I really don’t want to fight this thing in close combat if possible.

[<Dark Splash>]

The monster would be able to close out on me with this distance so this magic would definitely be more fatal.
Well then… What would you do, Sybilla?

[<Stone Wall>!]

I hear her use the same magic so it seems like she’s aiming once again for the monster to misstep.
There’s nothing wrong with using the same trick if it works, which is sensible even if you ask a normal tactician.

But neither of those is applicable in this case.
Sybilla, after all, isn’t just normal nor just a simple tactician.

The target, whose footing Sybilla aimed which actually raised it to the air this time, is mine.

[…! <Dark Sphere>!]

The stone wall which lifted me up has taken the mad charge of the dragon instead and immediately crumbles into pieces.
I look at the vulnerable inviting back of the monster and raise my mana along with my hand.
It’s another chance granted to me by Sybilla. Best not to let it slip out of my grasp.

I am currently as high as the ceiling of the lowest floor with a bird’s eye view of everything when my eyes meet those with the demon lord.
I can tell even with the black shrouds on its face that it’s definitely widened.
It appears he is clearly startled.

…Well, must be it?
No matter how much Sybilla riles you up it doesn’t matter as you are far stronger, right?
You must even be thinking that we made it this far and pass through your traps with just sheer luck.

You can never be more wrong though.

The biggest mistake you ever committed is turning the Dusk Oath to be your enemy.
And that is something that we will make you definitely regret.


I shift my gaze to Sybilla as she gives me a thumbs up.
She then heads towards Eve and whispers something in her ear.

And as common sense dictates, it only took a brief moment for me to fall back down onto the ground.
I double cast wind barrier to serve as my cushion upon landing and immediately use recovery magic.
There’s a bit of a pain just now but recovery magic instantly did its job. It’s still much better than receiving the floor boss’ charge in attack head on though.

Sybilla, after confirming things with Eve, then takes out a black cloth from the pouch on her waist and use it to cover Eve.
Sybilla then taps Eve’s shoulder then Eve positions herself on Sybilla’s back.

[That was a great call earlier, Sybilla. Have to tell you that you got me surprised back there.]
[Oh really, seeing you perfectly executing an offensive magic midair after just flying out of the blue gave me goosebumps though.]

Just as we’re exchanging our thoughts, the floor boss whose movement starts to wither, slowly made its way back up.
A question then suddenly comes to me.

[That demon lord, why do you think he himself isn’t attacking?]

The demon lord just seems to be staring at me full of hatred but dare not to move even an inch.

[He is able to charge his mana using the black shroud surrounding him. He’s trying to make up for the amount of mana he used to summon the monsters. It would probably be dispelled once he make an attack just like what happened to the other one in Adoria’s dungeon.]
[Oh, that’s why.]
[That should be the case. He didn’t make any big movements yesterday too, no? Perhaps beating his lackeys and these floor bosses will finally reveal what he really is! The attack will surely come by then!]

Sybilla is practically shouting her thoughts right now with the demon lord just holding his own arms.
…Seems like it.

[Yosh, got it. So beating down the floor boss comes first then.]
[Yep, so do it well for me!]

Me and Sybilla then starts to move together and my dark magic struck the floor boss quite a few times already.
As for Emmy, who seems she has the advantage right from the get go, hasn’t shown any sign of losing out against the floor boss on her end in close combat.
The monsters are so strong and large that one mishap and one critical attack from it is enough to sever one of our arms. As such, I need to keep using Extra Heal Link more often to avoid that.

The danger is still there no matter how hard I try to avoid these ridiculous charges but Sybilla’s backing me up in the rear to redirect and help me escape from the attacks I can’t manage.
The demon lord is tapping the floor with his foot with his arms cross like he is getting really impatient and irritated.

And as to be expected, even a floor boss is completely helpless against magic that can ignore any type of defenses as it starts to fall down.
Even the floor boss on Emmy’s side now looks like it has a well dug on its face with the endless amount of blood spurting out.
Seems to me it’s time for the last one.

[<Abyss Nail!>]

The same time the magic reached the monster that has no other means to avoid, Emmy made her way on top of the floor boss on her end.
She points her sword to the ground and once it descends, the floor boss’s life should come to an end.

I watch the sword make it’s fall and then–!


I look at the demon lord who suddenly made an ear piercing scream.
Emmy who just landed a finishing blow on the floor boss on her end also ends up doing the same.
Just as I was wondering what has happened… Found it! There it is!

A silhouette of a young girl clad in black cloth holding a sword in jet black color hides beneath the demon lord’s shadow and stabs him!
Who else could it be but Eve!

[You scoundrel! You! You…. filthy swine really dares! A knife, a hood…. Ju-just how can this b*tch be here…!]

Ofcourse, who else could pull up such a trick other than Sybilla.

…Really, so that’s how it is.
It’s been bugging me since earlier how Sybilla raised her voice earlier about when she told me that finishing up the floor bosses will make the attack surely come.
Right at this very moment, at the same time the floor bosses breathed their last, Eve has made sure to deliver the attack Sybilla has surmised.

[Isn’t it ironic considering this happened because you don’t put anything you find cheap in your eyes~? Hey, do you know? Compared to high rollers, people who think every time ‘they can be a bit extravagant for today’ are more likely to fall into ruin and completely broke when it comes to gambling. And among all of those… that child is the worst case.]
[Do-don’t tell me– this girl is…!]
[An orphan in Seiris, whose administrator of the orphanage is now a runaway not leaving even them even a single penny, and is bless as an assassin. When you think about it, any idiot who deliberately ignores an assassin and wonders why they got killed don’t have any tinge of common sense, don’t they?]

Hearing those words… The demon lord finally snaps.

[–AAaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You damn cheap filthy b*tch! For this piece of sh*t to even leave a scratch at me, this should never ever be possible!! AAAAAAAHhh!!]

Right then, the surrounding starts to get filled by monsters.
It seems like he calls out for a floor boss but… It started instantly to become a mess and can’t be described anymore else but terrible.

What appears first is a very large monster with three horns on its head.
Then, monsters that are seemingly alike to it that is completely filled with rage has started appearing on top of it.

The biggest disaster above all of this is that… Every single one of these monsters are glaring at Eve.

–This is bad!

[Russell, clean up the small fries! Emmy-chan, secure and protect Eve-chan!]
[Got it!]
[To be able to summon a Needle Moose from the second dungeon right into this place in just a moment, this demon lord really has some frightening abilities!]

Eve holds a weapon to protect herself earlier but the sudden ambush from all directions got her in surprise as she got flung all the way to the back.
Seeing her figure floating in the air brings cold chill down to my spine.

[<Extra Heal>, <Dark Splash>!]

Emmy rushes to catch Eve as she falls from the air while I use my dark magic to distract the needle moose who might still be focusing on eve.
It took quite a few more splashes but it isn’t comparable at all to the earlier floor boss. And since these monsters are keen on taking down Eve who is with Emmy, it became much easier for me.

After clearing the monsters up, the place came desolate devoid of enemies.
… It’s really desolate as I can’t even see the demon lord’s trace.


He got away…. Damn it.
I wasn’t even able to land even a single blow that I’ve been wanting.

I was just about to click my tongue in annoyance but Sybilla then suddenly starts to laugh.
Her smile right now seems like some things went as she had expected.

[The demon lord might have escaped but… We’re able to get lots of steps closer towards success.]

Is that really the case?
At least for me, I think we just missed a golden opportunity but it seems our thoughts aren’t the same.
…I wonder if we really ever did something fruitful enough for her to laugh.

Sybilla then heads to where the demon lord was last standing and repeatedly taps it with her foot before checking up on the shivering Eve on Emmy’s back.
Eve… She’s just beginning her first steps into dungeon exploring but she already received tremendous wounds and onslaughts from gigantic monsters of lower levels all at once… It’s natural for her to even develop a trauma after this experience.

Sybilla seeing Eve’s appearance gently hugs her as she caresses her head.

Then, hearing the next words Sybilla said, Eve who’s been shriveling in fear has her eyes widened as if everything she’s done is all worth it.

[Thank you, Eve-chan. You did really really great… Perhaps, just maybe, bringing you really is the key that we’re now able to defeat that demon lord.]

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  1. It’s really been a while since I translated a chapter this loooong in one seating. Atleast the long holiday made me this productive. Extending my greetings to everyone, Happy Lunar New year!

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