Chapter 051: Healing the Party and the Appearance of the New Enemy Reminding me of Jannet’s Memories (Part 1)

The party that went before us gives us this vibe that they are clearly veterans considering as well their age which is visibly higher than ours.

However, fatigue can be clearly seen on their faces.


Sybilla then stood in front of me and blocked me from their views.

I know already. I shouldn’t just casually use my magic in this kind of situation, right?

I’m not that conceited as well to be confident that I’ll be able to pull off a better deal when it comes to negotiations compared to you.


[I’ll leave it to you.]



This kind of short exchange is more than enough for us.

Sybilla let out a victory laugh when she heard my reply before she turned around and walk towards the other party.


Then, a small voice started to reverberate in the small quiet room.


[Hey, captain. Don’t you think these kids just got lost?]


The guy who looks like a mage is trying his best to lower his voice and whisper but I can hear you loud and clear, idiot.

Our gazes met before he averted his eyes filled with awkwardness.


I’m keeping my eyes on to that guy when I started to feel Emmy’s finger poking my back.


[What did you and Sybilla-san talked about just now?]

[I told her I’d leave the negotiations with the other party to her.]

[…You understand each other with just that?]



Emmy’s grumbling like ‘mu~….’ As she returned to my side…. Well, I think it’s about how deep me and Sybilla trusts each other that we’re able to converse in that way.

But… If it would have been the pair of Emmy and Sybilla who worked together, I think they’ll be able to have deeper understanding than what we have right now.

People could tell in just a single look how well they are getting along together earlier after all.


I don’t know what’s going on inside Sybilla’s head but I find it easy to understand what she’s thinking about.

It’s the same thing she taught to me from the beginning — always aim for the best outcome possible.


[For starters, can you please tell me who’s your representative?]

[…It’s me.]


A fierce warrior who looks around thirty years old raised his hand.

Sybilla then glanced around each of the members faces before she stopped on one of the women in the party.

That woman is… I’ve seen this before. She’s sweating profusely while having difficulties in breathing.


[You’re an assassin, no? I’m just making a guess but it appears to me you’ve been done in by the poison of a black goblin.]

[…Yes. You’re quite knowledgeable, huh.]

[It’s because I’ve been had by a black goblin as well a few days ago. And… it seems like the reason you can’t go back and had to stay here all this time is because of this poison, isn’t it?]


The man who appears to be the leader lowers his head full of bitterness.

It seems like he can’t openly admit it but it’s something he can’t deny as well. However, that expression is enough to tell Sybilla that she hit the mark.


[It’s the type of people who specializes in evasion with low defenses are the most vulnerable against poisons which lowers their movement. And that very same poison is the distinct weapon of the black goblins that can’t just be normally removed… But, I have a deal for you right here. I wonder how much you can offer?]

[That guy who’s wearing a robe is a priest as expected. If you’ll help us… Well be giving you gigantos ears. Five of them. How about it.]

[Hm~ You guys can give at least twenty though?]

[That’s impossible… How about ten.]

[You got yourself a deal!]


I thought she’ll wring more out of them but Sybilla just immediately agreed. I can see the representative of the other party sigh in relief.

Sybilla returned after the negotiation and touched my tag.

She then presented my status which shows my [Saint] class.

Everyone in the other party got surprised.


[Do-don’t tell me that’s the saint in flesh!]

[I’d like you to know that the cute girl beside me is the Holy Knight. The fact is we’re aiming the bottom levels and we aren’t definitely lost.]


The moment Sybilla’s words ended, the other woman who seemed to be an archer seethed in anger as she throws down her fist towards the mage guy.

He kept on bowing his head to us apologizing for his rudeness but… We didn’t mind it that much so he didn’t need to go that far.


[Then Russell… Just in case you have something else to say but we’ve got us a good deal on top of allowing you to use recovery magic, so it was nice, isn’t it?]

[I know.]


I move closer to the female assassin. To use such slender body and avoid enemies in close contact must take tremendous amount of courage.

The fear of being slowed down for an assassin is way too different in that from a warrior.


[It will be alright now. <Cure> <Extra Heal>]


After I used my magic, the female assassin used both of her eyes to observe the movement of her two hands. Then she stood up, jump a little before lowering her posture — then vanish from my sight.


I turned around after hearing sounds of feet repeatedly hitting the ground from behind and found the female assassin once again looking on to her own two hands.

…So this is what a person specializing in evasions are. I should have expected this since they are a party capable of challenging Seiris’ Third Dungeon but she really has an impressive skill.


[Unbelievable… It’s amazing! Wounds, poison… even my exhaustion was gone!]

[That’s the kind of magic it is. You’re the one who moves the most, right? That’s why I find recovering you up this much is necessary.]

[Thank you so much, Saint-sama!]

[I’m younger than you so you don’t have to be so formal. I think this level of treatment is worth the exchange.]


Then each member of the other party thanked me afterwards.

…For all of them to bow their heads to a younger person like me on behalf of a single member shows how caring and close they are as a party.


I’m happy receiving their gratitude but… It’s now starting to sting on to my conscience when Sybilla suddenly clapped her hands.


[Hai, hai! Let’s now talk, shall we? First would be… Why would such a veteran party like yours dive all the way to the middle levels fully knowing it’s a place only for those thinking of killing themselves?]


Sybilla’s one question was enough to change the colors of the faces of all the other party’s members.

Their complexions became much darker to the point that their faces when the woman is still poisoned is much better.


The only thing that can be seen from their expressions is – Fear.


The party of five people started trembling which made it hard for me to understand what did it take for these veterans to be this frightened.

Then, they have decided to speak without hiding anything.


…I have a really bad feeling about this.


The guy who said to be the leader then slapped his knee.

The other members look at him in surprise but it seems that helped as a bit of vigor returned to the leader’s face.

Sybilla crosses her arms as she keeps her eyes sharp while Emmy’s holding on to my sleeve all this time.


[Damn, that was pathetic. But that was… just what in the hell was that…!]


The man then started his story.

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