Synopsis: Yo, this Failskill ‘Cheat Code Manipulation’ is Overpowered Though

Author: どまどま@チートコード操作 (Domadoma@cheatcodemanipulation)

A story of a person who’s banished from his house and the world despise but his childhood friend loves him too much and his slow life is just too fun~!

Everyone’s skill manifests when they turn 18.

The son of the sword saint – Arios Makuba-, is expected of everyone to have the same skill as his father which is the strongest skill there is.


However, what the skill he manifested is <Cheat Code Manipulation>.

This skill that had been unprecedented until now made him known to everyone as ‘FailSkill’ (Someone who possess a failure of a skill).

Meanwhile, an orphan has developed the skill <Silver Sword Saint> which his father covet and wanted to adopt the orphan.


(In addition, Arios skill can’t do anything else but raise one’s offensive abilities when he obtained it)


With that being the case, Arios was banished from his house but… Every fight Arios experience taught him how strong his skill is which allows him to use every cheat possible. 


What’s more, this skill allowed him to get close to the second princess….?


A translation of this novel is requested by our fellow Zharov Stepan which I said i’d give a whirl.

As everyone knows, I don’t really have much time to translate recently so I can’t promise anything unless there’s a significant support.

I’ll translate a chapter of it this weekend and will release it together with black eagle 59-2. Ciao!

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