Black Eagle Saint – Q & A


This is to answer some of your questions that I found in the comments looking back after I re-read and edit the existing chapters. I’m now done with 1-25. I’m checking where the disaster and the quality has dropped so I want to revisit and fix it. 🙂 On the way, I’ll pick up some comments as well that needs some answers so here you go:

Q1: Why is there a Saint from previous generation but the magic of it isn’t known?

A1: Saints are meant to inherit the church activities of the Sun Goddess religion, and isn’t meant to be an adventurer so their levels tend to be low. Not to mention their levels are so hard to raise.


Q2: Why is it that Sybilla/Katie (?) aren’t initially aware about the possibility of no Holy Maiden in this generation just because a Saint was born?

A2: It’s because of the legends of the Holy Maiden and the Hero’s Bravery, books mentioned in the story, were all exaggerated to the point that they’ve thought a Holy Maiden is meant to be loved by the Hero and so these two classes are meant to be together. And considering the role of the Saint who serves the church compared to the Holy Maiden, they did not think of the possibility they’re the same. Its just a speculation on my part but if the Holy Maiden has a male counterpart as a Saint, what makes people think that a Hero doesn’t have one? I’m just curious here tho. But i’d really love it if Russell will get his own version of ‘hero’.


Q3: Are cooldowns a thing?

A3: Nope. They’re free to cast whatever they can as long as they have enough mana and time to chant.


Q4: Is the class conversion will affect the potency of his recovery magic?

A4: No. His recovery magic are already maxed out just from the time he learnt it. Like how he healed Sybilla when she was stabbed by the black goblin or how he cured Victoria or how his wind barrier able to remain as long as he wants.


Q5: Why the hell everyone thought the recovery mage from the Hero Party, that already kicked out, a Holy Maiden?

A5: No. They don’t even know where the Holy Maiden is. Katie believes that there’s just the three of Vince, Jannet, and Emmy. She also thought that there might be someone else in the village remaining as she thought of another female childhood friend back then in Ch. 25.


Q6: But when will we reach the chapter where Russell accepts Sybilla’s offer to fall for her?

A6: I still don’t know, dear. Sorry. lol


Q7: How come you posted 2 nights in a row?

A7: I’m on rest until next Monday since we just came back from a trip. Screw off. I know I slacked on the series for quite a while. Haha my bad.

You can post your questions on the comments below this post and I will answer it on the next Q&A! After I clean and edited out the disasters from 26-50. That’s how I want to use my rest for tomorrow 🙂 Its a way for me as well to appreciate the series once again after that long long break. Thank you for reading until this far!

News: The webnovel has won the competition and is set to publish its own book! 🙂

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